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Cute wombat poses

Hi, here's my entry. I made 10 poses of a cute little wombat. I'm open to corrections so it can look how you want it to be. I hope you like it. If i win i'll provide you the png version without background.

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  • leonwesfort
    Организатор конкурса
    • 1 год назад

    Good work mate! Thanks for giving your idea of this little character. I would probably need a few more poses if I award you this.
    I will send you the text which is quite simple but need to have all the poses covered. Maybe another one or two. Some will be repeated.
    Now, I was also wondering if you can do one standard background of a fun cave where he lives, that I can use on most of the pages - just a blank cave maybe with a hole in the roof where the sun or moon can shine through - then I can add the bed and tables or whatever is necessary.
    Great job and thanks for entering!

    • 1 год назад
    1. VibhorGupta17
      • 1 год назад

      sir please check mine also

      • 1 год назад
    2. leonwesfort
      Организатор конкурса
      • 1 год назад

      I have awarded you the prize. What will I get from you now, as I must plan the remainder of the characters you did not cater for.
      Please let me know ASAP

      • 1 год назад