Looking to Find the Technical Partner to Establishment Company in Saudi Arabia -- 2

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Partial or total fees are due after achieving the goal of creating a business relationship and establishing a factory on Saudi lands, and no amount is due for part-time work, for example, but not limited to, research / contacts / meetings / rejected opportunities.. etc .By an expert in creating investment opportunities and bringing companies

Our JV offer for the Partner :

We are a Saudi company looking to establish Company / factory and We are looking for a reliable and experienced partner to participate in the industry as JV.

From our side will be:
1) Land.
2) Building.
3) Warehouses.
4) Logistics & Cars.
5) Showrooms.
6) Salaries for our staff & partner staff.
7) Administration Building.
8) Staff Accommodation.
9) Structural work for electricity and water that serves machines & offices.
10) Furniture for the company office and production staff accommodation.
11) Offices equipment (ERP System, Computers, telephones, copiers, fax machines) .
12) Raw materials (Saudi).
13) All legally licenses and Government requirements.
14) Operating expenses.
15) All other expenses.

From the partner side :
1) Full manage of the factory and production from A to Z with the Know-How
2) machinery

LOOKING for new Business Opportunities to invest as in the PDF in the following business :
1. Transformer transmission factory.
2. *Magnetic Silicon Steel Coil* CRGO
3. Plasma & Pharmaceutical factory
4. Medical gases plant
5. Factory blood bags factory
6. 1. Transformer transmission factory.
2. Magnetic Silicon Steel Coil - CRGO
3. Plasma & Pharmaceutical factory
4. Medical gases plant
5. Factory blood bags factory
6. Database Security Company.
7. Any industries use oil, plastic, high amount of electricity or gas or heat as a raw materials. Because Saudi is the cheapest country in the prices of these materials

To discussing details, For Quick Response Please feel free to :
Contact us through What'sApp direct link https://wa.me/966530000783
Book direct an appointment for online meeting with our CEO https://calendly.com/allcaresaudi/chairman

Benefits :
1) We don't need money.
2) The Big market covered Saudi Arabia, Arabian Gulf countries, Middle East, and North Africa, has 27 countries directly with a total population of 537 million inhabitants. In other words, more than United States of America population and half of China population.
3) The cheapest market in the world for petroleum raw materials and electric power.
4) Can get support from the Saudi government and even the Guarantees.
5) Strategic location connects between three continents and at the heart of major trade routes crossing three continents. Shipping to European countries takes 4 to 12 days, and shipping to the United States of America two weeks only. All with highly-efficient transport links.
6) Protection of the national product from dumping and competition by foreign producers, imposing high customs duties or preventing entry into the country for a period of up to 7 years.
7) The procurement system in the Arabian Gulf countries (GCC) obliges governments to purchase the Gulf product even if it is more expensive than the foreign product in order to encourage national products. This means the purchases volume will be very big with governments.
8) Large and cheap plots of land within the industrial cities, equipped with all facilities.
9) In addition to the cheap life cost of workers and management.
10) Saudi Arabia One of the Top 20 destinations for foreign direct investment in the world and one of the most lucrative markets for strategic investment.
11) The Duty Drawback Scheme provides exporters with a refund of customs duty paid on unused imported goods, or goods that will be treated, processed or incorporated into other goods for export.
12) Exemption of raw materials used in manufacturing and equipment’s industries from the value-added tax.
13 ....etc.


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