Small animated gif for a loading icon on our website

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Our website is - when you go there, you'll notice there is a small animated table lamp icon that we are currently using as our icon for "please wait while the page is loading" - and a smaller version of that table lamp icon is used down in the lower right corner of the page when you scroll down far enough on the page that you would need to be able to instantly jump back up to the top - which is what clicking the small table lamp icon does (it is partially hidden by the floating Facebook messenger icon, but it is definitely there)

Our logo incorporates a red egg chair in it, so what we would like to do is incorporate an animated spinning red egg chair into new versions to replace these table lamp icons (example files are attached of the table lamp icon, as well as a profile image of what our logo looks like when separated from the rest of the logo text)

This animated spinning egg chair gif does not need to look exactly like our logo, but if you could incorporate a similar profile to it at some point in the animation, that would be nice. For more reference information on what a red egg chair really looks like, try a Google image search for "red egg chair" and you'll get many examples.

The new graphics should be lightweight and the animated egg chair should contain enough frames to where it is clearly seen as a "loading" graphic, and maybe even put something extra in it such as an animated progress bar, etc - just something nice that clearly tells the viewer that things are loading and please wait.

So in total, you would deliver 2 graphics:

1. The new "loading" graphic (both in animated GIF and PSD)
2. The new small version that goes down in the lower right corner of the screen (both PNG and PSD)

Thank you,

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“This was the only submission that understood exactly what I was looking for and what the graphics needed to be. Great job :)”

Изображение профиля iceman333, United States.

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