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    ...слоя при блендинге BOOL connected; // привязана ли к слоюпапке (цепочка в фотошопе) (если сложно - не критично) }; struct _psd{ int canvaswidth, canvasheight; int dpi; int numOfLayers; _layer *layer; int numOfFolders; _folder *folder; int numOfMasks; _mask *mask; }; Далее, допустим, есть такой код: ... _psd psd; psd.canvaswidth=2222; psd.canvasheight=1111; psd.numOfLayers=3; psd.dpi=72; psd.layer=new _layer[]; for(int i=0;i<;i++){ [i].id=i; [i].width=3333; [i].height=444; [i].ppx=+100 [i].ppy=-100; [i].name="Слой 1"; long n=[i].width*[i].height*4; [i].data=new unsigned char[n]; for(int j=0;j<n;j++){psd

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    BLE with STM32WB5MMGH6 2 дней(-я) left

    Create a project in STM32CubeIDE for STM32WB5MMGH6 to use bluetooth to connect to an APP. The project must meet this requirements: 1- SERVICE_UUID_1 to be inserted in a #define example : #define SERVICE_UUID_1 "fffffffffff-000000-1111-ffff-1111111111" 2- must have 6 CHARACTERISTIC_UUID example : #define CHARACTERISTIC_UUID_11 "a601bcbe-4dc1-11ea-b77f-2e728ce88125" /* time_warm_up */ #define CHARACTERISTIC_UUID_12 "ba846344-4dc1-11ea-b77f-2e728ce88125" /* STATE: 1,2,3*/ #define CHARACTERISTIC_UUID_13 "ffffffff-000000000-b77f-2e728ce88125" /* On/OFF */ #define CHARACTERISTIC_UUID_14 "ffffffff-000000000-b77f-2e728ce88125" /* on /off 1 2 */ #define CHARACTERISTIC_UUID_15 "ffffffff-000000000-b77f-2e728ce88125" /* s1 *...

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    avatar collection's pixelated art Завершено left

    we are looking into an illustrator and a digital designer to draw us a traits of an nft avatar collection, the collection is gonna be only 1111 pieces and simple animal pixelated art too, so it won't need a lot of traits and so on, and the project is gonna probably be some animal creature that we gonna have a drawing of, you can see the attached images for some examples, (i know the style of the arts are vastily different, but we can talk about it)

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    Trophy icon design business cards for credit repair business Завершено left

    Please design business cards for credit repair business. I have attached the logo for the business card. The Information to be on business card is: Eddie & Christina Saenz Credit Repair Specialist SaenzCreditRepair . com info@SaenzCreditRepair . com 916 - 999 - 1111 LET'S IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE! Our Service will help you remove any Inaccurate, Erroneous, and/or obsolete information on your credit file, Including: Collections - Late Payments - Medical Bills - Repossessions - Bankruptcy - Inquires - Tax Liens - Judgements - Charge Offs and more!

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    Build me Solana Blockchain website Завершено left

    For our ART project WORLD OF ART we need a token that generates contracts of the buyers of our book edition - The most valuable & expensive works of Art - There are 1111 German copies and 2222 copies in English - each of these 3333 coffee table books is hand signed and stamped by number of copy (01 to 3333). We will sell the book together with one token (BEP-20) for BTC 0,0170 (approx. € 1000). The owner of the book with number 01 will automatically receive the Token number 01.... We want to offer also an NFT with the image of MONA LISA - also a total number of 3333. These NFTs we would sell on OpenSea.... PS: We need the BEP-20 Tokens (named WART= World of Art) and the MONA LISA NFTs by the end of this year - maybe before Christmas... Can we receive a proposal for NFT ...

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    Excell workshert needed with the following. - keep track of transactions - sales -clients list with payments records -suppliers list - search - summary page of all transactions 1. I want the main page list to be order list with all sales orginised by clients so when an order being added it will he in orginise fashion under client name, for example list will be client 1111 2222 3333 etc...not mixed 13254.... 2. Tab for each client with options to add clients and same with suppliers. 3. A place to record all transactions. 4. Each client tab to have their full order list and their balances with transactions records, every transaction or order being added in client list will appear in main order list.

