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The approach I suggest might not be liked but realistically speaking it will save you time and prevent developers from taking advantage of you. Firstly youl need to purchase a Flutter or React Native UI template that you like, dont worry much about the features of the app that you purchase as the developer will be incharge of adding features to the app and changing the UI as needed. This will save you time and money as your not building from scratch. A UI template can be gotten from codecanyon.com or from a freelancer that has done similar work. I suggest getting a freelancer from Africa or India. A talented one ofcourse so that the quality of the work is good and this will allow you to minimize your budget aswell. Technologies to Use 1. Flutter or React Native -This will allow the app to work for Androiud and IOS devices and speed up the development process 2. Firebase for database, Storage, Authentication(Login, Signup, OTP, etc), endpoints, Push notifications, etc. -Firebase is c

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