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Краткое описание конкурса

Hello, Somethingtodo helps people find fun things to do and people to do them with.

Our website is meant to show users what is happening in their city, like a list you might find on, and then to after seeing what is happening, build an event for other users to join, or join an event others have already created.

I have attached 4 pages of mockups for you to improve on. Homepage, Event listings page, Venue details page, Event details page.

I want the source files after completion in .xd or .psd.


The header section must have 1) logo 2) login/account 3) Create/Join buttons.

Under the header there are Venues, these are places, we have gold/silver/bronze promoted places. Gold must be larger/more visible than silver, silver more than bronze. I want these venues to be visible on pageload as much as possible.

We must also have the text "Whats happening right now in (city)".

"Looking for a date/New in town/Fine wine" These are user created events, filtered by admin to show only the selected category of events. Clicking will take user to the event details page with selected category filter.

Create an event/find an event - required buttons, highly important, call to action.

"Somethingtodo for whatever..." A filterable list of user created events.

"Power up, Go outside and play!" Both link to the event listings page and auto filter the event listings page according to admin settings.

"Ready to go!, Don't miss it!" Event details join section transferred from event details pages of events that are starting soon. They create urgency as they have a countdown timer and can be joined immediately on click.

Blog links - maybe strewn throughout the page instead of all clumped at the bottom?

Footer - Please change to something more modern/adult oriented, according to theme you create for the site.

Event Listings page:

I want to add the "Event details join section" to this page as well.

This page must show a multitude of events, and encourage user to browse, but needs calls to action, we want them to choose an event.

We need to add the option to "Create an event" on this page, for users who cannot find an event they like, they can instead create one.

Venue details page:

This page needs to highlight the benefits of this venue, not just give basic info. It should make the venue look worth visiting.

"Suggested events with this venue" These are user created events which include the selected venue, they are a call to action, and can be made more prominent.

Event details page:

The description section is a problem, we expect that 50% of our users will only write 1 sentence descriptions, while 50% may write much more. The top section is the most important, but the rest of the page is too plain. Tags can be removed. Background should follow site theme.

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