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I need to write a bio for my real estate agent career. This bio will display to my clients and tell them about me, where I came from, why I am in real estate, and how I stand out from other agents.

My name is Hilary Stetekluh and I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for the past 13 years. I have been an elementary school teacher here and loved giving back to the community and seeing my students grow and learn. I have always had a love for real estate and design and wanted to take all the skills i have from teacher (thirst for knowledge, engaging personality, attention to detail, my hustle and integrity) and apply them to helping home buyers make their dreams come turn. my skills help me break down the home buying process for my clients into a seemless transaction where they feel comfortable and at ease. I am able to listen to their needs and help them negotiate through the process. I love real estate because I get to help others in my community find a place they can call home.

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