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    Необходимо придумать вопросы и написать к ним решения. Вопросы тестовые. По мат.анализу. На английском языке. Ориентированы на школьников старших классов в США, которые будут сдавать АРТ Claculus. Ищу квалифицированного человека. Образец заданий можно найти в учебнике типа Barrons AP Calculus. Копировать дословно оттуда нельзя, но идеи взять можно. Я могу прислать эти учебники. Нужен уровень Calculus АВ. Общие пункты: - У Вас должен быть хороший уровень мат.анализа. В придумывании вопросов нужно проявить творчество. Я хорошо разбираюсь в матанализе и смогу быстро проверить качество. - Необходимо придумать 20 вопросов по каждой из нижеуказанных тем. Каждый вопрос в отдельном файле - Необходимо к каждому вопросу написать решение. Каждое решение в отдельном файле - Вопросы и...

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    I am looking for an expert mathematician to help me solve a math problem involving derivatives. Specifically, I need someone who is comfortable working with both the first and second derivatives at an advanced mathematics level. The project could be related to calculus, algebra, or geometry, so having knowledge in all three (or more) fields will be ideal. If you have the experience and skill to tackle this difficult problem, I'd love to hear from you! So, in a machine we have memory counter that captures the memory usage with the passing of time. Now, in a steady state the memory usage is almost linear but in case of an error memory usage spikes up. I have attached a e^x as an example. But the change in memory usage spikes up. Now, at every instant of time we can get the memor...

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    calculus project 17 часов(-а) left

    Need an expert for doing a small project on Direction Fields and NumericaI Methods.

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    Grade 3-12 math questions Завершено left

    I need someone to answer math questions in long form across the following topics: - algebra - geometry - probability - calculus The questions are for grade 3 to grade 12 students. With your hourly rate, please include if you have any specific experience with teaching students.

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    I need a haskell devoloper Завершено left

    Evaluation with the CES Machine (aka. Modern SECD Machnine: Implement an evaluator for the extended lambda calculus! This involves the following steps: Turning (extended) lambda terms into De Bruijn notation Compiling De Bruijn terms into CES machine code (see attached document) Writing the CES machine: its step function and running code on the machine. (You may want a debugging mode!) Writing five example programs (including some recursive ones! e.g factorial) in the extended lambda calculus. You are expected to work with the lambda calculus extended by: Built in Booleans: True and False together with an conditional construct (if ... then ... else ...) Built in basic arithmetic: addition, multiplication, and comparison of integers.

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    ...Working Hours: you can plot your time slots Class Type: 1-1 / 1-many Duration: 30/40 minutes Teaching Material: Provided by the company Job Qualifications: Bachelor's education degree or diploma Requirements: · English (Native Teachers Only) · Laptop or PC with webcam · Headset with microphone · Stable Internet connection and speed · Headset/Earphones Subject specialization: AP US History AP Calculus AB/BC AP Statistics AP Physics AP Biology AP Chemistry The position(s): - Remote online tutoring for the AP & Honors Courses and AP Exams - Students are assigned directly to each instructor Other Requirements: - An earned Bachelor's degree - Demonstrable expertise tutoring or teaching the subject(s) for which you are applying - At...

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    TCP/IP client-server architecture Завершено left

    In this exercise you are going to program a well-known ordinary differential equation (ODE) known as Romeo and Juliet over a TCP/IP client-server architecture. Don’t worry, you do NOT need to know calculus at all or understand ODEs to solve the exercise; the method implementing the ODE will be provided to you, so you focus only on the TCP/IP client-server architecture.

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    Please write a text book on QUANTUM CALCULUS at graduate level in word format., Work is not copied and should be original. I will pay Rs. 10 per page, if I find the work satisfactory.

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    1) I need a system that can review subjective math answer papers that are handwritten by students aged between 11-18 on submission of question paper and answer key. 2) The kind of Maths can vary between basic to intermediate which includes calculations, algebraic word problems, Trigonometry, Geometry and calculus. 3) The system should be able to grade and provide a remark for each answer marking it right or wrong, along with a reason why it was wrong. 4) The final grade and the performance report along with images of the evaluated paper. 5) Students might use multiple methods to solve the same problem, this also has to be approached with intelligence rather than looking for the exact same answer from the answer key. 6) The api should return images along with a performance analysis r...

