I need a logo redesign

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  • Награды: $100
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  • Победитель: Irenesan13

Краткое описание конкурса

I have an agency that provides digital services such as web dev, and marketing services. The agency is called, "Rainfalldigital".Our goal is to "make it rain" monetarily on our clients businesses. I drew up a logo and had a designer bring it to life. However, the feedback that I have received is that: The logo is not up to standard with what expected of a digital agency logo, the logo seems like clipart, a child's logo, outdated gold coloration's, and a 2009 looking logo. I want someone to take the existing logo and improve it. However, I want to keep the same elements as in I don't want the logo to change drastically, as I believe it drives home the vision of the business. I will need the logo to fit in the website header, so perhaps a variation will have "rainfalldigital" adjacent or behind the logo. I will also need vectorial format, transparent and size variations I will be attaching images such as the existing logo, as well as a photo that showcases the color scheme that I want, "Miami Colors". I'm excited to see what your able to create!

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“Irene is an awesome graphic designer! She pays attention to detail and provides great feedback. If you have any graphic design needs, I highly recommend her.”

Изображение профиля raincheck205, United States.

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Панель общих вопросов

  • jarich946
    • 4 недель назад

    Friend, you can not use social media brands in your logo, unless I have the rights for that.

    • 4 недель назад
  • raincheck205
    Организатор конкурса
    • 1 месяц назад

    Most of the submissions are completely different from the logo. Please keep the elements of the logo such as: moneybag shaped cloud, money (rain), and social media icons spilling out the top of the money bag cloud. Lastly, please use the colors in the images provided, “Miami” colors.

    • 1 месяц назад
    1. xolonlie
      • 4 недель назад

      Hi CH. #77 has the social media included.

      • 4 недель назад
    2. Abdul1472
      • 4 недель назад

      Working on it Please seal the contest for unique concept.

      • 4 недель назад
  • xolonlie
    • 4 недель назад

    Hi CH. Please check #81

    • 4 недель назад

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