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    Предоставлю размеры тумбы на колесиках, с описанием расположенного внутри оборудования. Нужно получить - Реалистичное изображение с открытыми (видно оборудование внутри) и закрытыми дверцам. - В...полки свои двустворчатые дверцы. У двух нижних полок – общие двустворчатые дверцы. На верхней полке ИБП Пример, но не 100% соответствие На двух нижних 20 аккумуляторов – по 10 штук на каждой, в два ряда по 5 Пример, но не 100% соответствие

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    Hello! I have a device with USB ports for charging. I need my Arduino Pro Mini to detect if one of the ports is using for charging (Charging right now or not). Scheme of the ports in the picture. I hope the decision will be cheap. I need the scheme and the components.

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    Перевести в вектор Завершено left

    Проект предназначен для поиска дизайнера для постоянной работы (сначала загрузка будет небольшой - около 1 проекта, как в данном задании, в неделю, потом, возможно, больше). Необходимо перевести картинку в вектор, несколько изменив внешний вид рисунков. Сделайте лучшее и красивее на ваш вкус :-) We are looking for a designer for permanent work (at first the charging will be small - about 1 project a week, as in this assignment, then, perhaps, more). It is necessary to make the raster to vector, slightly changing the appearance of the drawings. Make the best and more beautiful for your taste :-)

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    Statement of work: The development of plug-in for calculating and charging fees partnership with the possibility of issuing the required number of levels: Functionality:   The possibility of exhibiting in the plugin settings (on the server): 1) Groups - the Group's customers, which are covered by a plug. 2) Symbols - Trading Instruments, to which the plug-in. 3) Tier 1 - Percentage of agency fees paid to agents of the first level. 4) Tier 2 - Percentage of agency fees paid to agents of the second level. In a similar way it can be listed affiliate fees for an unlimited number of levels.  Integration with Web office.  Visual display of the current list of partners and information about charges (volume) at each level.

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    Съёмка рекламного ролика нового девайса Необходимо снять рекламный ролик устройства Примеры: С другими примерами возможно ознакомиться здесь: В видео, продолжительностью 2,5-3 минуты необходимо рассказать об устройстве, показать его внешне, принцип его работы, чем оно может помочь пользователю в повседневной жизни. У нас есть: 1. Описание продукта, его технические характеристики 2. Сам продукт

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    The defendant closed down his LLC and disappeared so the judge entered Default against his LLC. Now I need to get the court to sign a judgment and then I will need help getting the judge to issue a charging order so that he can pay me. Thanks.

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    Sketchup expert - 637 Battery 6 дней(-я) left

    I'm buying a condo on 2/14 and need to create a floor plan with SketchUp of the renovated design. I have SketchUp myself but don't know how to use it.

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    I need to get a charging order against a fool that owns an PLLC in Arizona (Phoenix). This is in justice court (Maricopa County). I have had a judgment against his PLLC since 2016 but I need to be able to collect it from him personally because he refuses to make any payments on it, whatsoever. Please advise if you can do this. I will have another one to complete within a few months, if you are able to do this one successfully. Let me know if you've done one before successfully. Let's work together! Thank you.

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    I need to build a prototype with Arduino Nano of a multiple video night vision and pir sensors transmitting to a receiver with a High definiti...the code for the transmitter and the one for the receiver and the stl file for the 3D printing of the trasmetter and the receiver containers. The transmitter container should be as small as possible, considering it needs to support a small battery and transmit to long distance with the best quality as possible. Mini usb rechargeable and mini solar panel included to recharge. The receiver should be as thin as possible and it should have a thin battery both transmitter and receiver batteries should be mini usb rechargeable with the indicator of the battery life. The scope of the project is for 4 video pir transmitters and 1 ...

