Looking for a modern logo for my steel fabrication/machine shop.

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Company Name: Custom Fabrication & Welding

We are a small business specializing in aluminum, stainless, and mild steel; Our daily work consists of laser cutting, punching, forming, machining, welding, and powder coating.

Laser cutting, Machining, Welding are our big 3 components of business so if you can incorporate these into the logo, it would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a logo from a previous contest that I like a lot to give you some ideas. I really like the stainless finish, and how he incorporated cut parts (finished products) into the logo. I have also attached a picture of calipers (this is a precision measuring device that we use tremendously and really symbolizes the industry). If you could incorporate calipers somehow into the logo, it would give you a good shot. Furthermore, I have attached pictures of laser cutting and welder/welding to give you a better idea of process.

I am a big fan of the welding helmet, and welder with sparks flying. Perhaps you could have a welding helmet looking down at logo, and appearance of welding it together.

Also, we are a South Carolina business, so if you can somehow incorporate the SC Palmetto Flag (I have attached picture), it would add to uniqueness; However, this is not necessary if it makes the logo seem too crowded.

As I said before, I really like the stainless color finish on the attached logo for the letters; However, I am open to anything that looks modern and like a pro's work! This will be a form of our marketing and we hope to have a logo that stands out! Attached are all images.

I prefer for logo to have white background or blank background so it can be transferred to different backgrounds/brochures/tshirts/website easily.

"Custom Fabrication & Welding" is name to be used in logo.

Thanks, we look forward to viewing your entries!

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“Utilized any suggestions and met all needs/wants for the logo design. ”

Изображение профиля colebrock, United States.

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  • eddesignswork
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    Okay its decided... just rate #102 #101 Thanks...

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    I have designed "6" different logo's i worked hard for you please check all of them and do give rating Thanks #49 #58 #61 #64 #70 #71 #74 Thanks

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  • kamileo7
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    Kindly check #49 #58 #61 #64 #70 #71 i hope you love my work Thanks

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  • kamileo7
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    Kindly check the best of the best #49 Thanks

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