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    Do you want to help me design my killer sequencing app? I'm developing a MIDI/audio sequencer application for Windows, as a semi-personal/business project, and require some input on key areas such as the user interface layout, as well as the internal workings of the application. The application should be similar in operation to Cubase and other software utilising an arranger and pia...

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    IQ Test Завершено left

    IQ Test with IQ based algorythm calulation score output. Developer must be well versed and have a outstanding knowledge of IQ Test calculation methodes, techiniques and the science of outputting an iQ score with all details. ## Deliverables I am looking for a programmer with the skill to set up an IQ Test with IQ score calculation and output . A two sided application. 1. Admin . M...

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    [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] are looking for a web based application with all the built in functionality of the [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] product with one notable exception, the members forum needs to be more robust and function in a very similar manner as phpbb where the members can customize their information. We feel that a more robust, visually attractive and sophistocated forum syste...

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    Need Minor Animated .gif Завершено left

    If you open the attached .zip file you will find 2 images. One a .psd of the background I am using and the other a .jpg of what I want the finished project to look like. I basically need the "online" to be done in a Matrix style lettering but have animation of it moving across the screen and flickering. I also want the tagline "Horror Only Knows One Name" to be animated drippin...

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    WPQuiz PHP Application Завершено left

    I have installed a new PHP testing application that allows users to take practice tests on our site. I am having problems with a couple of bugs in the software that I need fixed. The application can be viewed at: <[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]>. You will have to register (free) in order to get access to this. Here are the problems: 1) We are utilizing a feature that presents the t...

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    The purpose of this project is to commission the development of a corporate web site. The Corporation, A . C. Just, Inc., is a professional products and services company specializing in software design for business automation, and business process outsourcing. A. C. Just, Inc. caters to retail business, as well as small and large business. Accordingly, A. C. Just, Inc. is in need of professional ...

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    This bid is to create a webservices based application that includes the following functions on the webservice: Add something to a list Change something in a list Remove something from a list Get List items and response details (with filter criterion having to do with user id's or groups. users and groups maintained separately from this system). Maintain list of userid pairs as to...

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    Flash Movie Override Завершено left

    ActiveX Control - other suggestions welcome! I have a flash movie embedded in a page on my web site: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] It is delivered via the Flash Player. I need to do two things with the Movie. Part 1 **$150** 1) Stop the 'Settings' context menu appearing on a right click of the mouse - and a) call a javascript function also on the page. This...

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    Clone virtual makeover software located at: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] Request all the features as availbe within demo. I need this project done ASP! Prefer bidders with experience with this type project (because time is essential). Please only post samples of related projects in the PMB (not portfilo of unrelated projects). I want to get started with this project asap and will respond t...

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    We need help creating a VB 6.0 webservice client to handle complex data types. The server is written and working on an AXIS/Java platform. The server responds correctly to complex data type SOAP requests generated and received through XMLSpy. The VB client does not work. The connection works fine for simple data types but not complex ones. The current attempt is based on MS SOAP Client 3.0. We ar...

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    test software Завершено left

    Hi, I need someone who can test a small software (application for selecting website content and saving it in different formats). Filesize of setup: 876KB Please bid only if you can start/finish right now. The tests shouldn't take much longer than one hour. Software must be tested on Win98/2000/XP with Internet Explorer 5 or higher. Regards, Dave ## Deliverables 1) C...

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    TWAIN Scanner Interface Завершено left

    Hi, I need an interface for a Twain compatable scanner. It needs to be able to: -Select which twain device. -Scan without the scanner's user interface showing (except the progress bar). - Scan JPEGs (This is ESSENTIAL). - Set resolution. Can be in the form of an ActiveX or a DLL. Must be stable and reliable. Need a demo VB6 program & source with it. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and full...

    $20 - $25
    $20 - $25
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    I am currently using a 12-year old program that runs all aspects of my dental practice. It was written in Delphi 1, and contains a patient database with details of the patients' address, tel no, etc. It has graphic charting for the teeth, and gums, an appointment book, and information on the patient's previous attendance. I have the source code, and am happy to pass all this on. I h...