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    proyek sepeda listrik 4 дней(-я) left

    ...pabrikan motor listrik harusnya menaruh perhatian pada ketakutan-ketakutan tersebut. Sehingga, kepercayaan konsumen terhadap tunggangan elektrik bisa lebih meningkat. "Model motor listrik sekarang sudah sesuai minat konsumen di Indonesia, tapi orang mungkin belum percaya sama durabilitas dan safety-nya. Yang jadi masalah sebenarnya orang belum percaya sama reliability, durability dan itu tadi, charging-nya bagaimana," ungkapnya. An employee works at the assembly line of an electric motorcycle at the United E-Motor factory in Bogor, near Jakarta, Indonesia, August 25, 2022. REUTERS/Ajeng Dinar UlfianaProses perakitan motor listrik. Foto: REUTERS/AJENG DINAR ULFIANA Lebih jauh, Agus beranggapan, masyarakat Indonesia punya satu kebiasaan unik sebelum membeli kendaraan, y...

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    3D Product Design 3 дней(-я) left

    Please create a detailed 3D model of a device that includes a Raspberry Pi HQ Camera, a Li-Ion Battery (MS-18650), a Raspberry Pi 4, and a 5-inch LCD Touchscreen. Also, create the wiring diagram to show how the components are connected. Ensure that the dimensions of the model match the specifications of the components, including the size and placement of the camera, the battery, the Raspberry Pi 4, and the LCD Touchscreen. The model should also accurately depict the connections and interfaces of the components. I expect this task to take approximately one week to complete. During this time, I expect you to work diligently to create an accurate and detailed model and wiring diagram. Please let me know if you encounter any issues or if you need more time to complete the task.

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    Portable Power Supply 2 дней(-я) left

    I am currently developing a battery powered DC variable power supply and I need a PCB created to control it. I would need it to have a buck boost circuit that could do 0vdc-60vdc @5amps as well have a current limiting feature for testing equipment, etc. & perhaps digipots to control the output voltage and current limiting digitally through the menu. I also will be using a TFT LCD to display a menu & to show voltages & current draw, so using an STM32 to drive & control all the logic would be preferable. Im not sure which batteries would be best to use in this so achieve the desired power outputs that I want so perhaps you may have some suggestions for batteries but for whichever batteries it would need a BMS and all protections as well with a USB C recharging circuit...

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    simple website improvements 2 дней(-я) left

    ->Filter by city(field "city") -->Filter by availability -->When zooming out, only the charging station number appears and when zooming in, more start to appear (I can explain with examples) -->Use the NearBy(Availability + plug type) function to search for the nearest gas station. -->Change the way the nav is organized

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    ...with the high-Def picture of energy/sustainability to be mutually agreed upon) + Name of the Company +LOGO. 2. About Us / Who we are 3. Core Values and Strengths 4. Our Team 5. Renewables / Solar Energy Solutions 6. Solar Leasing Page--- subpage of page 5 7. Solar Capex Page---subpage of page 5 8. Solar Benches-Parks and Scenic Spots 9. Hydrogen & its utilization- The fuel of the future 10. EV Charging Stations 11. Hybrid Solar Farms (Synchronized with Electricity producing Gas Turbines) 12. Energy Storage Solutions (Reliable Batteries for Premium and Renewable Solutions) 13. Energy Audits and Optimization 14. AMC and O&M Services 15. Industry Accreditations & Accolades 16. Our Clients and References 17. Our Energy Partners 18. Knowledge and Research Partners ( IRENA...

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    Simple circuit for a Arduino 2 дней(-я) left

    I would need Simple circuit design that does the following 2 tasks for a 5V arduino pro mini 1. Power the Arduino (5V) from a car Battery (12-16V) including protection circuit. The Arduino should keep Power for about 5 seconds after the Battery power is switched off 2. Take a 12-16 V square wave and reduce it to a 5V Square wave via a opto coupler so it can be used with a digital input I don't need a PCB Layout

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    piezo controlled by app 2 дней(-я) left

    4 flat piezos connected to a PCB, Qi rechargeable battery, bluetooth controlled by an app (app is for piezo vibration amplitude adjustment).

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    Project for Dionisio M. 5 дней(-я) left

    The objective of the project is to propose a charging station recognition system in python (with raspbery or open cv) using image processing in a semi-autonomous robot equipped with a camera. ------------- Yes , in fact I want to do a system that will recognize a charging station in real time with a camera so I want to do it with open cv , then put it in the raspberry PI

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    Trophy icon Tapper Device 2 дней(-я) left

    I need an invention of an item that I can 3D print into stainless steel that can fit into somebodies mouth in a sleek fashion and deliver 10ncm of force in a perpendicular direction. The tool should be about the shape of an "L" imagine the long arm to be like a handle and short part to be the part the force is delivered from. It should be able to be held in the mout...somebodies mouth in a sleek fashion and deliver 10ncm of force in a perpendicular direction. The tool should be about the shape of an "L" imagine the long arm to be like a handle and short part to be the part the force is delivered from. It should be able to be held in the mouth and when a button is clicked the force is released. It needs to be comfortable to the holder as well as not requiring a batter...

