Logo contest for Blackish University

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Краткое описание конкурса

I need a logo for a fake university called, "Blackish University." I want something that looks very professional and legitimate.

I really like this image listed below: bearded-man-wearing-crown-arms-crossed-circle-vector-30691031.jpeg - maybe that simply next to the name? That one is my favorite image, but on his crown, can someone simply put the letter "B"?

"ish" should be lower case but somewhat separated from "Black" - there is a show called Blackish, we have to make sure not to look too similar to them, but I like how they also separated "ish" from the name. (attached below)

Black (ish)
Black: ish
black . ish

I wouldn't mind seeing something creative, maybe .....

I thought about having a university look with the font but maybe bearded skeltons standing behind it or so... (think of a university taught by your ancestors.... passing down knowledge.) I like the more aggressive, beaten-up skulls so it shows our ancestors that fought for the freedoms we have today. https://graphicriver.net/skull+beard-in-graphics. (attached some skeleton images below)

Maybe a letter comes down a bit... or possibly on the letter "t" in university, we can show a stick figure sitting on the letter reading a book? Kicked back like he is under a tree, leaning back reading a book.

Something that uses stick figures or so but with a professional-looking font, but maybe a character or stick person.

I'm a guy with a short bald cut with a grey / white beard, maybe use that in the logo?

Most importantly, I want it to look professional like it's an actual school. I wouldn't mind if it was as simple as one of the skulls I have listed below next to the name written in a university font. Or even, bearded-man-wearing-crown-arms-crossed-circle-vector-30691031.jpeg (below) with the university name.

**I put together a logo in canva to show what I like.... maybe a transparent YOUTUBE sign in the crest or so?

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