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Краткое описание конкурса

We are launching a new product and need a logo produced.

The company logo is attached. We are NOT TIED to that colour scheme - but a blue and white based logo is preferred - and should be able to be used next to the current logo.

THE RCI LOGO CAN BE INCLUDED in the design - but do NOT feature the RCI logo. The new logo you design must be able to stand alone.

Product is called "FeedXtra" and is aimed to help dairy farmers get better results from their herd.

The term. Per the descriptive text below, there are four elements to the product - so maybe (a suggestion only, don't be tied to the idea) is that the X in FeedXtra be stylized to show four elements.


"Energise Your Herd and Yield Xtra Profit"

"As a dairy farmer you are well aware that the market is tough. The drought continues, feed costs continue to increase, and milk prices continue to drop. As profit tumbles, and in lots of cases disappears, a solution is needed fast.

Well, we can’t solve the drought but we can solve other problems with a new package that will energise each and every one of your cattle and substantially increase your yield.

Increased yield = more profit. Simple.

Our new product range is called FeedXtra.

1 FeedXtra PreTreat – a pretreatment enzyme that allows ruminants to obtain more nutrients from their food and use less energy digesting it.
2 FeedXtra SureCell – a live yeast product that helps increase nutrient digestion. This leads to the creation of more milk solids per cow.
3 FeedXtra SureDose – a device that guarantees the correct amount of SureCell is dispensed. A past stumbling block for yeast feed additives, but not anymore.
4 FeedXtra FeedScan - a device that uses state of the art infra-red scanning technology to almost instantaneously measure and analyse pasture grass, silage and maize silage. This shows any gaps in nutrients and helps formulates solutions.

The FeedXtra package can increase your yield by up to a fantastic 6-8%. Better margins and increased profits – what’s not to like?

FeedXtra will make a real difference to your herd, your farm and most importantly, to you.

For a little Xtra help, call us today on 1300 NNN NNN."

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“Good work and speedy feedback.”

Изображение профиля mk2creative, Australia.

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