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    Smarty template skills required Завершено left

    Our company (Worcester based) embraces Smarty template methodology as part of our PHP based content management applications. We are looking for skill interface designers/artworkers who have experience in Smarty and template based build techniques. We have upto 2 weeks work immenently (paternity leave) but need ongoing cover after that from immediate affect. Midalnds based would help face to face...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    AVL tree Завершено left

    Download code for the AVL tree and then add the following: 1. A function that tests any arbitrary binary tree to see if it is a valid AVL tree, i.e. if it is a binary search tree with the AVL property. All nodes should have height set to zero initially. The function should set heights to the correct values as it checks the tree. 2. A nonrecursive version of the insert function. ...

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    Coldfusion Programmer Завершено left

    Looking for a coldfusion programmer to work on a number of different projects. All are MS SQL database driven applications, graphical skills not as important as good, quick programming since most of the interfaces are already designed and those that aren't will be very simple basic html. Looking to purchase a block of programming time of 20 hours which will be used to agree the work...

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    Web Site design for Kindergarten Завершено left

    Project description: This is a web site for one of our customers, a Kindergarten. It has to be done in pastel colors. You have to supply all the photographs. We are enclosing 2 photographs, their logo and some texts (in Spanish). You don't need to use the texts, they are there so that you have some material to fill pages with. The web page doesn't need to be done in Flash, although that ...

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    Web Stress tool - phase 1 - design Завершено left

    **Web Stress Tool Note:** This is phase 1 of a three phase project. The phases are, design, coding and testing. These will be seperate biddable projects. The design and coding may be carried out by the same persons but the testing will be definately 3rd party. The designers will receive preferential selection if they can demonstrate the ability to design to a high standard and work to a hi...

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    I am looking for a Microsoft Outlook Express extension, which can call an external COM component on specific events and actions. As a starting point for the deliveries, I would need a description of the solution including the technologies used. This description is part of the deliveries and is an acceptance criteria. The plugin needs to do: 0. have a settings part where all the needed settings are...

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    Low-level protocol sniffer/proxy Завершено left

    For a close-to-start project we are looking for a low-level TCP sniffer, which can perform the following. It must listen for network traffic for POP3/IMAP traffic and intercept an email which is requested through these protocols. The sniffer must be able to deliver this email to another object (COM) which performs some services with it. Based on the result from the method-call, the parts of the mi...

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    We need 2 small applications The first is a simple program that will be executed as part (post) of the installation of another app to modify some registry keys and stop the running application (it gets started as part of the install process). The second application is a simple windowless application that will be called upon to control yet another application. All the program needs to do is start t...

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    Constructing Classes Завершено left

    **Overview: Make the file** **[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]** **work as indicated by writing the necessary classes. This project involves the construction of classes Schedule, Course and TimeDay.** **Requirements:** **Make the supplied main program work by creating the necessary classes, splitting the classes into .h and .cpp files, putting all of these files and the supplied main into a...

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    Dear all, Unfortunately, the programmer that I worked with was unable to produce a piece of software that works properly. I cannot keep on test driving the car and tell the seller that the engine won't start, the tire is not installed.. and waiting days by days for each problem to be solved. Therefore, I am seeking help from you who can complete task, who will run several tests making sure...

    $320 (Avg Bid)
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    The requirement is for an experienced php programmer to help me out in customising, and writing of codes in order to develop a blogging solution based on geeklog as per my requirements. Would prefer a sharp programmer who can access the work properly and deliver on time. Reliability of the final product is quite essential ## Deliverables **As per my requirement taking the following th...

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    Microsoft Outlook plugin Завершено left

    I am looking for a Microsoft Outlook plugin, which can call an external COM component on specific events and actions. As a starting point for the deliveries, I would need a description of the solution including the technologies used. This description is part of the deliveries and is an acceptance criteria. The plugin needs to do: 0. have a settings part where all the needed settings are defi...

