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Hi all,
My name is Sahra and I am currently planning to build my bag brand for women. I need a brand name which is quite important for a business.
Here are some quick tips about myself:
- I do a ballet for a long time in my childhood, but I had to quit because of some family issues. And that was one of the most upsetting moment of my life because I was always dreaming about going to Royal Academy, open my own ballet school and became a famous ballerina.
- I lived in a small town which was a capital at Ottoman Empire's age. Artisanship was quite crucial in the town where I lived. Also my home city is famous about silk fabric and being a green-city.
- I became an engineer which I really don't feel like I should be. So, right now it is time for me to create my own brand and to make myself heard with my designs.
- My style is quite minimalistic and timeless. I love pieces that I can use for seasons. And I am adding one fashionable trendy piece to my look to show that I am also following the fashion :)
- I want to become a brand which is known in several countries. Core values of my brand are to be revolutionary, timeless, high quality. Raw materials of my bags are quite the best, but the price of my bags is also accessible. My bags can be worn by working women, fashionistas, college girls and also elder women. Therefore, quality and design really matters for my brands' persona.
- The woman who wears my bag can drive a Mercedes-Benz or a Porsche :)
- The brand name can start off from my name which is "Sahra". But of course, any other suggestions are more than welcome. However, it shouldn't sound like a standard e-commerce site. It should be unique and based on a "STORY". Because I believe that each brands should depend on a "STORY".

You can ask me any further questions.
Good luck,

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    Hi, would like you to kindly rate the entries. In case you didn't like them, please reject and give feedback so that we can work on getting you the best choices

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  • PaleRiderShovon
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    Dear CH, Are you looking for a domain also? If so, which is your maximum budget for a domain?

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