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Краткое описание конкурса

We're looking for a creative and dynamic brand logo for our company TRANZO - this is a Digital Platform for the TRANSPORTATION Industry. We're looking for a brand logo that will carry the our vision and the future of the transportation industry with cues of AI and machine learning in that.

More about the company and what it does for you to understand the requirements.

A Digital Platform delivering smart mobility solutions addressing, safety, security, reliability, pollution, capacity problems and wasted energy for the transportation industry using IoT-Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

TRANZO is designing and developing a Digital Transport Ecosystem that will change the industry.

We have multiple solutions that target specific areas like Passenger safety, driver safety, efficiency of vehicles, Digital Tyre pressure monitoring system, Remote alcohol management system, driver behaviour analytics using IoT cameras fitted in vehicles and all these solutions will be delivered as "Smart Mobility as a Service (SMaaS)"

An IoT enabled digital platform

Connected Transport

Integration of multiple modes of
transportation – Leading to
Intelligent Transport Systems ITS

AI-enabled predictive analytics to improve the overall efficiency of the TRANSPORTATION Industry.

Additional notes: The Logo will be widely used with Government organisations, private companies, on our hardware products, websites, apps etc., - Also we would prefer it to be a multicolour (with options to use it on plain/black/white backgrounds) -

The reason we're looking for a multi colour logo (drew inspirtation from Freshworks, Google, ZOHO. Microsoft etc.,) where they use one of their brand colours as a primary colour for their products and solutions. By doing this we can differentiate Products and Solutions. Though this is only a thought and our preference, you can be absolutely creative about it.

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