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    Trophy icon Spiritual Product line 11/11 or 11:11 logo Завершено left

    I am starting a spiritual coach and product line company called 11:11. I’m looking for a logo for it an a slogan . 11/11 if my birthdate. The number 1111 is a high vibrational number and a sure sign of spiritual awakening, spiritual development, and taking your intuition to new heights. Have confidence in knowing that this energetic portal has opened up for you and things will seem like they are happening at a rapid pace. The logo can be 1111 11:11 or 11/11 I’m up for suggestions .

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    Trophy icon Same day rush 4x8 banner design 32219 Завершено left

    4ft height x 8ft wide Color Scheme:*: black Grey Teal Business name: Stitched Boutique women’s clothing store . My vision for this design is a stylish woman walking with shopping bags in her hand. I would like for the colors teal and grey to stand out if possible . I really like the clean look of the banner attached store phone - (866)778-1111 Email -

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    Professional website designer Завершено left

    Quote 1111 if that is not quoted the bid will not be recognised Hello guys, I am looking for a professional website designer. I currently have a website that I believe needs to be modernised and made to look more professional. This is very important as my website deals with business professionals. I am not looking for someone who uses themes and thinks that makes them a website designer. I am looking for an actual professional who understands design and is experienced in design.

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    Trophy icon Air Show Logo Завершено left

    We are needing a logo in EPS format for our next air show. It needs to include the text - Air Magic Valley 2023 and 75th Anniversary. Graphics should include planes and possibly our Snake River Canyon and Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho. The final logo should be scalable to print in any size from small to large banner. We would like something unique, but here are examples of other ...com/search?q=air+show+logos&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjZkM7HpfDyAhWOHzQIHTuIBDwQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=2327&bih=1185 Please include an outline of the Snake River Canyon profile and Perrine Bridge - :1631661827387&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=2ahUKEwjLmfX8zf_yAhV9gf0HHQI0BBIQ_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=2293&bih=1111

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    Hi i need GTA5 FiveM RP Script Завершено left

    Hi, I need a functional FiveM RP Script ready to host and play on it. Contact me with offers or add me on discord n1k4e#1111

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    i need a c++ programmer Завершено left

    ...printBinFloat to do the decoding and printing. FOR THE INPUT Read your input from stdin (aka std::cin). To read a 32-bit hexadecimal value, use the std::hex manipulator along the lines of this: uint32_t x; std::cin >> std::hex >> x; FOR THE OUTPUT Write your output to stdout (aka std::cout). printBinFloat must format and print each value precisely in the following manner. 0x3f800000 = 0011 1111 1000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 sign: 0 exp: 0x00000000 (0) sig: 0x00000000 +1.00000000000000000000000 In this particular example, the hex value 3f800000 was read and the values of its fields are shown as well as its actual binary value. For each input value, the five output lines printed are: The first line displays the input value as a 32-bit hex value and again in...

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    Image resize and watermark removal Завершено left

    We have 1111 images that need to be resized and a watermark removed. Here is an example image: We would need to this be resized to 1500x1500 so the images takes up most of the space and is not pixelated and also remove the watermark.

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    Game Launcher and updater Завершено left

    Hello! Im very curious if you would be able to create a game launcher which would download with CRC and update the needed files, also would be able to self update itself, and would have a configuration panel to configure the game settings which is made in ini, also multilangual support? I have no idea how much would such thing cost, so ...be able to create a game launcher which would download with CRC and update the needed files, also would be able to self update itself, and would have a configuration panel to configure the game settings which is made in ini, also multilangual support? I have no idea how much would such thing cost, so if you are interested to talk more about it, please if you use Discord contact me there: Ipxven#1111 Im able to pay with paypal only, hope its not ...

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    Integration presents with the following case: Multiple Calc Fields within Field Overrides exist that identify values for company and/or location. Example of Issue: Worker is on the 8/9 Delta file with correct '1111' value, then appears on the 8/16 file with an 'XXXX' value, then appears on the 8/23 and ongoing files with the correct '1111' value. No changes identified in the Worker History since Feb 2021. Role Intermediate/Senior Integration Consultant Intermediate Knowledge of Calc Fields

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    I am looking for an experienced NodeJS developer. Salary is 5K monthly. Include answers for below questions. 1) Convert the code below using any lib of your choice to be more readable ((err,data)=>{  if(err){   (err)   return  }  data.a = "test"  data.b = 1111  (data,(err,data)=>{    if(err){      (err)      return  }  ((err,data)=>{   if(err){    (err)    return   }   ("finished")   })  }) }) 2) What is the output of this program and why? let z = 4153000000000000000 + 99 (z)

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    ...Question 8 (1 point) List customers (name) who've NOT ordered the book "Database". Question 9 (1 point) All possible pairs of books (Bname). (A pair should be listed only once). Question 10 (1 point) All possible pairs of books (Bname) where the first has a price of 24.99 and the second has a price of 19.99. Question 11 (1 point) Customers (name) who ordered at least one book that customer #1111 ordered. Question 12 (1 point) Customers (name) who ordered all the books as customer #11111 ordered (although, they may have ordered additional books)....

