Need to create an infographic poster for eye care blog of Wellcure

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This is the blog for which we need to create an infographic poster. Attaching 1 sample poster for this blog and some other sample of previous articles.

Please read the blog fully and make a good one that people would like to share with their friends and family.

Need Wellcure logo and appsstore/playstore download icons with website address - [login to view URL]

Pick the below 12 ways list for sure -

1. Using natural light – Encourage your child to use natural light more often.
2. Limit gadget use: Agree upon a device-free day or device-free time as a family.
3. Inculcating good posture – Discourage slouching, watching or reading while sleeping, watching TV reclining on the bed, etc.
4. The forgotten habit of blinking: The antidote to staring is blinking.
5. Eye Accommodation – Eye adaption can be strengthened by simple exercises like shifting from near to distance viewing.

6. Minimum usage of glasses – Ophthalmologists recommend using glasses all the time. Use when needed.

7. Outdoor play: At least an hour of outdoor play is important for good improvement.

8. Vision breaks: Seat your child’s work area near a window. Encourage the 20-20-20 rule

9. Early sleeping time: Encourage early bedtime for your kids and discourage usage of devices at least an hour before bedtime.

10. Nourishing, hydrating foods:

11. Eye rest with palming
12. Hydrotherapy for eye care: Purchase eyecups and help your child to use them.

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