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    Our company has used an excel based program to collect market data at 100 remote locations for serveral years. The excel based app need to be converted to an access database that can house the data from all 100 locations. The Access version being developed needs to collect the same basic information plus a list of 30-40 enhancements. The access version also need to be able to record and trend hist...

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    81931 tell a friend script Завершено left

    Hi everybody I need a refer a friend script for this form - [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] required features: - when users fill out the form their friends receive a default message i.e "hey i found this cool site...etc" (after the script is done i will edit the final message text) i don't want to use a comments box. the senders name must appear in the subject line of the email...

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    ASP Database Project Завершено left

    My current web site [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] I would like to have online enrollment for my clients similar to [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Currently a client will submit there name, addy, tele, name of debts ect... through formail and then one of my reps calls them to finish up the application over the phone. When we call them, we need to get all the same info you see here ( [войдите, чт...

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    Database Work, ASP Завершено left

    I need the following: 1. Results from two existing forms to be captured in online .asp databases, set up according to my (simple) design requirements. Needs interface with password protection. Also need capability to totally delete old info from system. 2. Results from one of the forms captured in HTML format, automatically creating a simple "home page." Needs to include method to upload...

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    Email to Database Script Завершено left

    Script needs to be written in Cold Fusion to do the following (example PHP code attached): Allow user to browse for a file to upload. The file will be a text file composed of many emails that are 1 of 2 possible formats. The script must parse the file, and for each email in the text file pull out key information and enter it in a database. The database is set up as an ODBC source. I have written c...

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    Stock Tracking Database Завершено left

    I need a DB and a quick interface to it. Needs to track stocks (buys and sells from user) plus the responses from the market floors. Read the doc for more info, if you have any questions send them along. SQL 2000 prefered ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that wi...

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    Recruitment database/ software Завершено left

    Hi there, We are a recruitment company that is looking for a company that has built recruitment software - We are looking for a datbase that has the following funcions - cv database - cv search and selection ( boleean Search) - cv send out - Database to have client area, for prospects / clients - Diary / call back / CRM functions - Mail merge functions - SMS facility and the ability to send data, ...

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    Definitive Завершено left

    A wholesale art distributing company is looking to build a website, which should list all artists, all images, biographies on artists, list of galleries as customers. The website should include security so that customers can use credit cards for purchases. We would also like to have an application for people to complete before logging on to website for first time to make sure that they have a fede...

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    SQL Functions For Database Завершено left

    I have a small database, in which I previously used controls to add, edit, search and delete records. I want routines using SQL-Statements via source-code to add, edit, search and delete records, without controls. The database will be provided to assist the person who accepts and gets the project. Project is in Visual Basic 6. All ServicePacks and drivers are available. ## Deliverables 1) Compl...

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    Bloomberg Wall Street Database Завершено left

    I need to have someone run "screens" using Bloomberg terminals available at all major Wall Street brokerage firms. Based on my selection criteria you will query a financial database like Bloomberg, Reuters, or Bridge and send me a list of securities that match. For example a typical query would be to select all stocks that have reduced their outstanding shares by 50% or more over the las...

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    82006 simple Database project Завершено left

    Details: Database structure: DB Table = Referrals DB Columns = AffID, ReferredBy, ReferredO AffID is the members ID ReferredBy is the members upline ReferredO is the person who sponsored the member I need a script where I can specify an ID. The script will then list all members where ReferredBy is = to the ID I specified. I will need the script to show me all 3 columns. Next to the members lis...

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    PHP MYSQL Opt in database Завершено left

    I need a php/mysql solution for an opt in database. My cgi setup is strting to fail. Need to have it setup so a user signs up with an error checked email addy - a reply i sent directly back to the emmail addy and this email contains a link to confirm signup. This email needs to be easily edited. Upon confirmation, the email addy is written to a mysql database and the ip address of the confirmation...

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    My company uses a program for DOS to manage our student base and we are currently looking to develop a new modern updated system. This DOS application is no longer supported by the developer. This is what we know about the application... 1. The DOS application is written in C++. 2. The database is stored as .HDB and .RDB files, for this project I created a TEST database. The files for the TEST dat...

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    Convert Database Завершено left

    Hello: I used one forum ikonboard ([войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]), cgi/perl support and now I have the backup database in DBM format with .tar files. I used the version of this board is ib3_RC1. Now I want to use invision board ([войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]) with is php+mysql support. So, I want someone who can convert my old two database .tar to this new forum. You do not need to install inv...

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    #######I need this done in PHP and should be complete within next one week.######## We need to Re-design a several-page website that introduces people to our club, answers their FAQs, shows them a calendar of events and allows them to sign up as members and for our events. in addition, we need to be able to collect their information in an excel-friendly database. we are not looking for anything fl...

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    Video/Film Database Завершено left

    I need a new "cut-down" front end to Readerware VW or Movie Collector from It can be coded in any language: VB, PHP, Perl, ASP, Java, whatever ... I want to let other people have "search access" to my movie, DVD and video game database but NOT to be able to add, modify or delete entries. I don't mind if you code another front end for Readerware or Movie ...