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    TP Registration Завершено left

    I have a database table that collects very basic from people who wish to register. It collects FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, EMAIL, PHONE. The person is then assigned MEMBER_NO, in essence a membership number. Right now, the membership number is the MySQL database row as MEMBER_NO which is sequentially numbered using a UNIQUE INDEX. The MEMBER_NO start at 1111. In order for the new member to know their MEMBER_NO, they are directed to a database table and they have find their name and their MEMBER_NO. I'd like that after they submit their information, to display on a new page a welcome message and the information they just submitted with their new MEMBER_NO in bold or highlighted text. I know this is probably SQL 101, but I can't figure out how to do it! BTW... The use of the webs...

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    Website changes Завершено left

    My website- I want to add "best time to call" option on my contact form. And I want to change the "Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly." to "Talk with you soon, I will be calling from (470) 111-1111"

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    ...in a binary database. Draw number 41( it may be 5, 6, or 7 numbers) compared with each draw preceding it. Each drawing that contains at least 1 number from draw 41 will be marked as "1". Drawing without any number from draw 41 marked as "0" The result will be 40 zeros and ones: 1100 1110 1010 1010 1011 1101 1011 1010 1111 1111 The same is done for draw 42 with 40 preceding drawings including draw 2 but without draw 1. The result will be similar: 0111 1000 1110 0110 1000 0101 1111 0010 0110 1011 The process repeating till the last(newest) draw converted. The final table will look like this: see attachment 15.81kb. I did this table manually, it has mistakes. It was the first step. The second step was analyzing this table and picking up zeros and on...

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    Trophy icon Build Me A Business Card Завершено left

    I am a commercial pilot that is looking to create a unique business card. I enjoy minimalistic modern designs and something that can grab your attention. I am pretty open! I would need .AI or .PSD file. The following information is needed: "John Doe" "Professional Pilot" "CFI CFII and Multi Engine Commercial" "" "(725) 111-1111" "email@" I like the idea of the business card I have attached, but this is a pre-made, very unique popular design. I don't specialize in one aircraft so having clipart or a silhouette of an aircraft is okay, just make it generic and not a readily identifiable one. Competitive designs will not copy the uploaded card, it will reflect the same minimalist theme. I am not sold on black and gold,...

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    In this project, you will build a shopping software. The software should allow a shopper to buy at least three items from each of the categories listed below and calculate the total cost. The total cost will include the cost of the items and the shipping costs. Shipping costs are calculated at 0.03% of the cost of each item.  Books o I will Marry When I want...his/her name and mailing address. After the user has bought all the items, the software should display to the user:  The name of the user  The list of items bought  The total cost of items including shipping costs  The mailing address. An example run of the software should look something like: Dear Jane Doe. You bought a, b, c, d. The total cost of the items are $xyz. The items will be shipped to 1111 north airport Street...

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    Build me a Website Car Rent Завершено left

    Car Rent Website Wordpress Programm, php or other. We deliver the pictures and the texts. The same as (this website is only to see how must look the website. The website has a few minor changes from Wix's. Must be 3 extra languages. Eng, French, Italy. The reservation or the rent must be paid for by credit card or PayPal, Twint. Something small is nothing big Cell phone must also be regulated. The website has to run on the server and the payment has to work.

