Track Understand Predict (TUP)

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Краткое описание конкурса

The name of the product:

Track Understand Predict

or as an acronym


****** we need a logo that clearly shows both the words (Track Understand Predict) and the acronym (TUP)****

A description of the product:

Let’s pretend James likes sneakers, specifically vintage Jordans.

Let’s pretend that these are sold at Macy’s.

Let’s assume that James has downloaded the Macy’s app and registered.

Let’s assume that James covertly looks for sneakers late at night.

Let’s assume that he also sneaks a peek at the Macy’s website once in a while at the office.

Let’s assume that he walked into Macy’s yesterday and spent $350 on a new pair of Jordan’s.


Let’s assume that we have access to Macy’s in-store cameras.

Let’s assume that when James walked into Macy’s, we used facial recognition software to identify him as james@[login to view URL]

Let’s assume that the lightening for each shoe displayed is controlled by our backend.

Let’s pretend that Randall works at Macy’s.

Let’s pretend Randall has an earpiece that tells him that James has looked at the red pair of Air Jordan’s 107 times over the past four days.

Let’s assume the lights for all the other shoes dims a small amount.

Let’s assume Randall strikes up a conversation with James about the red Air Jordan’s and how they’re flying off the shelves.


Let’s assume that James’s behavior isn’t odd.


Let’s assume that Macy’s now knows not only what shoes to stock, but also which to order, and how to better track and market to customers as they have data across three different platforms.

What we need:

We need a logo that fits with this description and also fits on the Transport Learning website: [login to view URL] (which is also under construction).

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“polite and responsive. ”

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