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    ...programmatic ways to automate different tasks (like posts, follow specific user, etc.) on real android devices. Ideally, the automation tool should run on raspberry pi (or arduino) which is connected (e.g. via USB) to a real android device. We've researched some possible solution where appium seems to be most promising. But in general we are open to

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    Program to be written within the Arduino IDE for a Blue Pill board using the official STM32 core (link at bottom of description). Programming is done via a STLinkv2. Program must use SysTick to create a 1ms interrupt that increments an unsigned 32 bit integer. A function must be written to read the integer value from within the main loop and transmit

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    CNC interface load and run macro Завершено left

    I want to mak...computer. I have 12 different programs (G-CODE) and I just want to press a function button to put it on my CNC. I want to run GUI with Arduino Mega2560+ TFT ILI9486 and send the preload program (G-CODE) to an other card Arduino Uno, it run 3 axis DRIVE with GRBL software. I am open to a simple and easy to modify proposal to add g-code

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    ...account with SRFax which does have a fax api [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] and I have a HP Laserjet MFP M426FDW which supports Apps and does have an internal webserver. I would like to develop an app on the printer to directly fax using SR fax. Settings Account Name: Password: Sending Fax Number : Results Email: Number of Retries:

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    I want to know how to control the Backlight on TFT 2.4 Touch screen. you just have to tell me how i could do it.

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    There is an open source program written in Java called Universal G Code sender. It is used to communicate with an Arduino board that is acting as the control for a CNC machine. My company needs certain changes made to this program that include adding additional user buttons and altering some menus.

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    Arduino Projecr Завершено left

    2 sensors ds18b20 arduino gsm send the temperature2 via sms to my phone from gsm

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    Arduino gsm project Завершено left

    school project arduino-sim900A module gsm- ds18b20 sensor

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    ...design a high pass filter that attenuates frequencies lower than 3Hz. This filter has to be written in C language and it will be implemented in a microprocessor ESP8266 using Arduino software. As result, I need to compare the designed filter with the butterworth highpass filter from scipy (python) (order=5). They need to match in terms of accuracy. Follow

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    Hello Experts ! 1- I have a Get paid to script and its ready to be launched but i have a problem when i wanna launch it on my webhosting server , the database was created and i have upload the .SQL FIle And Do all steps that the programmer of the script told me but still have white background when i run the script i need to fix it + when you done upload the script on A 000webhost free hosting or...

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    ...API so we can do the following:- 1)Ability to enter and store an email address to the Amazon aws webserver for data alerts. 2)Email Alert for any value higher than 0 for Hourly minimum 3)ability to enter and store a 'daily maximum' value to the webserver. 4)Email Alert if daily maximum is exceeded Would like to make the amazon aws webpage a bit more

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    Arduino assembler Завершено left

    Want an Arduino assembler in Greater Noida, India, to assemble operate Arduino based GSM home automation products from time to time, regularly or who can assist to assemble such projects through video conferencing at low cost.

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    robotic project assistant in Izmir Завершено left

    I am located in Izmir, Karsiyaka and working on projects of robotic toys for young children. I need a part time assistant who has experience in arduino and android studio. He can be a student and work from home. Please contact me asap if you wish to work with me.

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    build me an app for android Завершено left

    ...serial communication between arduino and mobile app(that you have to build) using wifi and call the predefined functions in a particular sequence. problem statement two: you need to take valid inputs from the user, i.e. functions to be called in what sequence with parameters; save it and then serially communicate it to the arduino to perform. Looking forward

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    Hi! I need a working sketch in Arduino IDE for uploading sensor data to Amazon AWS from an ESP32 (not ESP8266 !!). The sketch price is fixed to $50, so please do not offer higher budgets because they will not be considered. Thanks! You will need to create an account for me in Amazon AWS, and a table where to upload data from ESP32, aswell as providing

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    Hi! I need a working sketch in Arduino IDE for testing an IPS 1.3" 240x240 display with an ESP32 (not ESP8266 !!). The sketch price is fixed to $50, so please do not offer higher budgets because they will not be considered. Thanks! Display link: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]

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    Modify an Arduino sketch Завершено left

    I have a sketch wich is working fine but need to make a modification on it

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    Ebay Api - import order Завершено left

    into MS-SQL Database - vbscript asp on iis Webserver

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    ...some example Arduino schematics to get inspired: - [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] -> for the ethernet part - [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] -> for the processor part - [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] -> for the relays part Basically the board I have in mind will be kind of a mix between an Arduino Mega, the

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    Arduino Monitoring system Завершено left

    Private user with a Arduino project but not very good in programming. I have done some programming with a ESP DEV board and my design works but not as good as I would like it to be. Short Overview Want to use an IOT cloud based software ( like Blynk) to monitor : Monitor TEmp / Humidity Monitor a contact closure Turn on a led under certain circumstances

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    Are able to design SPI with arduino master and slaves(pic + arduino) using full duplex communication via serial port

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    ...the esp12-master. The esp12 then directs the ardunio to turn-off a solenoid & sends push notification to the app. The arduino also supports an HC-05 module linked to the android app. The simple app can open or close the solenoid. Arduino also uses a manual push button momentary switch to open or close the solenoid. Objectives: Simplification This project

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    $4 / hr Ср. ставка
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    ...command through Arduino C++ code to a slave device over Serial1 then have the master read back the returned values from the slave whenever it sends out a query (for further processing outside the scope of this project) but it should also optionally be able to display the Tx and Rx commands over Serial so it can be reviewed through the Arduino Serial Monitor

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    saya sedang kebingungan dalam membuat rancangan sistem monitoring, project saya ini berfokus hanya kepada seekor tikus sawah saja, nah masalahnya bagaimna untuk menggetahui pergerakkan nya melalui sebuah sensor, dan ada sebuah notifikasi ke dalam sebuah mobile, dan speaker sebagai gelombang untuk mengusir tikus tersebut, ada yang mau bantu saya??? terima kasih ditunggu secepatnya, [Removed by Admi...