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    Circuit should be of 4inch by 3inch with memory card (memory card cannot be there should not be any slot ) Feature of wifi and bluetooth. power supply 3.7v 3200mah rechargeable battery, TFT and endoscope camera. TFT comes with 54 pin details will be shared and camera comes with 4 wire selection of microcontroller should be affordable endoscope camera should be used for streaming live video. endoscope camera(camera comes with its own module ), no need to develop extra components for it . camera should be drag outside with wire away from the pcb (length of the wire will be of 8 inch). there will be on/off button ,backward and forward button, wifi button. programming required for running the TFT, company logo when we start the screen 2. Low battery indicator...

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    Electric Scooter Flutter App for Android and iOS 1 день left

    ...or google maps api integrated. There should be SMS and Email API integrated. App should show results of our different dealers or scooters options offered by our company. Suppose, user is using our app in Jharkhand, then app will show them bike scooters available on that pincode on top. You will have to list products and Infront of every bike scooter, app should show different options of battery, fast charger, finance, discount available on that vehicle, colors options, variant, motor specifications, insurance, warranty etc. User who will take our vehicle on rent, they will have select subscription plan and make advance payment. You will have to make a feature of subscription renewal, reminders for rent model of Scooters. There should be two panels. Admin panel on web php...

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    Looking for electrical engineer having knowledge of batteries and procedure of UL certification. candidate should have knowledge of battery safety standard required for UL certification. More details will be provided on chat.

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    Added scaling for particle TRS matrix. Add motion blur to particle system. Discuss strategies of optimization for the AE plug-in. Started at 21:10 ended at 1:10 meaning 4h spent but spent a bit of time talking or not doing anything so charging for 3h30. 3.5x12 == 42

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    I want a PCB, that would include 2 sensor connection with raspberry pi+GPS module+Battery.

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    We need some short sound recordings made for automated product that informs the user of battery level and some other warnings - there will be about 12-15 short messages needed, spoken in English. MP3 format.

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    Hi A tracking device is sending data to a server and the goal is to take some datas (GPS, Battery level etc ...) and send it to a third party server in order to be displayed in customer front end. List of components to be developped: API connection to manage power consumption vs GPS points API connection to retrieve location data + battery status Configuration Add-in for : GPS position frequency vs battery level / theft / device activity Button(s) in a portal to report a stolen device Map Menu + Device Page ○ Single Device: Live position, historical position ○ Multiple/All Devices: Live position specific Watchdog Report + Troubleshooting integration “When will next position arrive” status (Map, Report) On demand button for retrieving device location

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    Help with building a very simple ESP32 delivery robot 11 часов(-а) left

    ...light off Headlight on Headlight off Taillight on Taillight off Speed Limit Alarm on Alarm off Record video front and rear cameras Take picture front and rear cameras Vehicle power off Vehicle power on I have already selected the following components:   Motor: 24V 300RPM DC Brushless Planetary Gear Motor with Adjustable Speed Reversible With Brake And Current Overload Protection   Battery: LI-ION BATTERY PACK 36VDC 27900mAh/10044Wh NEE1009-W 10INR19/66-9 Camera: ESP32-CAM module   I am open to using the Arduino IDE for programming the robot, and I have a basic code written using the Arduino IDE.  The code is in the file that I’ve uploaded and I am looking for someone who can find all the components and parts I need to build and program the robot...

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    Hello, we need a complete PCB design and component selection. for a camera battery charger. there will be 3 Batteries of Sony camera see image for details. Device should have display to show charging percentage of each battery. we need a professional person for this project.

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    Build me a circuit with Ldr sensor for streaming audio(microphone) via esp 32, power supply will be through 3.7v rechargrable battery 1000 mah, start with push button and one jack for earphone.

