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Hello, I made made a through research on the internet about Federated Learning and IOT, I'm glad to say that I've understood a lot about the the process and the idea of this. I've taken bits fro the internet, and rephrased it so that it is not easily understandable, also some parts were written from my knowledge of what I could comprehend from the research. I'm sending a draft copy of my information for you to check if this is the topic you're looking for, after your approval I'm be incorporating the contents int a professional PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to provide feedback.

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  • eduardo25578
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    • 4 лет назад

    Rizia the power of mobile devices is not what improves privacy, its what allows us to run machine learning and a small device. Usually Artificial Intelligence and machine learning required a big server to run. Because mobile phones are more powerful you are able to run federated learning algorithm. The federated learning algorithm is what helps improve privacy by not requiring any of the device information to be transferred.

    • 4 лет назад
    1. rizia369
      • 4 лет назад

      Okay, I will be researching through the topic you messaged me about.

      • 4 лет назад