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I need a cover for my romance ebook. The genre is male/male romance fiction. The Book's title is: Glass Act -- just those two words, and Glass not is a play on words. Somewhere on the cover, it will also include this subtitle: Book One of the Uncommon Knowledge Series. My pen name is Bob White , and it needs to be on the cover as well in plain font.

I am open to the design, but it must stick close to the conventions of the genre...either one or two men on the cover. They need to be the two main characters or the main character alone. Main Character 2O year old young man with glasses, and very good looking. I am open to all else. Hero Character: (his love interest) 24 year old college athlete...again, good looking.

The story centers around the main character who is a temporary window cleaner who is working at a small college. He meets the school top athlete, and love ensues. The main character is privately a brilliant student saving money to then go to a top school.

Again, there are expected standards in the genre. Hot guy(s) first and foremost. Simple, bold or striking fonts. PHOTOGRAPHS CAN ALSO BE USED FOR THE MEN.


Thanks so much and good luck! :) Also, as I will most likely want all five upcoming books in the series to be similar with their covers like this one, so I will be hopefully be using you in the near future (1-2 years) as well.

Below are some samples of what these book covers tend to look like.

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“The best male/male romance writers have teams of graphics designers in the industry, but this cover rivals any of their work. Diana did it with one attempt! We found each other, thank goodness!”

Изображение профиля ManLoveWriter, United States.

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