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    Build me an embedded system Завершено left

    This project is to design and build an embedded system comprising battery management ICs, cell balancing, RFID reader/writer, GPS and all connecting to a central management server.

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    ...multitasking, and improved battery life. Another key feature of the iPhone 14 is its 5G capabilities. The device is compatible with both sub-6GHz and mm Wave 5G networks, providing faster internet speeds and more reliable connections. This means that you can stream videos, play games, and download content at lightning-fast speeds. Overall, the iPhone 14 is a powerful, feature-rich device that offers a premium user experience. With its stunning design, advanced camera system, and cutting-edge technology, it is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-performance smartphone. Key Features Display: 6.7 inches (17.00 cm) OLED Display Memory: 1TB ROM Processor: A16 Bionic Chip, Hexa Core Camera: 48 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP Triple Rear & 12 MP Front Camera Battery: Qi Wireles...

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    Need a livestock sketch artist Завершено left

    Need a logo made. A sketch of a bull, twisting his body, with his head down, charging a dog. The dog, head low to the ground, charging the bull. We would like the bull on the left, the dog on the right. Both twisting/turning towards each other. Dirt/dust flying up from their hooves/feet as they grab for traction. Looking fierce, muscles bulging. We want this to look powerful and real. Attached are pictures similar to what we are looking for. The sketch picture of the big powerful bull is the type of sketch we would like the logo to look like. The other pictures are just an idea of how we would like the animals situated to each other. Two pictures are the type of dog we are looking to have sketched.

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    ...Marketplace and social selling (Take-a-lot, Google, Instagram, Facebook, (What else?) Online auto inventory and product sync (across channels) Discounted and promotional features (e.g., coupons, sales badges) Gift cards Abandoned cart recovery Discounted shipping Real-time shipping rates Automated sales tax calculation Auto-populated tax forms POINT OF SALE Smart Terminal Card Reader with Charging Dock 3. PAYMENTS Online Pay Links Virtual Terminal Online credit/debit card rates In-person credit/debit card rates Virtual Terminal rates 4. ONLINE APPOINTMENTS One-time appointments Recurring classes and one-time events Online payments & deposits Email and text appointment reminders 5. COMMERCE & PAYMENTS HUB Sales-tracking dashboard (across channels) Paymen...

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    Соглашение о неразглашении
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    43 заявок(-ки) be the same for the boards: 1-3 LEDs don't light up during charging (even though the slot charges), the LED shows up red (could be something with the firmware programming showing red for an error), or the slot doesn't charge at all. Please choose an LED component that you've used in the past with high reliability and that you know works well. Optimize: This design also has a lot of extra components and parts that was to be used as a prototype board, and now it can be optimized and have some components that aren't used removed. Firmware: Priority is to get the firmware code cleaned up and to function exactly like the previous code (working LEDs during charging, turn on lights during plug in, same color code during battery pack charge). Seco...

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    Build me a Android Project Завершено left

    Hello, I wanted to create an app to help blind people, basically to make their life easier, I want to build an assistant for them (I want blind people, basically to make their life easier, I want to build an assistant for them (I want to create it in android studio, language = Java, database = firebase, sqlite) Features i want (To Start the App shake phone double time) 1. Call Command (To Call With Contact Name) 2. Location (Current Location) 3. Weather (Current Temprature) 4. Time and Date (present day time and date) 5. Battery (battery percentage) 6. Exit (Exit The Application) 7. Open [Application Name] 8. Directions (ask destination and show directions) 9. Messages (Read Recent Messages And Send Messages to any contact) 10. On WiFi and Bluetooth 11. Voice Calc...

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    Build me a android application Завершено left

    I wanted to create an app to help blind people, basically to make their life easier, I want to build an assistant for them so ...their life easier, I want to build an assistant for them so let me know if you can make it (I want to create it in android studio, language = Java, database = firebase, sqlite) The features i want (To Start the App shake phone double time) 1. Call Command (To Call With Contact Name) 2. Location (Current Location) 3. Weather (Current Temprature) 4. Time and Date (present day time and date) 5. Battery (battery percentage) 6. Exit (Exit The Application) 7. Open [Application Name] 8. Directions (ask destination and show directions) 9. Messages (Read Recent Messages And Send Messages to any contact) 10. On WiFi and Bluetooth 11. Voice Calculator (Optio...

