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Аватарpreferred-freelancer-v2.svgverified.svg Narola Infotech
Packing & Shipping Professional
$20 в час
4,5 (1863 работ(-ы))
Обзор профиля
Аватарpreferred-freelancer-v2.svgverified.svg FixIT Consultancy
Packing & Shipping Professional
$30 в час
5,0 (1008 работ(-ы))
Обзор профиля
Аватар Aarti J.
Packing & Shipping Professional
$25 в час
4,8 (662 работ(-ы))
Обзор профиля
Аватарpreferred-freelancer-v2.svgverified.svg Irfan A.
Packing & Shipping Professional
$20 в час
5,0 (311 работ(-ы))
Обзор профиля
Аватарmonthly-level-two.svg Kawaljeet Singh K.
Packing & Shipping Professional
$50 в час
5,0 (288 работ(-ы))
Обзор профиля
Аватар Hemant K.
Packing & Shipping Professional
₹8 в час
4,8 (255 работ(-ы))
Обзор профиля
Аватарpreferred-freelancer-v2.svgverified.svgmonthly-level-three.svg John Ryan P.
Packing & Shipping Professional
$19 в час
5,0 (208 работ(-ы))
Обзор профиля
Аватарpreferred-freelancer-v2.svgverified.svgannual-level-three.svg Shakeel A.
Packing & Shipping Professional
$35 в час
4,9 (181 работ(-ы))
Обзор профиля
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Дизайн упаковки.
$110 USD за 4 дня.
Музыкальное видео.
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Музыкальное видео.
$300 USD за 12 дней.
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$269 USD за 14 дней.
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$100 USD за 3 дня.
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$15 USD за 1 день.
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$100 USD за 10 дней.
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$50 USD за 6 дней.
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Как нанять отличного фрилансера, специализирующегося в сфере Packing & Shipping Professional

A packing-shipping facilitator is an individual who works in a distribution or shipping area of a shipping company. The facilitator is charged with carrying out simple tasks like:
Receiving client items
Storing them in the appropriate place
Packaging items
Issuing items out for shipping
Aircraft parts over boxing
Handling tools and kits
Handling of hazardous materials in compliance with both domestic and international mandates, rules and regulations.
In addition to these simple tasks, a packing–shipping facilitator is responsible for operating equipments such as the electric powered lifts, conveyors, and overhead hoists. The facilitator is also expected to handle the packaging of equipments such as power saws, banding equipments, pneumatic nail guns, staplers and knives.
The facilitator’s job requires him to be a fit individual who is able to:
Stand frequently which comes as a requirement for the job.
Carry heavy items weighing from 15 lbs to 35lbs.
Twist, kneel or bend as the occasion demands.
The facilitating individual should be equipped with skills to do the following things:
Operating Microsoft windows
Computing to keep a proper account of inventory
Comparing and verifying shipping labels
Packing slips in part for accuracy in details
Make sure that freight are sorted according to their route and designated areas
Be in charge of fabricating and packaging of shipping containers.
The shipping facilitator should be competent in paying attention to detail and ensuring effective communication. This is particularly in regards to written information in using basic math’s like addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, competent in handling different kinds of tools as it relates to his job, working with safety instructions, manufacturing plans and technical documents like BAC specifications.
There are however some qualifications which a shipping facilitator must have:
Some years experience working in a distribution or shipping company
Working with computer based inventory management systems
Operation of high powered material handling machines
A certified high school graduate/GED
Knowledge of the 3Ps of packaging: Presentation, Protection and Preservation
The job of a facilitator is so vast that he is involved from the time an item is received, stored, protected, packed and shipped of their areas. It requires him to be a strong individual, who can do some heavy lifting, stand for a long period of time, do some inventory management and operate some high-powered machines.
If you are looking to hire a packing-shipping facilitator, the right place to source for a qualified candidate is freelancer.com. It is a platform to hire an expert facilitator. By hiring a freelancer, you will save both money and time for your company. You will neither be required nor mandated to hire them permanently unless it is based on your personal decision.
All you need to do is to view the profiles of more than hundreds of packing-shipping facilitators online through the access offered by freelancer.com and select the best candidate for you. You can interview them and reach a suitable conclusion for all.
Another important thing is that working with a freelancer can give you the option to test the skills of different facilitators because their job is temporarily structured and can be terminated if you are not satisfied.
Freelancer.com is the platform that offers you the services of many packing-shipping facilitators at affordable rates.
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