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  • Статус: Open
  • Награды: $200
  • Полученные заявки: 22
  • Победитель: RichMind1977

Краткое описание конкурса

Small business needing logo for shirts, hats, etc for employees to wear on the job. Outdoor plumbing business focusing on septic installation, septic line repairs and grease traps. Need simple logo without using pipes and poop in the logo! Want unique, modern, and simple. Name of company is BSI (Burns Septic Installation) and was established in 2014. Do not necessarily want logo to say "Burns Septic Installation", instead use BSI

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  • najuislam535
    • 3 дня(-ей) назад

    #455 by Naju I.

    • 3 дня(-ей) назад
  • logo69master
    • 4 дня(-ей) назад

    please check my entry & rating then I will inspire to work.Thank you.

    • 4 дня(-ей) назад
  • soaib1
    • 5 дня(-ей) назад

    Sir, please check #278 #279 # .Thank you

    • 5 дня(-ей) назад
  • eslamboully
    • 5 дня(-ей) назад


    • 5 дня(-ей) назад
  • Designer0713
    • 5 дня(-ей) назад

    #63 thanks a lot :)

    • 5 дня(-ей) назад
  • OndinaLeon
    • 6 дня(-ей) назад

    Hello CH! I'm interested to participate in your contest. It would be nice if you can #guaranteed and #sealed the contest. Some of the designers feel confident to participate in contests that offer to protect them work by sealing it (so only you can see it) and by guaranteeing the final price. Also, it is a plus cuz nobody copies other designer’s work.

    Also, you can use this following links to have an idea of what is a generic prefab logo: (beware! Because you might get something similar to these as well, happens almost every time)

    Now you can be sure which designer is giving you a design completely made by itself and you can feedback and rating to guide them get better. Some of the designers feel more confidence to participate in contests that offer to protect them work by sealing it and by guaranteeing the final price.

    Hope this information to be helpful. Many thanks!

    • 6 дня(-ей) назад

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