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    Order entry w/relational database Завершено left

    This project has been canceled/postponed until further notice... ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work ...

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    Simple Perl CGI database Завершено left

    Simple database A program in Perl that implements a basic image database reading a plain-text data file: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]|VLI014|This is an image|other field|etc [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]|VLI015|That's an other image|other field|etc (maximum abt. 1000 records, performance not an issue) Field names must be very easily changeable (a single place in the Perl code) If later a...

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    White/Yellow Pages Database Завершено left

    Basically, if you've heard of white pages or yellow pages, you'll know what I'm talking about. I need a visual basic program that will allow me to enter addresses, first names, last names, phone numbers with area codes, postal codes. The program should allow me to store up to at least 50000 people. Once i have updated the information, i should be able to search by just an address or...

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    Development of Customer Database Завершено left

    i've developed a customer database but not sure of how to continue it as i have some difficulty in coding some modules. there's some changes to be made so i hope any of you out there could help me. program functionality ---------------------- *search engine to look up for a user requested company *search done, display company shipping address. in this form....display a button where user ...

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    I need contact information in an access database to be exported/synched with outlook. In addition they want data from a client activity log (in same access db), and they want the activity records to appear in outlook as appointments. I also need blackberry's to get the data...can that be done through outlook once it is in there? I do not use exchange. Right now each rep (12 of them) use a per...

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    DAO VB database Завершено left

    DAO Database program VB (Detailed description in zip file attachment) I have nearly finished coding a publication database that helps me keep track of the journal papers I read. The databse iself is quite simple and is made of two forms. The main form which keeps most of the publication details, and the Notes form which allows me to make comments on a paper I am reading. There are a few things I w...

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    I'm a reasonably able ASP programmer with a lot of Access experience, and am getting to grips with SQL server and - which I will pickup quite quickly when I have some time to spare. I am currently in the process of designing a replacement for my firms slightly ageing database (MS Access Front End and Back End) which manages our customer and stock data. My firm has strange trading proc...

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    development of inventory database Завершено left

    i need a customer/vendor database program... *program functionality* -search engine -add/edit/delete/view/print functions -friendly user interface note:for more detailed program functionality...kindly msg me hope you coders could help me ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation packag...

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    SQL/Access Database help Завершено left

    I have two tables of which I want to make one new table from. I will call those two table T1 and T2 for now. I need add two columns from T2 to T1. One of the columns from T2 will replace one of the columns in T1. I need this ASAP and I am willing to pay a bonus for immediate turn around. Be careful not to create a many to many relationship. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional worki...

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    Help with VB database DAO project Завершено left

    I need some help to get this database working properly. EASY MONEY for the pro. ----> I can't see this taking more than 10 Mins. I have nearly completed a Journal publication database to keep track of the journal papers I read. The database is simple and made of two tables. One contains the journal paper informtation. (i.e. Title, Authors etc..) The other stores "comments or notes&quo...

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    PHP & Perl based Search Engine Submission Program. Using PHP & Perl, create a total webbased submission program to allow users to submit their websites to search engine owners that signup their engines with our database. Ability for SE Owners to post submission rules to our database, and have it check each submission meets specific requirements before processing submission. Scaleable MYSQL...

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    invoicing database Завершено left

    I need a simple time sheet and ad-hoc transaction system that generates invoices. The system will be based on the time taken for each item. Each item will be based on a rate (say $50 per hour). I need something that I can just enter a number of units and it will give me an answer eg 6 hours at $50 an hour would be 6 X 50 or 300. Jobs can also be based on number of units such as 10 tags done at $5 ...

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    Manufacturer Database Завершено left

    We are a very small company (4 people) that makes equipment for people who are quadriplegic ([войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]). We are developing a CD that contains reference information for people who are quadriplegic. As a part of the reference information, we have developed a Microsoft Access database of companies and products for people with disabilities, since newly injured people and their fa...

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    text database Завершено left

    I need to enter text into a database that records the author, keywords, date, text extraction, note and source of a book or article. Data entry must be either from the keyboard or pen type scanner. One entered the database must be searchable on any of the fields to find the text string and display that record. A graphic calendar would be used to enter date information. ## Deliverables 1) Comple...

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    Need database of phone numbers Завершено left

    Looking for a data base of residential phone numbers for state of Florida or Hillsborough county Florida. Local phone company (Verizon) sells a CD but data records are not accessable for comparison purposes. Only able to view and not extract data records. Looking to purchase a data base with phone numbers. not looking for programming. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working pro...

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    Questionaire Builder Завершено left

    I have included an Access database and the framework of a vb program I need built. I have written comments on how i want it to work. I need it to work with Office xp and win 2000. Basically I want to make a database of questionnaires that have questions and answers that can be used to build new questionnaires. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form a...

