Looking for a talented flat icon designer (Adobe Illustrator)

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I am looking for a talented designer who can work long time (1 year) together with my current designer. She is super good, but the project is too big for her to handle it alone, so we would need a partner for her who can do the same style.
I have attached templates.

These icons are for handicapped people. Some of them are cognitively impaired, and some of them have bad vision.

That is why the icons must be super expressive and as simple as possible.
But still beautiful.
The icons must have a black border to make it easier for visually impaired people to recognize them.

It is often not easy to find good templates that are easy to recognize.
Searching for templates would also be your task.

For this contest, please do 4 icons:

1) Problem (a person has a problem and needs help)
2) Mine (indicating that something is my property / belongs to me)
3) Yours (indicating that something is yours / belongs to you)
4) Allergy (a person is allergic to something)
5) "in between" (for example: "I drink water in between." (while drinking lots of alcohol at a party))
Here, "in between" indicates that the person is taking breaks to drink water while engaging in other activities at the party. But you should not use alcohol in the icon. I have only given this example to explain what "in between" means

You must work with paths in Adobe Ilustrator.

Thank you!

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