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    File kody_okz-2014-cut needs to be processed from doc to excel separating text by following rules (a sample of algorithm result is provided in ): 1) Text after a line in bold, starting with a 4-digit number (e.g. 1111 Руководители (представители) федеральных и региональных органов законодательной власти, их аппаратов, депутаты законодательных собраний) and until the next line in bold should be processed and must fill a row starting with the same number 2) Text immediately AFTER a line in bold, starting with a 4-digit number and UNTIL word combination В их обязанности входит OR В их обязанности могут входить should go into column D 3) Text AFTER word combination В их обязанности входит OR В их обязанности могут входить UNTIL words Примеры занятий, отнесенных к данной начальной

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    Necesito un modulo en Java que ilumine una matriz de 13x13 dependiendo de lo que se le envíe en un Array de String, con un color definido ejemplo del array: UTG = {"1414", "1413s", "1412s", "1411s", "1410s", "149s", "145s", "144s", "143s", "142s", "1413o", "1313", "1312s", "1311s", "1310s", "139s", "1412o", "1312o", "1212", "1211s", "1210s", "129s", "1411o", "1111", "1110s", "119s", "1010", "109s", "99", "88", "77", "66", "55"}; al modulo se le debe...

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    ...1 time via SMS, the rest of the times the * .dat file should have been used, where * is the previously used phone number. If there are several files, authentication is performed using the first found file. There should also be a choice to authenticate another user. For example, if there are 3 files , , , then they should be located in the table in which there is a status of - currently in use. 222.dat- available 333.dat- available There should be an authenticate button next to the table. You can also delete files from the table and add new ones; when you click add a new one, a form should appear to authenticate a new user using a code. 2. The user must be able to subscribe to previously known channels / chats (specified in the interface as a list) 3. A separate

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    Build me a Website Car Sell 2 Завершено left

    Here are the details: Website same as - Should look like this: - in 4 languages: german, English, Franc. Itallien. - should not be visible in the header: data protection - Tuning / Zubehör - Leasing / Finanzierung. - For Autos it should look like this: Auto / Suchauftrag (a for...Franc. Itallien. - should not be visible in the header: data protection - Tuning / Zubehör - Leasing / Finanzierung. - For Autos it should look like this: Auto / Suchauftrag (a form for the search order about the same as for a purchase). - You do not have to design the Cars header, as the (Cars) page is copied from the page. - Contact form same as - https: // - Also works android. - We have the lyrics. You only have to do it in other languages.

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    ...to test the operation. I need to send and receive incoming and outgoing information through the serial portal. I already have the hardware developed. 1) When making a combination of 4 keys, I need the combination to be sent via the serial. example: pressing 1111 or 1234 keys If you do not press the 4 keys, wait for 4 seconds for the next key or complete the combination of 4 keys to send to serial, otherwise, he will reset the count and hope to start typing again. example of sending to serial port ELC05 | 1 | 1234 ELC05 | 1 | 1111 ELC05 | 1 | 1243 where ELC05 => Protocol type, 1 => Command type, in this case macro, 1234 number entered on the keyboard 2) I need to receive commands on the serial port to activate the equipment outputs. Example: ELC05 | 2 | 1 | 1...

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    Build me a Website car sell -- 3 Завершено left

    Here are the details: Website same as - Should look like this: - in 4 languages: german, English, Franc. Itallien. - should not be visible in the header: data protection - Tuning / Zubehör - Leasing / Finanzierung. - For Autos it should look like this: Auto / Suchauftrag (a form...Franc. Itallien. - should not be visible in the header: data protection - Tuning / Zubehör - Leasing / Finanzierung. - For Autos it should look like this: Auto / Suchauftrag (a form for the search order about the same as for a purchase). - You do not have to design the Cars header, as the (Cars) page is copied from the page. - Contact form same as - https: // - Also works android. - We have the lyrics. You only have to do it in other languages.

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    Expecting FCM message from java code to send android (notification) * Now able to send message fm (console) to android, same thing java code Below format -------------- { "data": { "action": "request_order" }, "android": { "priority": "high", "ttl": "7200s" }, "registration_ids": [ "1111" ] }

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    Skurban Design Завершено left

    Hello, please read what I'm saying. This is a simple project. For the file Below named Signature line, I would like for someone to do this for my brand. I would like for it to say Diverse f...the left side, I would like to use the file name skurban_ logos_final_1. Please have it just like the example in METALLIC BLACK and this is going to be a heat transfer, so make sure that I can have this as a single sheet that I can lay on a shirt, and it's just like the example. Also, I have file 1111 and I would like for skurban to be in the same Font format with the colors that it already is. File 22222, is a better picture of skurban written out but remember I want the same FONT as file 1111, please. This should be a quick turn around. This needs to be in PNG for th...

