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    Hi everyone I need the piano MIDI file for the song We are the Champions (Queen). The sheet music can be found in [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] You can see the notes in the preview mode. I want to open the MIDI file in Synthesia, with support for both left and right hand, as well as the sheet music (PDF). The freelancer with the cheapest bid and lowest deliver time will be awarded.

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    There is a project. Aim goal is to drive linear actuator simulatenously. Arduino Uno or mega is used. Actuators drive by using VNH5019 Pololu motor driver. I added linear actuators specifications on attached document. Linear actuators dont work simulatenously. We need to synchronize two linear actuators.I can talked about for more details. I need help to achieve synchronization.

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    Hardware y software pudiendo ser arduino raspberry Electrónica aplicada a la productividad

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    Electrical and Electronics Design Engineer. PCB Designer... Experience in as follows. • Hardware and PCB design. • Microcontroller, Arduino, Raspberry • Different kind of sensor boards, reference design • Breakout boards, shields • IoT Devices. • Complete Data sheets, With 3d or CAD The applicant will require some knowledge: C programming

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    Electronic nose Завершено left

    Electronic nose detector • Array of 4 sensors with LED lights connected to each sensor sensing the smoke or alcohol and its direction of approach. • Using MQ 5, MQ 135 or any other similar sensor which can detect. What we need? • A clear circuit schematic and their connections in Multisim with all the components with the values. • Arduino Uno coding. • We want to build th...

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    I want to be able to trigger an Arduino using a finger touch switch, i.e. a circuit that is completed when a person's finger bridges to contacts. I found this circuit online and got it working perfectly with a 9V battery: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] I need help adapting this circuit diagram so that I can connect it to an analog input on an Arduino. Requirements: * Circuit diagram based...

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    Weiba Relay Module Communication Завершено left

    I need a code to communicate Arduino and Weiba Relay Module, using RS485.c library. There is a Chinese version of the protocol in the following page: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] However, I don’t have any more details regarding the protocol. ONLY EXPERIENCED, PLEASE. Interface used is RS485. Please do not make an offer if you didn’t use this module before. It’s not that simple...

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    Hello, I am gonna to make Circuit , PCB design and Arduino code for it. we can discuss in details on chat. Only expert can bid on this project.

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    Simple Arduino RPM Switch Завершено left

    Dear Sir Can you please give me a quote for Arduino project? I need 3 rpm limit tresholds to controol speed of a shaft shaft When the shaft reaches 180 RPM green led lights When the shaft reaches 200 RPM red led lights When the shaft reaches 220 Rpm blue lights The above Rpm linits should be changeable, The shaft Rpm sensor will be a proximity sensor Please include wireing diagram. ...

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    Hex to dec in Javascript Завершено left

    Hello, I need a short code in JavaScript for transform Hex to Dec as the picture shows (4 digits), but only take the numbers in the rectangule . The example is like this : function Decoder(bytes, port) { var X1 = (bytes[2]<<8) | bytes[3]; return { 'X1' : X1, } }

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    Custom Scratch 3.0 Завершено left

    Hello everyone, We are looking for someone to develop custom Scratch 3.0 ([войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]) that can connect to Arduino via USB. Requirement: * Connect to Arduino and apply the commands directly. * Users can run the Arduino code offline (Upload the Arduino code). * Custom extension for Arduino. Wish you all the best :)

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    Browser Plugin for google chrome Завершено left

    The browser plugin must be used to allow interfacing with physical device controller console game buttons, the plugin has to accept commands from hand-held controller,, and the plugin send them to a third party virtual GUI controller on an open broswer, yet I do not know if this would be possible as the browser uses an IP address to connect to an FTP server where the GUI controller on the broswe...

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    mCalibration Завершено left

    One of the startup company that I am advising is looking for hardware/ firmware engineer to do some product development works on part time or freelance basis. The person needs to be very familiar Arduino and/or Rasberry Pi family of module and development platform. This project is to develop an automated gas calibration system based on Arduino or Rasberry Pi board and communicate with the gas mon...

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    nrf52832 python programming Завершено left

    I have original arduino programming and IAR firmware. need to reprogram with python. I am using BMD-350.

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    arduino base solar tracking system Завершено left

    Required Components: Servo Motor (sg90) Solar panel Arduino Uno LDR’s X 2 (Light Dependent Resistor) 10K resistors X 2 Battery (6 to 12V) How it Works: In this project, LDR’s are working as light detectors. Before we go into detail, we will have to understand how the LDR’s work. LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) also known as photo resistor is the light sensitive device. Its resi...