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    Math Help - Mostly Calculus Завершено left

    I have 3 math problems that I need to be solved, with all steps shown. They are pre-calculus-type problems.

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    need help for calculus Завершено left

    Find volume of dry space question, Using integral in terms of polar coordinates need in 30 mins. Just looking high speed and performance.

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    Mathematician - Calculus Expert Завершено left

    looking for qualified & Experienced Mathematician who can help me with calculus technical task Thanks

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    Calculus Technical Expert Завершено left

    Looking for someone who is expert in Calculus and can do technical task Thanks

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    Looking for someone who can help me in my probability and statistics project with calculus. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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    Maths+algorith+new concept Завершено left

    I need someone who will be open to learn a new algorithm and implement it perfectly by hand, and with a lot of calculus(differential calculus and gradient, linear programming...). the delay can be up maximum to 5 days, and the final solution should be written in word or latex and be very clear.

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    I need someone ASAP ( delay below 3 day ) to work with me and help me with some calculus for my personal project. I have a file that explain the method but you need to understand quickly and be very good at maths, linear programming, very good at excel and being good with VBA is a big plus.

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    Hello , we're Adam and Houssam , industrial engineers students in the best school of engineering in Morocco 'EMI' mathematics, calculus, algebra, differential equation , I will solve your mathematics exercices in less than 24 H with one of these languages ' English , French , Arab ' , Few of my expertise and best skills are mentioned below: Calculus Linear Algebra Mathematics Continuity Limits Calculation Differential equations Trigonometry Matrices We have full command on the above subjects and our solutions related to problems of said subjects surely satisfy you

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    I receive articles on elementary math (eg, trigonometry, calculus) every week for my blog, however, the writers do not have a good command of English, I need to improve the quality of the writings. So this is mostly about editing. Each article should not take more than half an hour of your time.

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    Solve from ch 2.2 till 3.4 in I need someone familiar with And with high experience in math!

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    12 заявок(-ки) challenging to determine which is best suited for you. There are a variety of things to think about when selecting an institution. A data science course online typically will teach students to use data to address issues. This can include topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis. These courses typically also teach the fundamentals of algebra, statistics, calculus, and algorithms. Is there a most reputable institution for a Data Science course in India? The best institution to study the data science program in India is the one with the top infrastructure and facilities. With the number of institutions offering Data Science courses, it cannot be easy to decide which is the most suitable option for you. In this post, we'll look at two of t...

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    ...included in the text below. The s software of the analysis that gets built will ultimately be overlayed on top of a six minute and twenty second video and will be sent to the customer as a link via email and/or text. The score is what predicts the compatibility. Meaning if someone is 45 out 99 B. The percentage B is calculated in the software. Software needs input to develop output. Then the next calculus is this. If that said customer is 45 out off 99 B, to calculate the Percentage of compatibility we need to know how close the percentage is. Customer A. 45 B Customer B 34 B The math needed to be calculated is the percent of the lower number from the higher number. The customer also needs a link of their results to show to the other customer on their date. This provides ...

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    Hi please find attached the changes i need to add in my website. Basically it's adding new pages and some page should have some functionalities like wage calculus using form. attached details

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    looking for an Expert in Java Programming (Algebra /Calculus)

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    Business Calculus Project Завершено left

    Please contact me if you know how to do Business calculus stuff. For example, derivatives, marginal problems, word problems especially. I will send more details later. It is a very very easy project. But please do not bid if you dont know how to solve calculus.

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    Mathamatical Model Завершено left

    So, I would like you to do some research and about the mathematical models of infectious diseases (e.g., COVID) and write a research paper based on it and make sure that you will use Calculus in your paper (derivatives, integrations). - Please read the attached document properly

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    I need help with Logic expressions and lambda calculus (write expressions in formal form) Linguistics Job. I will share more details in chat.

