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Hi. My new company is called '100th Tribe'. We provide online wellbeing programs for: children & families, adults, schools and corporate/organisations.

Key elements of the company:
- programs are short video-based 28day challenges. Videos are 5-10minutes, and client have just 2 (or so) videos to watch each week (time-efficient, fits in with daily life rather than a program with extensive reading/whole-day workshops). also the nature of doing a 28day 'challenge' is more appealing generally than a long program.
- holistic approach (mind, body, environment etc)
- programs will be largely by psychologists but also by other health professionals eg naturopath
- big focus is bringing back lost elements of humanity eg using intuition, deeper connections/relationships (overcoming disconnection of current society), more time in nature etc
- in combination with the focus of bringing back lost elements of humanity, the programs are useful for dealing with modern society/situations (eg work stress) and managing one's mood/mind/body
- the name 100th Tribe refers to some of the lost elements of humanity are those tribal-style elements, and also 100th refers to an achievement of sorts. The name also works to refer to my business's tribe/our staff
- there will be challenges/programs for children & families, adults, and corporate organisations and schools. So the tagline needs to work across all of these contexts. Eg a tagline referring to productivity for organisations wouldn't be relevant to children & families.

The tagline:
- MUST be unique. Plagiarism unacceptable (and I'll obviously check your entry)
- needs to be short, approx 3-5 words would be good
- needs to be easy to read, spell, say and understand
- should be catchy
- should be descriptive - most people won't yet know what 100th Tribe does. Might be best to spell this out in the tagline (online wellbeing programs) - but not essential if you come up with something else really innovative.
- other useful words/concepts: thrive
- words/concepts to avoid using please: 28 day, happy/happiness, unity, heal

Thanks in advance for your entry!!

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