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  • Изображение профиля BRD11
    Team of Native Linguists
    1306 отзыв (-а,-ов)

    Team of native linguists offering tranlsation and transcription services for an impressive list of languages. Provides translation for personal and business communications.

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  • Изображение профиля DreamersLTD
    Professional Translators and Transcribers
    730 отзыв (-а,-ов)

    Professional translation and transcription agency offering services in a long list of languages. Experienced in translating multiple file projects and all types of communication.

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  • Изображение профиля juliajulia2601
    Фрилансер в Kharkiv, Ukraine
    152 отзыв (-а,-ов)

    I specialize in various translations, have experience in long-term projects connected with translating and editing texts.I am a certified translator and philologist. I know what my strengths are and I am a fairly decent judge of what the job will require. I offer the best price I can for the work I will have...

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  • Изображение профиля DanielP05
    Фрилансер в Bello, Colombia
    262 отзыв (-а,-ов)

    Skilled translator and writer. More than 6 years of experience as translator and 2 years of experience here on Freelancer. I can offer you my experience in: - Translations in 3 languages (Spanish, German & English) - Spanish Proofreading - Spanish Transcriptions - Academic Writing - Portuguese, Italian and French to...

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  • Изображение профиля benni25
    Фрилансер в Vacoas, Mauritius
    466 отзыв (-а,-ов)

    REGISTERED EN15038 & Certified Translation ISO 17100--->>> FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY TRANSLATION UNDER 12 HOURS--->>> WE OFFER NOTARIZE DOCUMENTS FREE--->>> Translation--->>Proofreading---->>>editing--->>>Final Proofreading---->>>Delivered to you Our company is highly recommended for Translation & Transcription and...

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  • Изображение профиля desource2012
    Writing and Translation Agency
    1723 отзыв (-а,-ов)

    Writing and translation agency offering professional translators for business and personal communications. Provides translation services for an impressive list of languages.

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