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    Need to get started on this immediately - this is an important project and I do not want to let this go away..... The Client is interested in starting an enrichment program on the internet for children K-12 ( Kinder Garden through 12th grade) offering on line courses globally. Users will register on the site and will have access to certain parts of the site per the grade they are in so that they c...

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    Software Evaluation Завершено left

    Evaluation of a simple presentation program. The program is designed to display song lyrics on a video projection screen primarily for use by churches. In order to evauluate this you don't need a video projector but a pc with a second monitor attached would be handy though not essential(dual video cards). There is a 1 page evaluation form (attached). It should take about half an hour to 1 hou...

    $7 (Avg Bid)
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    RS232 Data Downloader Завершено left

    I need a simple utility to run under Microsoft Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP) which will download data from a piece of equipment connected to one of the RS232 ports at either 1200 or 9600 baud) and store it in a form suitable for importing into Microsoft Excel. Preferable as a native Excel File. The tool will need to request Equipment ID and Model Number from the connected device (both single ASCII ch...

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    Simple Personel Database Завершено left

    This is to be written in C and needs to use scanf, fscanf, printf, and fscanf where applicable. Should be simple but needs to be done no later than Monday Sept. 15th Here are the reqirements: You are to implement an array that holds records (i.e. struct’s) with people’s names and income in dollars (rounded to the nearest dollar). The data should come from a data file that has its ...

    $33 (Avg Bid)
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    LINUX based POS system Завершено left

    To create a Point-of-Sales System that could run on processor of Pentium 1 and higher processors of Pentium under linux operating system. Any programming language can be used. To create a Point of Sale System program that will enable the user to generate simple cash transactions (detect the price of the product and perform simple essential arithmetic method). To create a program that will pro...

    $224 (Avg Bid)
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    Non linear optimization Завершено left

    **Non-linear optimisation algorithm in Visual Basic** The non-linear optimisation is the following: minimize a non-linear function of the following form min volatility (w1 * x1^2 + w2 * x2^2) with the following constraints w1 * x1 + w2 * x2 = 1 w1*E(x1)+w1*E(x2)=1% where w1, w2 are the 2 unknowns. The algorithm should be flexible to work with 200 unknows (from w1 to w200). ...

    $545 (Avg Bid)
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    caller ID and Logging software Завершено left

    I require a caller ID and logging program, for one stand alone PC, win 2000 professional. something similar to the FREEWARE CALL TRACE at [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] However while call trace is a suitable tool in some respects for my needs, i require the caller id program to integrate with other information i store in a data base on respective callers. What I require is that the...

    $208 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a PROGRAMMER with EXPERT KNOWLEDGE of VBulletin forum software and phpMyAdmin/MySQL database administration. I DO NOT want someone who considers "expert knowledge" to be the ability to install mods. I want to be able to show you three lines of code from a custom mod and have you be able to say: "Oh, yes. I know what that means, and what file that code is from, a...

    $170 (Avg Bid)
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    Web Page / Graphic Design Завершено left

    We are seeking freelance web designers to work and correspond with ourselves via email. Good graphic design skills are essential together with the ability to create basic websites. Dreamweaver / Fireworks experience would be necessary. Please respond with any relevant examples of work completed together with approximate costings. Further information and examples of design projects can be given u...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    .NET Application Development Завершено left

    The application installs on Windows 95 and later machines, and must be a single install - bundle any libraries or frameworks. It is recommended that the coding be done in a .NET language to facilitate future development. If happy with your work, we will welcome your assistance for future versions. The application installs and asks for a username and password, which are checked against an exis...

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    HTML website creation Завершено left

    We have an HTML template made for the website. We need to start customizing the template and adding/deleting pictures and sections. The website would be about 55-70 pages of content with 5-6 separate templates. The main page design page template is already in place. We have also the necessity to create Flash Files for the banner. So you need to be good with creating flash banners with macrome...

