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Нанять     juanspaceman

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    Honduras $15 USD / час
    Motion Graphics - Music Production - Sound Design
    Motion Graphics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Production/Sound...
    Motion Graphics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Production/Sound Design ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Experienced on Musical Arrangement for many types and fomats like Film Music, Video Game Music, Rock Bands, Metal Bands, Traditional Latin American Music, Blues, Folk, Any kind of music Arraging and Composition You could ask for; I have the skills to make it real, and not just real, to make a job You are happy with. I've been workin on audio jobs like Clean up, Podcast Editing, Mixing, Jingles, Spots, Cut, Equalization, with many clients, I know people look not only for a good job, but a Kindfull treatment at the time to discuss ideas, To preserve the main ideas pure, and transform the Idea into a Great Piece of Art. After Effects Premiere Pro Illustrator Photoshop Cubase Studio One меньше
  • Нанять juanspaceman

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