Need a graphic cartoon designed for a christian t-shirt.

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I would like to start a business creating inspirational t-shirts. I have created a series of cartoon ideas to take the word across in a very visual way. This idea is in the way of copyright, I would just like to find a designer that can help me with putting the series in 3D form. I will appreciate the saving of the design in the correct file format for production. PNG etc. I have CS4 in my computer now. I am new at the graphic industry and so I am looking for someone to create this for me at this time for a more professional look. I am looking for someone to create a plug. The sample is attached below. I would like the character to be in white. They eyes can be round, top prongs in grey/silver. The character must be created with two 3D wires attached creating one, that split at mid point to create legs. I have made the character to show the cut of the acrylic and showing exposed wires that will now be the characters feet( I wasn't sure how to render the feet but I think I like the wire better). The exposed wire can be grey for now. I would like the ability to open the file and change the color of the feet and body parts according to my need for print so please keep this in mind when creating layers. The arms of the character as shown on the little sketch are to be viewed as a peeled piece of the wire coating (not sure if I want to view the wire inside in that area) a simple shadow will be ok. I am open to suggestions from designer. The character does not have to be created on its side. It can face the reader of the shirt if you feel it looks better. For this design the expression of the face I would like to be happy. Again this is just the concept of what I am l looking for. I must say that I am looking to keep the curve in the plug (head) itself. I don't want it to have a straight/angle look to it. I will be adding different wording on top of this character as needed so for now just need the character and its original format to add text. Eyes can have color if you choose to. Again I am looking to change this as I create according to color print. Thanks a million!
Please add the "c" with circle for copyright on the design.

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