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Краткое описание конкурса

- Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacotherapists and clinical pharmacologists providing clinical support to medical office practices and pharmacies.
- Note the capitalized "P"harm and capitalized "A"ssociates. Kindly include if you are using text.
- Clean edges and straight lines are good
- It will be used on stationery, website, business cards, emails, etc... so take this into consideration during development.
- Docs may be faxed in black and white, so colors that don't transfer unto black and white well will be an issue.
- AVOID pics/drawings of tablets, flowers, a mortar or pestle. Keep it generic as it can be used for any health market space i.e. MD office, DMD office, pharmacy, a pharmaceutical company, etc...
- Healthcare colors tend to be light green/teal/aqua or similar and a touch of red...we can incorporate
- Feel free to BORROW and not COPY an older version. See attached

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