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    I would like circuit designed to generate four square wave signals ( A and B) (C and D). It should be able to handle the attached situations where 'A leads B' and where 'B leads A' (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO) . It should ALSO be able to handle the attached situations where 'C leads D' and where 'D leads C' (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO) . The waves must always lead or lag ...

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    I need Arduino program for ESP32 to MCP3551 ADC communication on SPI.. Pins used on my board are: CS ---> GPIO21 SCK ---> V_CLK SDO/RDY ----> V_MISO

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    arduino programmer Завершено left

    esp8266 nodemcu programming to control a servo/stepper motor for IoT interior shutters. want to connect to Smarthings HUB at a minimum.

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    Accounting Завершено left

    KIDS AGE CHILDREN NATIONAL NEWSPAPER The Kids Age Newspaper is an innovative educational concept for the students of Indian schools. It is an activity based newspaper that draws kids attention towards the essential knowledge through the medium of images, stories, puzzles and other innovative techniques like glow-in- the-dark, spy-decoder and 3D optical mediums, due to which kids get attracted t...

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    Project for George R. Завершено left

    Hi Greusser, we were referred to you from Galen from Envisions Sound a year ago when we met him at a NAMM show. My startup team and I have been looking for another hardware engineer, someone with experience, who could help develop our new MIDI controllers for various controls using acceleration, gyroscopic and touch control. We have all the hardware in place (our own designed PCB using Nordic) an...

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    Transponder key reader Завершено left

    An arduino device with rfid reader that can read transponder key chip signal Similar to this device [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Only the read part no need the writing back to the key

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    iOS Bluetooth App Завершено left

    Looking for help to build a simple Bluetooth application to communicate with Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices. Existing projects on git or in books fail to function out of the box. Ideal candidate would mentor on iOS debug techniques and root cause the existing design. Swift

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    Hello I am a hobby model train electronics craftsman, because the Arduino Mega offers me too few resources I would like to port my project to the Arduino DUE. Unfortunately, I do not have the know how to change the Xpressnet Library to this type of processor. That's why I want to forgive. I wold prefer an Hardware Serial (USART) solution, if this is possible with arduino. The library in ques...

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    JYMS Domotica Завершено left

    We are a small team wich is developing small modules for home automation. We need a developer who can build a web-socket server using node.js. Each module, now using ESP01 with <ESP8266WebServer.h> (arduino library) has to comunicate with the web-socket server and send some simple data as local ip, then the server update the module if a change is made.

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    The web is full with project about automation for greenhouses, growboxes and similar topic. I am looking for a reliable, professional solution, a working project to improve my products. (greenhouses, terraristic, growboxes).

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    I need Arduino code to fly my drone using EEG signal. I want to run my drone using eeg but not sure how. I have all the diagram. i cannot write the coding to fly the drone using thee eeg signal so I need help Please bid only if you can do and youre ready to start now. JUST THE CODE IS NEEDED

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    Firmware and Tuya Integration Завершено left

    We have designed an LED lighting product. We would like to integrate Tuya Smart controller and app into our solution. We don't currently have the in-house technical expertise to integrate Tuya with our PCBA, so I'm looking for someone who has experience with Tuya's platform. Candidate will receive working PCBA for test and development. · Establish and maintain connect...

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    Arduino Expert Required Завершено left

    I have different task related to Arduino. The details wil be shared in inbox.

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    Arduino Coding - EEG Завершено left

    Control Robotic using EEG with Arduino Based in real time.

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    Help with Arduino Coding Завершено left

    Hi, Kindly read the message below and also the word document file before sending a proposal. I am making a project and have different sensors and modules connected to Arduino Board. I have worked out the codes for each component (Which needs a bit changes) and now I need help to merge the codes together as one file and the things which are missing. You might need to make changes in individual p...

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    pulsera arduino o rasperry pi Завершено left

    Necesito desarrollar una pulsera con arduino o rasperry py capaz de medir el recorrido de esta, la velocidad y la aceleración y que envíe los datos a una plataforma (ya desarrollada en mean stack). Digamos que tendría que funcionar como un encoder lineal para que pudiera medir recorrido, velocidad y aceleración en cada movimiento realizado.

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    PABX Call Recording Software Завершено left

    A renowned organization is interested to work with freelance developers that have previous working experience with C / C++ and JAVA Web Development. We would be working together for a time period of six (6) months, during this time any required information (regarding the projects) shall be shared with the developer. The project we will be working on is a Call Recording Software (Compatibility with...

