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The article will be a how to... we need a writer to regularly create SEO driven articles about our products which are tractors, tractor parts, and tractor repairs. The intent of the articles is helpful informational content on "how to" specifics an info on tractors - mostly "How To _______ on a Tractor" i.e repair, maintain, preserve, maximize, minimize, improve....

This SEO article is "Tractor Shop Manual: How to Correctly Repair a Tractor Engine Cylinder Head" or something of that (SEO) nature. (exciting isnt it? LOL) I know you will make it fun for the readers... sort of a Tractor Engine Cylinder Heads for dummies article.

Keywords = Tractor Repair, Tractor Repair Manual, Tractors, Used Tractor, Tractor Parts

Of course the goal is to bring readers to our website.

Please make sure to avoid exact specifications (they are different on different models and brands) and please make is conversational and engaging.

Please use this manual with reference [login to view URL] (link as the file is 50mb which is more than freelancer accepts)

Please see these sections:
10. Cylinder Head 4-61
■ Cylinder Head Components 4-61
■ Disassembly of Cylinder Head 4-63
■ Removing the Glow Plugs 4-66
■ Removal of Cylinder Head Cover 4-66
■ Removal of Rocker Arm Assembly 4-66
■ Disassembly of Rocker Arm Assembly 4-67
■ Removal of Cylinder Head 4-67
■ Removal of Intake/exhaust Valves 4-68
■ Removal of Valve Guides 4-68
■ Cleaning of Cylinder Head Components 4-68
■ Inspection of Cylinder Head Components 4-69
■ Inspection of Push Rods 4-69
1. Push rod bend 4-69
■ Inspection of Rocker Arm Assembly 4-69
1. Rocker arm shaft hole diameter 4-69
2. Rocker arm shaft outside diameter 4-69
■ Inspection of Valve Guides 4-70
■ Inspection of Cylinder Head 4-70
1. Cylinder head distortion 4-70
■ Inspection of Intake and Exhaust Valves 4-70
1. Valve stem diameter 4-70
2. Valve stem bend 4-70
3. Valve recession 4-71
4. Valve face and valve seat. 4-71
■ Inspection of Valve Springs 4-72
1. Fractures 4-72
2. Corrosion 4-72
3. Squareness 4-72
4. Free length 4-72
■ Reassembly of Cylinder Head 4-73
1. Reassembly of valve guides 4-73
2. Reassembly of intake and exhaust valves 4-73
3. Reassembly of cylinder head 4-74
4. Reassembly of rocker arm reassembly 4-75
5. Assembling the parts around the cylinder head 4-75

I need this done within 72 hours (please post the final article here and nothing else)

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