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    73571 As discussed Завершено left

    As discussed with Daedalus

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    73612 As discussed Завершено left

    As discussed with Julien.

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    73656 Credit Cards web site design Завершено left

    ...category. Each category will have different numbers of links. After clicking on link web page should be generated from template. Template will be the same for all links discussed above. Template will display number of offers. Each offer will have one image, description page text and external link. Offer can belong to more then one category so the

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    Convert spreadsheet to database Завершено left

    ...of changes, an archiving facility, and the ability to export data. It must be possible to search the database using free text, which will ideally include sounds-like matching. Some reporting forms are currently coded into the spreadsheet, and these should be rewritten to export delimited data so that the final format of the reports may be held external

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    Desktop Application Development Завершено left

    ...will enter a small amount of data covering competitors, potential price points, expected customer reactions to potential prices, and costs. The application will analyze the input data to determine the prices that maximize profits, revenues, or other target variables. The analysis will include fitting curves to small data sets and finding maximum points

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    ... or digital recorder, but there is no easy way to organize and retrieve the data. RECORDER will let users effortlessly record audio and then retrieve that audio via a timeline. I became interested in this type of application two years ago for my own work. I then discussed the application with others such as journalists and scientists who could benefit

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    MySQL database interface in PHP Завершено left

    Perhaps my first request should be for a more appropriate project title, but here goes anyway. For the first phase of this project (ie this project request) i need a PHP interface to view and add records to a MySQL database for a data set of 10 fields (1 field needs to only be a pulldown with 4 set selections). I would like the entry for each field

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    Project Overview: Software will be divided into several modules. **BROKER INTERFACE SERVER/CLIENT & API**??" Replaces FOREX Brokers GUI and provides API for 3rd party software. ** **DATA COLLECTION MODULE**** ??" Will collect, store and serve data to all modules via an API and applications within the software suite. ** **TRANSACTION SERVER

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    298509 Discussed project (closed) Завершено left

    This project has already been discussed with omairshafiq. The only accepted bid is the one of omairshafiq. Best regards.

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    298118 private job for project129 Завершено left

    ...each site) (number of parsers greatly depend on main time usage for this project and free hosting ability on this stage) P.S.: hosting notes see later Second priority task: Developing user/admin interface: user registration & profile manangment serach system for bids data (new and archiv search) admin interface for user managment admin

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    Instant Messaging Gateway Service Завершено left

    ...and start listening for messages under those accounts. 3. The parsed message should be dispatchable with all the data contained in the original message to a handler component which will simply (at this stage) log all the data into a database. (an implementation of the blackbox component will follow later) 4. The handler (blackbox) then

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    Property Marketing Завершено left

    ...(Access or MS SQLServer), good Data modelling skills (I have a basic framework for a RDBMS which needs to be refined), XML/XSL/XSD (I want to create documents in various Formats especially PDF and ofcourse HTML) and JavaScript Project Management Skills. I work in the Real Estate Business and the purpose of my project is to develop a Web based Application

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ProjectManager/Programmer Завершено left

    ...following disciplines; ASP.NET (VB.NET or C#), SQL (Access or MS SQLServer), good Data modelling skills (I have a basic framework for a RDBMS which needs to be refined), XML/XSL/XSD (I want to create documents in various Formats especially PDF and ofcourse HTML) and JavaScript Project Management Skills. My knowledge of the ASP.NET/Classic ASP is basic and driven

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    296767 Project For laxmi Завершено left

    This project is as discussed with laxmi - To save xml data to database & update daily via cron. Also to ban emails being sent from Nigeria - this is to be done via ip address range for the country. Also Save xml results to a text file that is then parsed rather than being fetched, this too would need to be updated via cron daily.

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    System/Upgrade Manager Завершено left

    BID AMOUNT OPEN FOR SUGGESTION. IGNORE THE SMALL BUSINESS PROJECT AMOUNT. Create a standalone [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] or application (System Manager) which 1. Downloads new update files or patches via internet (FTP, HTTPS) by doing a scan on user software to determine which new updates are to be downloaded and update user software accordingly. 2. Provide a GUI

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    78112 Modification of Free Lancers Завершено left

    Modifications of Free Lancers 2.0 that needs to be done: 1. to use G...that needs to be done: 1. to use GMT Greenwich Mean Time in all our pages. 2. to add 2-3 more data fields in create project form 2. to add more data fields to members signup form. 3. to add multiple (3) files upload/download capability details to be discussed before job start

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    DirectShow Applet Завершено left

    We're after object oriented DirectShow code hosted in an MFC dialog app. We aim to take the DShow code out later and use it in our project currently being developed. The interface needs to be functional - i.e. no fancy controls necessary. It will acheive the following: ~ Allows user to insert/modify/delete (24 or 32bit)still images, audio and/or video

