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Online Learning Community

Due to the global pandemic. One of the major issues to to tackle on is an online community that yields student to student teaching as one form of education that is not tackled buy many. A good example is that offered by the UOPEOPLE where students review other students. How the community can be Built. The community can start on a free cost footing. 1) A youtube channel offering free introductory courses and redirect the students to website for premium courses 2) A learning Website holding the premium courses, for a start with less prices as you penetrate the market. 3)Social Media platforms to join groups of learners of same interests. e.g facebook pages, groups, instagram, tictok, whatsappp groups etc. 4) a strong web community joining all from platforms So how can this be achieved. 1) a youtube channel is free and generate revenue 2)a website will be from the revenue 3)a lot of teachers can be pulled at voluntary bases from graduates 4) register with local or global board for acr

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