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    Simple web database(Repost) Завершено left

    I'd like to create a small database using our current web page host's server. (needs to be simple to install on a typical ISP host without additional software or plug-ins). This would be secure, private data, at this point just for one of our clients. The data involved is a list of mailing addresses that tend to need updating somewhat frequently. Existing data is in Excel or Access. I�...

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    Please see [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] (easier to read than below). Player Database (The five pages I need from you…) Main Idea (Create page, Edit page) Each record will include the following fields: Unchangeable: Hard Drive Serial Number, Caught Required: WonID, CS Name, Password Optional: Email, AIM, Extra Info To create an account, the user will have to click a button in my program. ...

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    Change Structure database Mysql Завершено left

    I have a problem with the submissions page we have a lot of fake submission in our software site: (and bad software ) Now I like to fix this problem and put the submissions on hold and like the view it mezelf first and than confirm to the database is this possible so soon as possible. I mean as to the 4 types of submission, me(the site administrator) must view and confirm the submission before it ...

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    Database driven website required Завершено left

    We need a website designed which holds activity listings that users can search for. Site should be fun, but look smart and professional. Please contact me for more information.

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Database-driven website - Scotland Завершено left

    Help, we need an idea of time/cost involved in creating a database-driven recruitment web site for our client: Database of vacancies, searchable by profession, area, salary etc Candidates can upload CV's online to a general registration address Candidates can register to receive a daily/weekly customised email of vacancies which meet their chosen parameters. Registration process should be ...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    This project is already assigned... posting for payment purposes.

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    Database & Website Required Завершено left

    Dynamic database driven website required for ecommerce site. No credit card link-up required yet - design just to final order confirmation page. Usual pages: About us, contact us, meet the team, register, leave message. Fully searchable product list View product detail Buy product View shopping basket Checkout Online Admin area for: viewing orders (search & order facilities) viewing messages...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
    0 ставки

    An admin interface for a database-driven website. We are seeking a long-term relationship with a php/mysql coder. This will be the first in a steady stream of programming tasks. Please see attached zip file. ## Deliverables We will provide access to a development server, and require a working system on that server. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform FreeBSD unix ## De...

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    Simple Web Database Завершено left

    Would like to have a fairly simple database that can be accessed via the internet for an office pool - it's not a football pool, but it is similar. Each user, would log on with a name and password. That will then give the user access to their own information for the pool. The User will choose from a list for four different selections each week, and a fifth selection on the first week for the ...

    $15 (Avg Bid)
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    ASP/Database design Завершено left

    I require a current site of 10 pages converting to ASP. I need the site to become editable via online forms so that the content is easily editable. Eage page woud require a title option, subtitle, image and a box to enter description. Also interested in costings for a user database, holding names, e-mails and addresses. With the facility to email the list. Please send me a past URLs, and a roug...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    PHP mySQL Survey Database Завершено left

    I'm part of a group doing some educational research and we're gathering the questionnaire results using face to face interviews. The interviewer's notes will be used to enter data into the database. Some of the survey questions will be yes/no/don't know, some will be a numerical values, some will be multiple choice, and some will be open-ended. The important thing is that we mu...

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    Database driven site Завершено left

    The site is for a competition where players join the Challenge by registering and creating an account. This will cost say £25 and payment will need to be taken as part of the process, but not required to be built in. Users enter their scores from rounds they have played, together with date and course. The UK & Ireland will be divided into 8 regions and users will choose their region on...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Employee Server Database Завершено left

    We are a small labor contracting company in need of a database to be put on our server. We employee between 50 and 100+ individuals but need to track each employees pay/inventory/daily jobs. Please see attachment for thorough details. We will only consider bids around $500 or less. Will alter database specs if we need to in order to fit in the bid range. Looking for 3-5 day completion time after s...

    $283 (Avg Bid)
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    Web crawler Завершено left

    I need someone to build a web crawler that will do screen scrapes of a website and put the contents into a database. The page needs to be parsed - different sections of the web page needs to be put into the database as different fields. There will be 7 sites to begin with that need the data scraped and put into a database: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] [войдите, ч...

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    This must have the ability to gather all information about an access databse including who is logged on for Access versions 2.0 and above ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform All versions of Windows including Windows 3.11

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    ASP to display datat from database Завершено left

    Need expert ASP coder to make data connection to Access and change Oracle SQL to Access SQL to pull data from Access database. I will provide the source ASP pages, but they are written to get data from Oracle database. I only have database in Access. I am not sure if all the ASP pages are there. Need this done by next tuesday. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in ...

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    Database Project Завершено left

    First of all I would like to know if this is possible. ------------- I would like a program that takes a database of names which is on the internet, in which you need a user name and password to access. The program should download the list which are hyperlinks and convert them into text. I would also like to know if there is anyway of automatically uploading them to my hostin account as the names ...

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    Clothing website & database Завершено left

    Please could you give me a quote for a website of around 8 pages that also incorporates dynamic database listings of clothing items including prices, sizes, pictures and possibility availability. Now online order at this point. Please send urls of work and quotes asap.

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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