6 Photo's Add Realistic looking Fire "REAL LOOKING FIRE" to beach photo's.

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Краткое описание конкурса

I have 6 branding Photos of myself on a beach with a fire pit. Unfortunately we couldn't legally light a fire on the beach so we will have to photoshop the fire in.

I am looking for someone to photoshop the fire into the images. I have 6 high resolution images in .PSD format that have

* Please take a look at the example of the Fire pit image I have attached to see what the fire pit looks like.

Here Are Full Details To Participate:

1. You will need to sign a NDA- Non disclosure agreement which says you don't own or have the rights to the photos or files and that it is 100% my property and the company's property.

2. Please email me if you wish the particiapte in the contest at helloashleywestin@gmail.com. I will send you a NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement to sign, after it is signed I will then send you the PSD files for the fire.

3. I will send you 6 photos in .PSD to add a realistic looking fire. I have layer in the .PSD files with a green line. The Green Line is how tall I want the fire flames to go. I don't want the fire flames to cover up my feet/shoes or dress. I put the Green line in there to make it easy to complete.

4. TO WIN: the fire the photo's have to look realistic and blend with the photo.
The photo's HAVE TO BE in high resolution in PSD PHOTOSHOP Format.
Please do not send flattened jpg's I am looking for original Photoshop PSD files that are not flattened. With the fire on it's own layer.

This is because I still have yet to actually add the photo's and because I may need to mess around with the fire to make it blend in the end.

5. SUBMISSION: You can submit photo uploads here on the contest area here. (Meaning you can upload the jpg's of the photo's here)

6. AFTER YOU WIN: To send me the PHOTOSHOP PSD files you may have to ZIP them in a

Please do not send flattened jpg's I am looking for original Photoshop PSD files that are not flattened. With the fire on it's own layer.

** Please note that legally I have to make this clear: Becasue you will be editing these photo's does not mean that you own any right to these photos to keep them or use them. If you do so it will result in legal action.

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“Extremely talented and was talented to work with.”

Изображение профиля helloashleyw, Canada.

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