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Краткое описание конкурса

Morris Street Media, Inc.
Logo Design Creative Brief

Morris Street Media, Inc. is an entertainment company specializing in original content and PR/Media consulting. Morris Street Media believes in the power of provocative storytelling to breakdown cultural barriers and inspire more connected communities. We seek to tap into the endless pool of untold stories to highlight the African Diasporic community and women.

Motto/Slogan/Tagline: Changing the world by bearing witness.

Industry: Film/Television, PR/Media Relations/Marketing

Target Audience: Media Industry (colleagues and peers), Brands (fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and luxury), cinephiles, artists, women (25 – 55yo), people of color (African Diaspora).

Brand Values:
1. A great story can change the world.
2. There is no right way to tell a story.
3. Respect the story and the subject.
4. Curiosity is a muscle worth exercising daily.
5. Love is in the details.
6. Perfection is unrealistic, but you can always execute with excellence.
7. Have an impact.
8. Do everything with purpose and intention.
9. Diversity is key to understanding the world around us.

Brand Personality:
• Feminine vs Masculine
• Sophisticated vs Playful
• Contemporary vs Old-fashioned
• Aspirational vs Affordable
• Upscale vs Modest
• Modern vs Classic (brand personality falls a bit more in the middle here)
• Youthful vs Mature (brand personality falls a bit more in the middle here)

Desired Logo Type:
• Abstract Mark – Preferred
• Wordmark – As a new company, wordmark would be best but I’m open to Lettermark as well

Design Style:
• Minimal and flat
• Open to horizontal letter stacking

Colors: Royal Blue & Gold

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“Good to work with.”

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