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    Ant Colony Simulation Завершено left

    ...a real ant colony, to a limited (very limited, actually!) extent. Since you will be building a simulation, how your colony behaves will depend on how certain parameters (discussed below) have been set. The purpose of a simulation is to mimic reality as closely as possible, but in many cases there may not be enough facts on hand to build an accurate

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    Time Cards, fix some bugs Завершено left

    I need to fix application written in Visual Basic 6.0 that comunicate with a biometric clock, ALREADY DONE. After comunicated saves the data in an access Database, the user can make changes to the data and save those changes, with those changes the application will create a summary, here is the bug. 1) Its not calculating the time correctly. 2) Bringing

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    RTF2HTML Завершено left

    ...of this project to convert HTML2RTF will come right after this. Type of files I will be using are email type files, containing html. You will not have to worry about getting the html data, this is already done. All I need is the function(s) - to convert one to the other. For example: a$ = RTF2HTML( MyData$ ) a$ would be the returning html data. ...html-data

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    booking and support system Завершено left

    The project is to design a fully functional booking and support system for Beaumanor Hall. Beaumanor Hall is a very large medieval castle estate owned by a council. The council allows the estate to be used for educational support and business conferences with its many rooms and suites. There are also specially formed ICT rooms which provide networked

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    ...inventory and can import the data directly into Quickbooks. There is no such program for MYOB. I am wondering if anybody can help by designing a very simple conduit that will port all the inventory data, such as the item's barcode, the quantity in's and out's, transaction date, salesperon code and other informations (to be discussed) directly into MYOB fields

    $95 (Avg Bid)
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    Create either a HTML or application-based data entry front-end for end-users. They will voluntarily enter their data to be printed by themselves, eMailed to an outside printing source, or saved as a data file to be burnt to CD or eMailed later. Think TurboTax in size but not as complex. The data will be very simple text answers only. The wish list if

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    Interpreter Завершено left to use stacks.? Another would be to use a tree.? Chose either one of the two ways and implement the necessary data structures instead of using the built-in Java classes. Trees and stacks and their implementation are discussed in most data structure textbooks. Your interpreter should accept strings of operators and operands seperated by spaces (no parenthesis)

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    ...manages our customer and stock data. My firm has strange trading procedures - but nothing too complex. I am looking (initially) for an SQL expert, preferably with some understanding of building data driven websites and intranets, to aid me with designing the database that will drive my new application. This is a blank sheet project as I do not intend to import

    $1927 (Avg Bid)
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    22 ставки

    ...recording and data through the use of an automated software system. The project will consist of the following functions and capabilities: Provide an intuitive, user friendly interface in MS Access for recording questions and answers to be printed in specified format. This includes a streamlined data entry process, eliminating duplicate data entry, providing

    $1904 (Avg Bid)
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    HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Завершено left printer friendly formats. there will be more than 35 reports which will be required. Exact details of these reports will be discussed in due course of development of this project. The app. should also have features for data back-up & recovery, appointment schedulers and a very small/basic accounting module to maintain records of payments recieved &

    $1917 (Avg Bid)
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    69 ставки

    Professional spends a lot less time, but every body gets chance. THIS PROJECT IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS. YOU NEED TO PROVE YOUR EXPERIENCE AND MUST HAVE A PORTFOLIO of web projects done in ASP and MSSQL. RECOMMENDATIONS ARE REQUIRED and are to be verified! We are looking to simplified version of WEB site in realty business: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] can be used

    $584 (Avg Bid)
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    Web-based Expense Reporting Завершено left

    ...web-based expense reporting solution. this project requires advanced programming knowledge and SQL understanding. -very "pretty" core GUI, state-of-the-art [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] or .Net (discussion on .Net needed beforehand) -expense types -hierarchy (org groups, project groups, user levels: administrative, user, manager, project manager, etc.) -Fully se...

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    Simple IP billing application Завершено left

    Just a simple basic code to be used as demo for a student project at the university, no complication or high robustness required. Please find hereunder a brief description of the code I am looking for: # In a windows2000 PC LAN environment, we have at least two client PC's (or more), and one server (which can be a stand alone server or used as server

    $834 (Avg Bid)
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    ...use Quickbooks for billing. I will continue using Quickbooks, but data must be able to continuosly port back and forth between this program and Quickbooks. I would like to have it in fully editable form, Access if possible, SQL if not. It must be able to be edited on the fly. This project must leave open options for tying into our PDAs. In the third phase

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    C++ Завершено left

    Synopsis In this project, you'll write code that generates all subsets of a set of chars. The user prepares a file with one char per line. All the chars are distinct, i.e. no char appears on two different lines. Your program reads in this file via the standard input, sorts the chars into ascending order, and then prints out all possible subsets, one

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