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    I want to simulate the drone its power system board and control to see the impact of adding hybrid sources in addition to battery on drones performance its power consumption, increase in flight time and efficiency. Students form IITs, NITs, MIT or other reputed engineering colleges working on drones or similar projects will be preferred and encouraged to work with me.

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    Creating advanced smartwatch with a high level of integration, including gps, magnetometer, barometric pressure, accelerometer, wifi, BT, with always ON display, long battery life and extensive custom functionality. Candidate Must Have the following abilities: 1: Extensive imbedded experience and knowledge of highly relevant products, brought to completion and production by your clients. 2: Knowledge of low level code in order to achieve elegant, streamlined firmware 3: Extensive knowledge of bus, I2C, low power multi-processor architecture. 4: Ability to assemble SMT fine pitch boards in-house. You have experience in printing your demo boards with paste and placing fine pitch parts, probably under the microscope, and reflow properly. 5: Understanding of RF des...

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    Motion Graphic to our website Завершено left

    Hello, I would like you to take a look at a project and let me know what you think. We are in the planning of updating our website and one ideá that we have is changing the big wind turbine movie on the start page to a motion graphic that includes a wider spectrum of our core business -> Wind power - Solar power - Battery storage - Charging infrastructure - Substations and switchgear. Im thinking a motion graphic that covers all the above. Could this suit your profession?

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    3D printing spare parts Завершено left

    Hello, I am after a drill battery converter/adapter and an Xbox 360 falcon dc power cable extension with an Xbox one dc power cable extension - both able to be wired by me at home to the correct length. So basically the same way you can rewire a plug.

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    BMS Modbus programming -- 3 Завершено left

    We are looking for an expert who is familiar with Modbus and knows how to read data parameters from Lithium battery. We want use Raspberry Pi to communicate with the Li battery through RS485.

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    Thanks for completing the project for me already. I really appreciate both the formula and Excel Macro Excel spreadsheets always a pleasure to work with you.

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    i need PLC engineers Завершено left

    one of the manufacturing lines to produce a battery cells for automobiles

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    Energy Park Concept Sketch Завершено left at a rural airport and would like a concept image to help get the idea off the ground. The site will include a very large solar canopy (400kW+) with approximately 10 DC fast chargers underneath. The site will also feature pumps for gasoline, Diesel, and aviation fuel under this canopy as well. There will also be a carwash and a small retail store for customer's to patronize while they are charging or before/after their flight. The site will also have a small wind turbine extending next to the canopy. The concept would target a partnership with a regional gas station chain, so I envision the site to be laid out similar to a premium gas station (think Wawa, Sheetz, Royal Farms) with a twist that is centered around on-site renewable energy generation. Looking for a sk...

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    Ref - app on core Java Android Studio Key points - Super Admin Panel Dealer Panel - Dealer will create their ow...will be installed in their phone - Dealer will have full control on customer mobile. App- Dealer will have option to partially lock and full lock the mobile. Partially Lock - All app will be freezed Full Lock - Only pop up will be displayed and no function will be enabled. Unless the EMI is completed , above points will be applicable. External card slot will be blocked. Charging port should only accept charging. Data transfer will be blocked. Phone reset will be blocked. Hard Reset will be blocked. Third Party softwares, except playstore will be non functional. Developer options will be blocked USB debugging will be blocked. Dealer will be able to fetc...

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    $2600 (Avg Bid)
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    ...working on smaller devices. Sometimes you will help us choose prototype parts. In this case, the price of a large batch is not very important, but how to get one or two pieces quickly and reasonably for testing. The main work is to ensure that the parts have the necessary features and that they actually work. For example, we currently need a PowerBank + trigger-USB cable that supports PD/QC fast charging, so that we can get power out of both 5V USB cables and 12V USB cables, with sufficient amperage in both. A test batch (5-20) means that we are looking for a good supplier from whom we can get a high-quality large batch at a low price. If the test batch works well, we will move on to making 50-500 piece batches. Larger batches are redesigned separately. We primarily use Alibaba, ...

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