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    Medidor de umidade e impureza Завершено left

    Preciso de um programador urgente Para desenvolver software com comunicação serial do Arduino, utilizando sensor DHT22 e célula de carga O software vai receber os dados do Arduino e fazer cálculos com esses dados

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    Arduino Coding Завершено left

    Control Robotic using EEG with Arduino Based in real time.

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    small electronic device Завершено left

    Developing small electronic device. Need help in counting energy consumption of device, choosing correct and best parts, like , pressure sensor, switcher, controller of Arduino or dialer, wi-fi module, power bank, solar panel etc . , draw the scheme and prepare it for manufacturing. Device must sense the pressure of surface and send text message or e-mail to 5 phones, over wi-fi

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    I am getting continuously fail to initialize the sd card. So only bid if you had worked on it and solved this earlier. I am also expert in arduino so please dont waste my time if you are begineers. my fixed cost is 500INR

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    for my research, I want a code and hardware for automatic moving to segway(two-wheeled balancing robot) and automatic pick and place 3DOF robotic arm. the segway and a robotic arm will work on the Arduino basis and detect the bottle using camera works on raspberry pi. The robot will be like the robotic arm that will place on the segway (two-wheeled balancing robot). the robot will move automatical...

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    Sala de escape Завершено left

    Buscamos gente especializada en programación de plaqueta arduino

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    Cargador de baterias Завершено left

    Quiero hacer un cargador de baterias solar. Las baterias deben ser de 12v con 1Amp para alimentar arduino o similar. La idea es no depender de la corriente electrica.

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    Project for Sandu A. Завершено left

    .Salut . Am gasit profilul tau pe site cu specificatia cum ca esti pasionat de Arduino. Doresc sa dezvolt o interfata touch screen pentru o spalatorie auto cu jetoane, tin sa precizez ca detin instalatia pentru spalatorie doar ca doresc sa i fac un upgrade. Am gasit pe internet un exemplu de interfata touch si doresc sa stiu in ce masura se poate realiza si implementa aceasta interfata la spalator...

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    Project for Sorin-Iulian T. Завершено left

    Salut Sorin. Am gasit profilul tau pe site cu specificatia cum ca esti pasionat de Arduino. Doresc sa dezvolt o interfata touch screen pentru o spalatorie auto cu jetoane, tin sa precizez ca detin instalatia pentru spalatorie doar ca doresc sa i fac un upgrade. Am gasit pe internet un exemplu de interfata touch si doresc sa stiu in ce masura se poate realiza si implementa aceasta interfata la spal...

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    Build bluetooth app on IOS Завершено left

    Can you do an app with bluetooth for ios? I need connectivity to a peice of hardware. Do you know arduino please check my link for more details.i don't have design so show me some of design which is suitable for my app. only professionals to bid and don't waste my time.

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    I need an arduino sketch that is a stopwatch, it will send current time by udp at 250ms rate. Stopwatch needs to have resolution of 10ms. 3 buttons, start/stop, lap & reset UDP packet will look like this: [0100]13.56 (Current total time 13.56s, arduino will send this every 250ms) [0101]15.88 (Lap 1 time, sent when the lap button is pressed) [0102]15.77 (Lap 2 time, sent when the lap button i...

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    Arduino dijital pusula Завершено left

    Arduino platformunda mpu9265 sensörü ile veya başka bir sensör ile eğimden etkilenmeyen dijital pusula kodlarını yazdırmak istiyorum.

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    Need Arduino UNO complete code to program the board to play sound alternate sound files periodically and for a certain time frame. For example, play the sound file for 15 seconds at the beginning of every hour from 7am to 7pm. The code should be flexible so these times can be easily adjusted. The Arduino hardware such as the Arduino Uno board, sensors, speaker, etc. may be provided if programme...

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    The goal of the project is to control our IRD1345 satellite decoder, from a Q-SYS User Control Interface (UCI) Background : We have an IRD1345 satellite decoder in a small fotball pub! The WEB interface for that recover sucks... Therefor we have reverse engineered the actual commands that the decoder is running from its webpage, into curl commands. Everything works fine from Terminal on a Mac...

    $603 (Avg Bid)
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    *****I WILL NOT READ GENERAL COVER LETTERS***** I would like arduino code to generate four square wave signals for four pins ( A and B)(C and D). It should be able to handle the attached situations where 'A leads B' and where 'B leads A' (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO) . It should ALSO be able to handle the attached situations where 'C leads D' and where 'D leads C' (...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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