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    Arduino code to start/stop/overdub Завершено left

    I need someone to write the code for a midi foot controller. The switch needs to start recording a loop/stop that recording/overdub the loop. I also need the code for a different switch to stop the loop/clear the loop

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    Arduino Expert required Завершено left

    I have a task related to Arduino, Write a driver for arduino for ROHM BU97950AFUV LCD Driver. I have written some code Im getting a response from the lcd controller however its not displaying

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    From the provided datasheet write a 1/8 generic driver for a ROHM BU97950AFUV to setup for either 3.3v or 5v supply.A class library where a graphic is in memory array and can be displayed in a similar manor used to drive common Nokia 84x84 displays The BU97950AFUV is responding and accepting this sketch however It is not displaying and needs the configuration to be set correctly from the attached...

    $134 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, i am looking for a linux webserver administrator for coaching me for several month. I have a basic knowlegde of webservers, and i setup them by myself. I use ISPConfig and Ubuntu 18.04 Linux. The coaching will include: - find problems in logfiles - find problems in security - solve email problems - solve SSL certificate problems - check backup

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    An arduino module interfaced with gas sensors with gsm module that sends sensor data to a cloud repository and receives instructions based on the readings, preferably using JavaScript and server-client capabilities.

    $83 (Avg Bid)
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    Arduino Uno/Mega or ESP32 w/Ethernet sketch for monitoring up to 16 devices with relays on LAN using3 methods: 1- IP ping; 2- AJAX response URL; 3- MQTT subscribe to topiks. The status of each monitored device must be displayed by switching respective LED- Red- OFF/NO RESPONSE, GREEN LED- STATUS OK, The 8 bi-color leds are connected to 2 Shift Register

    $260 (Avg Bid)
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    20 ставки

    Need an ios/android inventory app with user login/pass. that will be connected to mysql database (local hosted or on shared webserver), that can add items to database, generate qr/barcode for that items, also scan qr/barcodes from phone camera ( or usb scanner) and display data about scanned item from mysql database. Also need a desktop back-end with

    $729 (Avg Bid)
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    ...that the URL remain like they are. The project should be finalized quiet fast. We will define daily milestones to keep the progress on track. Work must be done on our webserver as we don't want to face any kind of surprises after the migration. We will do two payment - 80% of the budget after the relaunch, 20% after the one week flawless work of

    $488 (Avg Bid)
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    ARDUINO BASE PROJECTS Завершено left


    $96 (Avg Bid)
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    Se vor folosi module ARDUINO, in functie de resursele necesare. Module de achizitie de temperatura, ceas de timp real, card SD memorie, imprimanta RS 232.

    $907 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello. I just need to change an Arduino code. I have already one and it works good but it need to be improved. I will change it because my 2DOF Motion Simulator works right now with pot and I will change it to rotary encoder including opto sensors. And still one small issue. But for someone who knows C++ it should be not that difficult. You also should

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    CIRCUITO LED Завершено left


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    Single Encoder Midi Controller Завершено left

    I need a simple midi controller based on a US Digital S1-512-B rotary encoder. The controller n...higher the number. It needs to be most sensitive in the slow rotation range. Because of the low resistance of the encoder it can turn very fast. This could be done with an arduino but doesn't have to. The encoder needs +5v. I don't need any type of case.

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    PHP Website translated pages Завершено left

    I have a small PHP website - about 10 pages that I need to 1) add in a language choice in the header (EN / FR) 2) create duplicates of each page with the French language...to insert Milestones: -demonstrate functioning site with language selection on your server -deliver the updated PHP pages (English and French) -successful upload to our webserver

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    Building Lora Test Network Завершено left

    Hi, I have sx1276, arduino uno and dragino lp01 P gateway. I need online help to handle some issues.

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    ...air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, CO2 (dioxyde), VOD, visible light intensity (even UV if possible). Sensors must be SMD type and must communicate to the MCU(arduino like/ESP8266/raspberry) via I2C so that an user can chain more than a such PCB on the same MCU pins. Components can be cheap but reliable. Connector on the PCB has to be JST

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    ESP32 mp3 player 2 Завершено left

    I want to have an android based app where I can send mp3 files via wifi from my phone to an arduino based gadget with an esp32 module and make the esp32 play it. I don't want to use a separate mp3 card, everything must be done within the esp32. The MP3 files must be in the phone and sent to ESP32. If you already have the solution please bid.

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    Hi, I need a analog gps clock with Arduino. Arduino Nano, NEO-6M GPS Module and DMD P10 (Dot Matrix Display). Those are the components. I attached the Display Picture Given Below.

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    A small project for Arduino platform including control of stepper motor, Oled display, rotary encoder, I/0 triggers and a simple menu system. Short, a smal system for feeding wire with some precise control. External trigger will start a cycle to feed a wire based on some settings i the local program. 16 different programs to choose between from

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    Looking for an electrical and electronics engineer having great experience in arduino coding and proteus simulation and can make a Good report for a project A little part of report is done and need to do remaining part and finish it

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    arduino fire alarm Завершено left

    firm alarm using arduino...so sensitive against fire and smoke

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