The Walk on water

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Jesus Walking on Water.

This project will be an interpretation and or illustration of the Bible Story of Jesus walking on water. The idea is to have the Character of Jesus walking or standing on somewhat troubled waters. His message being sent to the whole world in need of relief, so I would like to maybe have an image of the map of the world with each continent having praying hands of relevant race colors directed to the main Character, or the image of a globe from which comes out praying hands of all colors. The specific message Jesus will be telling the world is this phrase: PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE, RELAX AND LEARN TO WALK ……... ON WATER!
This sentence should be on the piece of art somehow beautifully directed from Jesus to the praying world.
I would also like the image of a Dove bird representing the Holy Spirit flying in the sky somehow with maybe a ray of sun from it going to the Jesus Character. These are the main indications to direct you in the creation of this piece of art. I am very opened to your ideas and different interpretations if they are beautiful.
I am attaching pictures found on the internet to inspire your work, without infringing copyrights. The first one is my absolute favorite image of Jesus; I particularly like the color of the piece as well as the fact that Jesus face is not directly visible which makes it more spiritual.
The second and third are examples of the holy spirit in the sky
The fourth is an example of praying hands coming out of the Ocean that I like a lot
The fifth is an example of hands of different colors.
The last one is a poor attempt to give you a general idea, but I am opened to suggestions.
If you have questions, please ask me directly in the chat. Thank You everyone who participates.

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    Please Check my last two entries #32,#33 I have corrected as per Your review ...Thank You

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    Please check #7

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    Please sir check entry #4 if there is any corrections to be made

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