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Ninja Academy Web Module

Hello sir, All contest requirements are read and well understood, I have created an initial prototype of the module, see if you like it. As no google sheet was provided, I created my own sample sheet with specified fields and attached it to the web module, you can view sheet here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1npWM6V2ISu9WhMBE3hn89J5clre3Lm0UooYNzvkK5Is/edit#gid=0 The editing from sheet to web module is bidirectional and happens in real time. The architecture of the web module is well thought out. Although google sheet will be used as a main data source, it is smartly combined with database to facilitate development of advanced analytics features (e.g. progress of ninjas overtime) in future. The web module looks good not only on mobile but also on any screen size. You can view the module here - https://demo.tintlog.com/ninja/ (please contact me to know the username and password, the login credentials are not mentioned here to prevent potential abuse of the system )

Конкурсная заявка №42 для                                                 Ninja Academy Webbased module for coaches

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  • psrov
    Организатор конкурса
    • 5 месяцев назад

    Hi Sir,
    Thank you very much for your entry, your work is very good and I can see that you are really trying to follow the contest specifications. However this contest have been online fore 10 days now and its too late for us to give you more directions to follow with this project and therefore we didn't have enough time to check if we can really work together. One more time we like your work and we will definitely contact you If we failed to finish this module with the contest winner. Best Regards

    • 5 месяцев назад