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    Mathamatical Model Project Завершено left

    I would like you to do some research and do the mathematical models of infectious diseases (e.g., COVID) and write a research paper based on it and make sure that you will use Calculus in your paper (derivatives, integrations). - Need an information rich research with proper models, graphs, statistics - NO Plagiarism, No Copy-Pasting - You need to be good in maths with calculus. - Please read the pdf attached. - Due Date for the Project is 25 Nov 2022

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    Solve equation (calculus) Завершено left

    Solve the equation with calculus

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    Business Calculus Завершено left

    Only if you are familiar with Derivatives, word problems, and business calculus in general. Please contact me i have a very easy project for you :)

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    Expert in Haskell Завершено left

    I am looking for an Expert in Haskell who can handle lambda program, calculus and parser

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    Expert in Haskell, Lambda Program Завершено left

    I am looking for an Expert in Haskell who can handle lambda program, calculus and parser

    $18 - $152
    $18 - $152
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    Haskell Language Завершено left

    Need an expert who can complete a project using Haskell programming language for making a parser for lambda calculus.

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    Tutor student to prepare for calculus test

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    Haskell Project -- 2 Завершено left

    Need an expert who can handle a project for making a parser for lambda calculus by using Haskell.

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    lambda calculus by using Haskell Завершено left

    Need an expert who can handle a project on Haskell Programming.

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone to do my Calculus 3 Assignments About 60 small math questions in 1 day I have a lot of assignments that Are due tomorrow at 12 and need help with them I will provide access to my Open math software and the questions will be in lessons 9 through 14

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    Pre Calculus SE and TE development Завершено left

    Writers and Editors needed to help update an existing Pre Calculus title to meet CCSS standards. Development will include marking up existing content and writing new content as needed. Must have previous teaching and/or educational content development experience, as well as Mathematics/PreCalculus experience.

    $7665 (Avg Bid)
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    Lambda Calculus Parser Завершено left

    Need an expert who can complete a project on programming Paradigms using Lambda Calculus Parser.

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    Programming Paradigms Завершено left

    Need an expert to handle a project based on Lambda Calculus Parser.

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    lambda calculus Expert required Завершено left

    Deadline: 1 day lambda calculus Haskell

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    Trophy icon Luna Tutoring Center logo Завершено left

    GENERAL SERVICES: Homework Help Small group enrichment classes. College coursework support. Hand...test-taking skills. Literacy for all ages, including adults. Diagnostic evaluations. School readiness. In-home computer training. Reading Readiness. Basic Math (algebra, geometry, etc.) Homework support. Advanced Math & Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Trig., Calculus, etc.) Written language. Spelling and grammar. Reading comprehension. Supplemental education. REMEDIATION & ENRICHMENT: Reading Readiness. Basic Math (algebra, geometry, etc.) Homework support. Advanced Math & Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Trig., Calculus, etc.) SPECIALITY SERVICES: Language Learning (ESL). Homeschool support. Creative Writing/Poetry. College test prep Foreign Languages...

    $13 (Avg Bid)
    Избранный Гарантированный
    Relational schemas Завершено left

    In this project you are to convert an ERD to tables then write relational algebra and tuple relational calculus queries.

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    $20 Ср. заявка
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    Calculus Expert -- 4 Завершено left

    Looking for qualified and Experienced Calculus exeprt who have strong knwledge with Calculus to write technicall thanks

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Calculus 2 Завершено left

    Review the formulas and techniques Integration by parts Trigonometric technique of integration Integration pf rational functions using partial fractions Improper integrals

    $24 (Avg Bid)
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    Estoy buscando ayuda con unos ejercicios de Lenguajes de Programacion. Los ejercicios constan principalmente de ejercicios de Gramática, Sintaxis, Arboles sintacticos, Diagrama de sintaxis, BNF, Reglas de GIC, Gramatica independiente de contexto (GIC), implementación en programacion logica (Prolog), Lambda Calculus, entre otros.

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    1 заявок(-ки)

    The curriculum is based on 3D graphics for games and simulations and will be based on current 3D graphics platforms. Basic use of relevant 3D API and tools. Basic vector, matrix calculus and transformations. Basic shader programming. Use of texture, light, colors and materials. Animation/game loop. User input. Simple collision detection. Use 3D models in games. Apply texture to 3D models. Basic application of physics engine. What do you learn? Knowledge and understanding: Knowledge of basic 3D transformations with vector and matrix calculus. Be able to explain concepts and terms such as vertex, polygon, primitive, mesh, graphics pipeline, texture, light calculation, normal vectors, shader, frustum. Knowledge of basic shader programming and GLSL ES. Knowledge ...

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr Ср. заявка
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