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Social media management

For consumers, Omnichannel is their " new normal." Only the number of fans does not mean anything, but you interact with them. Creating an OMNICHANNEL strategy: it is the KEYS to SUCCESS, forcing companies to migrate their multichannel strategies to omnichannel. In CreCer Digital Marketing & Strategic Consulting is exactly what we do with our services of Digital Social Media Manager ( DSMM) / Community Digital Marketing Manager (CDMM), we contribute in the construction of a good digital presence, which is decisive in the change of the purchase process. Dissemination and strengthening of the idea / brand. To be a channel of communication with citizens / users / customers. Education through the dissemination of content. Projects, Proposals, Sales & Promotions. We manage Social Networks we get involved in the strategy and positioning, planning the publications, their execution, monitoring and results survey. +54 9 11 4993 1197 | https://consultor.marketing/

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