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The POSTHOF BACHARACH is one of the most renowned and medieval buildings in the heart of the Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The building hosted the local post office, which served the medieval town of Bacharach for 200 years. The courtyard was once a carriage house and inn that accommodated Bacharach's VIP visitors, including the Emperor of Austria, the Tsars of Russia, the Prussian prince, Prince Metternich, Victor Hugo and many other prominent and famous guests from the worlds of politics, art, culture and economics.
Today, the historic building (anno 1593) is home to the recommended Posthof Bacharach restaurant, a destination for food lovers of local specialities and wine connoisseurs alike: our renowned restaurant and tavern offer something to suit all tastes.

After the building has been closed for over 16 months, the doors will open first time since 2017 with the next generation of the owners family in management. For this relaunch, it feels natural to review the brand identity. Not only because the next generation of the owner family will now manage the day to day business, also since Posthof Bacharach will start for a shorter period of the annual season (3 instead of 6 months) and with a slightly adjusted concept: Pop up kitchens and changing chefs will offer weekly specials, a broad range of events will take place in the courtyard (from concerts to open air cinema) and the website will offer (first time) an online shop for tourists and travellers, to take the middle Rhine romantic back home.

We are aiming to achieve a natural progression or evolution of the Logo and subsequently the brand design as a whole and we’re inviting talented designers to assist us with this exciting task.
Our existing design (see attached) was very much aligned with the old wrought-iron sign, which is visible above the main gate (see original photograph).
The postal should certainly be included in the logo / brand design, as this is a true heritage site.

We are of course happy to assist and comment / chat.

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“closely followed the brief. thank you for your proposals. ”

Изображение профиля SST82, United Kingdom.

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  • SST82
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    If possible, we would like to maintain the postal horn as a symbol of the buildings postal service heritage.

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