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ABOUT MAX COPPA: Max Coppa is an internationally recognised and trusted expert in palmistry, numerology and dream interpretation with over 35 years' experience. With an extensive background in media, Max has appeared on national television & radio, has contributed to many leading Australian magazines and is the published author of five books. Max writes magazine columns and has been a monthly guest on Channel 7’s The Morning Show. Max's inspiring and practical approach brings palmistry and numerology in to the 21st century and makes it accessible to all. Max has a passion for teaching others and conducts palmistry & numerology workshops worldwide. For more information visit [login to view URL]

WHAT IS NUMEROLOGY: Numerology is the study of numbers, as the figures designating the year of one's birth, to determine their influence on one's life. It can also be apply numerical values to letters in words, names, and ideas. Numbers are the Universal codes of life, and for thousands of years they have been used by people to understand the deeper mysteries of life and make sense of the world around us. To this day, all things have a number. Whether is measurement, speed, distance, weight and so on. Numerologists believe that we are born at a certain date, hour and minute not merely by chance, but in order to learn important lessons and to perform specific tasks during our lifetimes and that the conditions and vibrations prevailing at the precise moment of birth must be favourable if we are to fulfil our mission in life. Numerology is also a method of character analysis which uses the number of names and birth dates in an attempt to solve the age-old question ‘who am I’. Its study enables us to take an objective, unbiased look at ourselves and to discover our innate talents and abilities.

WHAT IS NULISTIX: Nulistix is a new and modern way of looking at the meaning of numbers and how they affect us on all levels. The world has changed dramatically over thousands of years, so it makes sense that the vibrations and insights of the numbers have also adjusted and evolved to our modern day and thinking. Numerology is as useful today as it was for civilisations of the past. With over 35years of personally working with numerology I’ve created my unique system called Nulistix. It is numerology for the modern age, modern times and modern ways of thinking. It offers a ‘wholistic’ approach to all people and all situations - and some of its many benefits are personality profiling, analysis of business, finance & investments, love & relationships, work & career, travel, spirituality, health & wellness, predictions and much, much more. I invite you to try it and you’ll soon see how it will give you a new and fresh perspective on your life and your directions.

WHAT WE REQUIRE: We require a logo where Nulistix (Max's new system of numerology) can be used alone or can also be locked up as Nulistix by Max Coppa. Colours should be modern and attractive. The logo should convey Nulistix is modern without being ‘space futuristic’ and should be spiritual without being fantasy style. Nulistix is creating a new segment in the market and showing it is different to those that study just Numerology. This is a credible brand and as such should be reflected in the imagery of the brand. When we have awarded the winner, we will require the logo in the following formats (i) ai (ii) psd (iii) jpg (iv) png (v) gif You should supply both high-resolution and low-resolution versions. You should also supply the RGB colours used.

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