Label Design for a Supplement Bottle

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I need to get a premium, very attractive label designed for a MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE supplement product. I have attached the “Magnesium Glycinate Label Template” along with my “logo” file. New and minimalist design concepts are highly recommended. I need something that is more modern and attractive in a design concept. I have attached 2 example label designs to give you an idea of label designs that looked very appealing – you can create your own version similar to these or something different but very appealing with a luxury look to it. These 2 bottle label designs are only examples to guide you in creating your own versions that should be much more attractive and appealing then these.

1) All the information on the label template needs to be the same information. Please also highlight the following claims on the label template in addition to the information already on the label template:


2) This label will be placed on BLACK bottle with a silver ridged top (I gave an example bottle and top image that is very similar to my bottle) so please make the label design such that it is perfect for such a bottle (if you can create a 3d rendering of the label on this black bottle with silver top, that can definitely make your entry pop out well if the label looks amazing on it).

3) The text on the left side of the label template (e.g. SUGGESTED USE, CAUTION and etc) and the right side of the label template (Supplement Facts, Inactive Ingredients, etc.) need to be the same font size and font style. Keep in mind the Supplement Facts box itself has to be white within the box. Outside this box, the design, colors and shading combinations can be updated and changed to fit a modern, minimalist design concept.

4) You can place the logo on the front top center of the label

5) Please make sure to have the words MAGNESIUM very noticeable somewhere (and not too large but just the right size to seem appealing and noticeable) and the words GLYCINATE below it and much smaller.

6) Please keep a section for the barcode and distributed by information empty (which the chosen winner will be provided barcode and distributed by information to place into the empty spots)

7) Please use Recycled, cGMP, and Packaged in USA symbols somewhere near the barcode area on the left side of the label.

8) The final winner needs to provide all files, including the editable files (e.g. ai files).

9) The final winner will need to provide edits and adjustments to the label to make sure it perfectly fits all requirements.

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“Awesome, amazing work!”

Изображение профиля mrjhmealo, United States.

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    please check my entry #51

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    pls check entry #50 . Thank you!

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    please feedback #14 , I waiting for you, feel free to text and let me know about any changes, thanks

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    I working on it,

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    Please tell me the size of the label would have been good for me

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