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I hope you can help me write an essay - a statement of purpose for my graduate studies application. (Approximately 800 words)

Here is the flow I need for the essay:

1) Giving a brief introduction
Guide questions:
- What got you interested in the subject matter that you will be studying?
- What are your motivations for deciding to undertake the said studies?
- If there has been a significant gap from the last time that you studied, please elaborate on the reasons/circumstances
- What made you decide to return to becoming a student?
- Are there any particular experience that helped solidify your decision?

2) Why you chose to study in this country you've chosen / Your reasons for studying in this country as opposed to your own country/other destination
Guide questions:
- How will studying in this country benefit your future?
- Why have you particularly chosen to study at the city you've chosen?
- What research have you done about other countries that led you to your choice?
- How is the education system in the chosen country different to that in your own country, and does this difference offer an improvement?

3) Your reasons for choosing to undertake the course of study / The relevance of your course to your academic or employment background
Guide questions:
- How is this program related to your previous studies or your main job? If not related, why have your decided to change your career path?
- What do you know about this program?

4) What are your future plans after you graduate from this program?
Guide questions:
- Where do you intend to work once you have completed this program?
- What expectations do you have about your expected future salary once you have earned the qualification?
- Highlight and emphasize the incentives for me to return to my home country (e.g. family circumstance, job prospects)
Give realistic, obtainable goals and the specific steps you intend to take in order to achieve employment or execute your future plans.


Eventually I'll be the one submitting my application, but I would appreciate your input and elaboration on this rather daunting task (no copy-paste templates, please). I'll be providing feedback to your entries when I can.

Best of luck, and thank you in advance for your participation in helping me achieve my goals!

*Update: Award is increased (this is the extent of my budget, hope you understand!)

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