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Logo Design

Dear Mr, I have learned through your circular that your graphics department currently needs a professional designer with demonstrated creativity and technical skills and a strong desire to continually learn and succeed. In response to it, I am offering myself for the vacant post. I have a sharp proficiency in Graphic Design. I have satisfied most of my clients with my creativity. Graphics design is an art by which one can easily express so many meanings. It adds so many extra outlooks to an ordinary creation. I am ready to provide all types of graphics regarding logo, banner, animation, cartoon, 3D images, etc. Please consider the following aptitudes of me as a candidate: A Master of Fine Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in the specific subject of Graphic Designing. Thesis on advertising photographs on the cultural program. The adeptness of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, etc. Admirable achievement in team management and Customer Care. Agility in visual strategy,

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