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I will give you enough ideas for a decade lol

Hey, I hope you are doing OKAY. My name is Samam Amer and by profession I'm a YouTube Expert and social media manager in a reputable organization in Pakistan. Enough of my intro lol, let's talk about the main thing. I have a complete strategy for you brother. First of all to authenticate your website you must authenticate yourself first.I meant to say that you should brand yourself on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. You'll probably ask what's the point of these? Well these things affect greatly on physicy of clients if you have branded yourself enough now the main thing comes in you can convert your fans or followers into clients and this will dramatically increase your authenticity. I've personally tried it. I wanna type my mind out but maximum character limit is 1000 so feel free to get back to me I'll entertain you as soon as possible. Have a beautiful day my friend ❤️

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