Illustrations/Doodles Job for Product Labels

  • Статус: Closed
  • Награды: $75
  • Полученные заявки: 15
  • Победитель: juliantoK

Краткое описание конкурса

We are looking for an artist who can provide high quality illustrations/doodles for sports products labels/packaging.
When you are awarded this contest, you will be asked to take on a larger number of illustrations (around 40 doodles including objects, animals and characters); paid separately.
We are looking for someone who is highly comfortable with representing different doodles with the same style to work all together in layouts.
These will be used in different layouts for new packaging labels, that bodybuilders and active people will look forward to buy. Examples of the illustration style required that achieves our objective can be found in the attachments. 
The style to be considered has to give a vintage-y look and feel; to be more of doodles than perfectly illustrated elements. The color should be raw/pencil black. All elements need to be more realistic and NOT gimmicky.
PLEASE NOTE: you are not required to copy the style attached, it is only provided as a reference, to give a better idea of what is required.
There are 2 requirements to being awarded this job. Please follow them carefully to be considered:
- Have your portfolio of previous work in your profile. If not in your profile, please provide us with your portfolio through a message or comment on this contest page.
- SAMPLE: Working preferably in vector based software, show us your skill and style by providing 3 sample elements using the references attached as a base:
1. a sample of the posing character

2. dumbbells

3. eagle
We will be favoring anyone who demonstrates skill with illustrating all 3 elements in a fresh way following a common base between the doodle-styles provided.
If you would like to get this job, please show us your unique style, and remember that your sample has to show a vintage-y and realistic feel and look interesting to both bodybuilders and youngsters who are into fitness.
Thank you in advance for your submission. We look forward to working with you on the full project (40+ drawings) when selected.

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Отзыв работодателя

“Great work, highly responsive and professional.”

Изображение профиля rahazabat, United States.

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  • dickyjoe
    • 2 недель назад


    • 2 недель назад
  • ecomoglio
    • 3 недель назад

    Hi, please check #3 . Thanks!!!

    • 3 недель назад
  • Bateriacrist
    • 3 недель назад

    Where can I send you my portfolio?

    • 3 недель назад
  • artkrishna
    • 3 недель назад

    Only accept in vector base software ? Do you prefer in Photoshop?

    • 3 недель назад

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