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    ...through the whole dom structure of that node and all nested childnodes. Use a counter starting from one with prefix 'n' and build an ordered string containing the nested TagNames and textContent represented by the counter and nested square brackets and return the string. Text nodes, br and any other empty tagNames have an opening and closing bracket [] in the finished string. Example: <div id="start">1111<div>2222<div>3333<div>4444<h3 style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-family: 'Lora',georgia,'times new roman',serif;">Example</span>7777</h3>5555<br><h3 style="text-align: center;">6666<span style="font-family: 'Lora',georgia...

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    Alter arduino code Завершено left

    I currently have a small piece of code for Arduino that will read 3 bytes of data from a specified Eeprom address over I2C and output this over serial. I need to instead store this on the Arduino and convert from Hex to decimal EG "00 04 57" converts to "1111" in decimal

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    Требуется (ТЗ) 1, изменить главную страницу - увеличить размер карты и изменить форму для заказа (скрин ) 2, изменить меню интерфейса адаптировать под мобильное устройство - переместить слева направо и ограничить размах по факту 3, добавить дополнительный пункт (возможность Добавить еще адрес) + мобильном приложении (до 10 адреса скрин ) 4, добавить доп пункта вывода информации - контейнер для дополнительной информации размещение фото, текст, html – код (можно изменить действующий код скрин. ) 5, убрать обязательств регистрации перед заказом - при заказе обязательно только смс авторизация без переадресации 6, заменить смс провайдера (для смс верификации) - с текущего оператора на другой 7, обновление в .apk + обновить версию м/п 8, обновление информацию

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    Hye, I need content writer to write some content for a website. First, I need to tell you that we want talent, not experience. So, Freshers are also welcome. This is a long-term project. Before joining our project we want you to give a test of 250 words. These are some information of test and project rate. So, please read...grammar mistake then you will be hired for our project. For price:- • Per word price is 0.05, but when you fit in our job perfectly the price will be increased. • We pay your content only when your content will be plagiarism-free, 100% unique, well researched, and no grammar mistake. • Payment will be after the 12th day of work. And also we need articles on the provided time. Please mention "1111" on your bid to describe that you ...

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    "Quill" Editor in Angular Завершено left

    I need to implement a Quill Editor in Angular and get it worked with giving a SPAN tag along with a class. So, the user is able to put HTML tag in the editor... Description: There should be a button at the top of the editor so when a user click on it, then the SPAN tag along with the class shou...button at the top of the editor so when a user click on it, then the SPAN tag along with the class should be inserted into the Quill Editor. Let's say if the user clicked on the button twice, then the SPAN tag should be added to the right. Please note the output of the editor should be something like : <span class="myClass">Value</span> e.g. Please provide your work in my Stackblitz project : Note:

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    website-1111 Завершено left

    starting website with joomla for the project called website-1111

    $239 (Avg Bid)
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    assembly language -- 2 Завершено left

    ...Slide-48 and Slide-49 of Lecture-9 (I have explained and traced this solution in classroom). For example: If EBX contains 1111 1110 0000 0001 1100 1000 0011 0111, then the procedure HexOutput should display the hexadecimal string “FE01C837h”; note: make sure that character ‘h’ is displayed at the end. 2. Write a procedure called HexInput that loads the register EAX with the numerical value of the hexadecimal string entered at the keyboard. See the algorithm’s pseudocode in Slide-52 of Chap_06 (Lecture-9). A full solution for the binary case (BinInput) also appears in Slide-50 of Lecture-9 (I have explained and traced this solution in classroom). For example: EAX is loaded with 1111 1110 0000 0001 1100 1000 0011 0111, when the procedure HexInpu...

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    logo for DR office Завершено left

    I want a verry simple logo for a doctor like a gift to put it in the wall behind him in the office The doctor his major is heart so i need something for him with the name of the doctor If you can make it for 5 dollars only....write: 1111

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    PICK LIST WOO COMMERCE Завершено left

    Need a picklist created for our woocommerce system 1. Click the drop down & choose the ones needed then click "Create pick list" then apply 2. It will create & open a PDF to download the pick sheet which it would look like this It will group all SKU's together so if there is 5 items with the SKU 1111 it will say QTY Required 5 It will start from the lowest location to the highest location. We have location saved in each product here

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    Industria: Hotelera Gestionar automáticamente los Convenios Locales y Convenios y Agencias Minoristas (convenios sin vigencia) de acuerdo con niveles de producción de cuartos noche y acceder a tarifas más bajas de acuerdo con su nivel de producción de cuartos noche. La producción que cuartos noche se gestiona con una matriz de tarifas que dependen de la tarifa publica (1111) y que disminuye el precio de acuerdo con el aumento de la producción de cuartos noche. El nivel de descuento y producción deberá ser parametrizable. Los convenios locales participan con el 14% de los CN a nivel cadena, con este modelo de tarifa se pretende potencializar y facilitar la gestión en los hoteles. Adicional se pretende que con esta plataf...

