Nature's Odor Eliminator

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Our business manufactures and sells natural cleaning products. Nature's odor eliminator is a bacteria based cleaner that eliminates odors by eating them, and leaves a fresh natural scent. You simply spray it on the source of the smelly odors, and almost right away the odors dissipate. Other products on the market, use synthetic fragrances to mask the odors, and don't address the root of the problem like our product does. Our product can be used in anything from cars to shoes and athletic gear, it can be used to remove smelly pet odors, or even cigarette odors. Nature's odor eliminator is a consumer brand that we are developing, it is going to be selling in 60ml, 120ml as well as other sizes spray bottles, in stores such as gas stations, gyms, and athletic and shoe stores. It is going to be placed at the front cash in a box of 12. We want a logo that attracts the consumer's eyes (something that pops), and tells the consumers what are product does at first glance. Also, something that says we are environmentally friendly, and safe. Our business works to protect marine life and aquatic ecosystems, so maybe somehow that can be incorporated into the logo and the label, if it works.
To summarize we need:
- A logo for Nature's odor eliminator
- A label for Nature's odor eliminator (That can fit on any size bottle ranging from 60ml to 1 gallon bottles.) **Attached is the content for the label** (we need the label in a format we can update and change)

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