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    ...possible forward jump? Ans: Problem 6 [5 points] Determine whether the following is TRUE/FALSE. a. Assembly language is a high-level language (i.e., similar to Java/C). F b. Assembly language is a good choice for writing device driver code or code for embedded systems. c. In 2’s complement system, there are two different representations of zero. d. The largest positive number in 8-bit system is 1111 1111. e. EAX serves as loop counter. Problem 7 [5 points] Write an assembly program that computes the expression: varD = -varA + (varB + varC). Fill in the code segment. You may only use ADD, MOV, and NEG instructions. .data varA byte 10 varB byte 20 varC byte 30 varD byte ? .code 1) What will be the value in EDX after each of the lines marked (a) and (b) exe...

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    vps chek machine and the fixed probleme the fixed all problem domain /// CHEK ,,,ERROR LOG !!!!!!! 1/Resource: Virtual Memory Size Exceeded: 593 > 512 (MB) Executable: /opt/cpanel/ea-php74/root/usr/sbin/php-fpm Command Line: php-fpm: pool PID: 6781 (Parent PID:1213) ///// 2/Account: cpanel-ccs Resource: Proces...Command Line: CalendarServer 9.2.a+fbd0e11675cc0f64a425581b5c8398cc1e09cb6a [Slave #2] PID: 1393 (Parent PID:1111) Killed: ...

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    Find Me 1111 Завершено left

    An app to put up photos and description of the missing person. People within 100 miles of missing person gets a notification. And specific location of missing individual and if phone has app it can give location of individual.

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    ...the array. Since I have four banks ( in this example , in real life it is 16 presently and am trying to go 32 )..there can be 16 possible values here , 0000 = 0 KVAR 0001 = 2 KVAR 0010 = 4 KVAR 0011 = 6 KVAR 0100 = 7.5 KVAR 0101 = 9.5 KVAR 0110 = 11.5 KVAR 0111 = 13.5 KVAR 1000 = 10 KVAR 1001 = 12 KVAR 1010 = 14 KVAR 1011 = 16 KVAR 1100 = 17.5 KVAR 1101 = 19.5 KVAR 1110 = 21.5 KVAR and finally 1111 = 23.5 KVAR As the loop goes around 16 times , I add up the values in the array whose bit is 1 and then , as the values are generated , store the difference between generated value and target value ( i.e. 7.0 ) . If the new difference generated is lower than the one in the previous iteration of the loop , I store that in the variable lowest_ difference and also the iteration which...

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    5. I need to develop following software with Start and Stop button on which click the JSON data send to the localhost:1111/api/NALE/NTG-01/ address and stop sending when click on STOP button

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    Trophy icon LP Marquis Signage Design Завершено left

    LP Design Scope: Design shopping center marquis signage. Please focus on the font design and numbers. The shopping center is called ‘LOBDELL PLAZA’ and the sign should read that. The ‘1111’ is a component of the address and should be incorporate, preferably centered and on top of. Please consider using a design that will make the letters standout. If you’re envisioning something with color, I am open to the following colors: Black, Gold, White, Gray, Silver. Feel free to be as creative as you’d like. Please design a logo (and signage) that will fit within the rectangular structure. There is also an alternative design option, too. See the attached PDF for details and a visual of how the sign will be constructed. Thank you!

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    Odoo V13 Dental Module Завершено left

    The project is in odoo V13, should be a web module. If you are interested CHAT me!!! or whatsapp (593) 0995314603 I need a tooth chart graphic in a odoo form view. It should include all teeth clickable and you can record some actions/ treatments per teeth. ======= IMPORTANT, LOOK THIS VIDEO ========================= https://www.youtube.c...the patient, the teeth graph shall be loaded. The list of treatment shall be listed in the end of the form view and you can select the teeth to add nez treatment (wizard to add the treatment ) and you can save. At a button "create quotation" or " validate treatment" Other references : 1- 2- 3-

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