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    298013 Reseller Program Script2 Завершено left

    Please only bid if you can get this done for me by the end of this weekend or less as I am behind schedule with this program: I need a website replication script with recurring commission tracking for my new Reseller Program I will be offering 50% commission to my resellers who have a new signup through their replicated website (mirror copy of my main site). There will be no additional levels un...

    $350 (Avg Bid)
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    Laboratory Software Завершено left

    ![][1] **Description: ** Need a windows based software program that will allow lab workers to input results of various tests performed on each sample. That information will be exported to Access Database. The database will later be querried to create a printable text report. Additional computers on the network contain results that will need to be attached as files to the main sample page an...

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    Stock Market Analysis Завершено left

    We require a software to 1. Download futures/options prices on a continous basis from the [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] website. The downloaded data should contain a. Price for various option/futures series for the entire list of stocks available for download. (Open/High/Low/Latest price/Close) b. Volume (No. of contracts and Turnover) c. Open Interest d. For both Put and Call ...

    $532 (Avg Bid)
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    297856 Reseller Program Script Завершено left

    Please only bid if you can get this done for me in 2 days or less as I am behind schedule with this program: I need a website replication script with recurring commission tracking for my new Reseller Program I will be offering 50% commission to my resellers who have a new signup through their replicated website (mirror copy of my main site). There will be no additional levels under a reseller. ...

    $200 (Avg Bid)
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    Flash 5/MX Searchable database Завершено left

    **Summary**: Need a Flash5/MX interface to load and search a Excel-generated XML file. User should be able to search through the XML via scroll bar or to enter a search string and display results. **Background: ** The database is currently in XML (used MS Excel --> save as XML). The database is 5 rows of data: Muscle Name, Innervation, Blood Supply, Attachments and Action ...

    $78 (Avg Bid)
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    E-Learning Multimedia Projects Завершено left

    Digitalbrain is an industry-leader in the development and implementation of electronic learning places within schools and colleges; the corporate sector; and for entire online city environments. We help transform the way people teach, learn and manage information – whatever their specific need or circumstance - to make it easier, swifter and far more powerful than traditional methods have allowed...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Scripter/programmer Завершено left

    Required on a regular basis. Some one who understands the following: cc+, Pearl, applescript , and may be UNIX and markzone. The later 2 are not essential. YOu will be required to write small scripts on a regular basis. For a prepress workflow programme. You will be given the details o fthe actual scripting scenario linked with the workflow programme. Each sucessful script you write, you will rece...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Lab Interface Module Завершено left

    Need a Lab & Radiology interface module using HL7 format Parser/Builder. It must use a Class module or COM component. Incoming Data is HL7 format via a modem or email or FTP. The Data needs to be parsed and store in SQL 7.0/2000 and present to a frontend user in Grid and Graph, etc. Ordered tests from the user front end will be changed into HL7 format and send to lab via modem, email or FTP. (...

    $403 (Avg Bid)
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    Image Gallery Script Завершено left

    We require an image gallery script installed onto our server. Ideally to autothumbnail but not essential. We will give ftp access to test. We are open to suggestions regarding layout etc. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will be installed (in ready-to-run conditio...

    $52 (Avg Bid)
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    19 ставки

    This is an easy project that shouldn't take long for somebody who knows what they are doing. Most (if not all) of the code needed is already available for free. I need something that will let users record a 15-second voice clip via their computer's mic and attach it to a mp3 file, at the beginning or end. I also need the option of having that mp3 file edited (via fade out) before it is d...

    $212 (Avg Bid)
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    Flat-file to XML converter Завершено left

    I need a flat-file to XML converter module where the flat-file is described by an XML file in XDR (XML-Data Reduced) format (usually generated by the BizTalk Editor). The main usage area will be conversion of EDI files but not only. .NET and C# preferred and delivered with unit tests is a big advantage. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form ...

    $155 (Avg Bid)
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    297654 guestbook submitter/crawler Завершено left

    hi i am looking for a script to submit a homepage url, name, coimments etc to the large numbers of the most popular guestbooks automatically. preferably multi threaded and proxy support would be a bonus but not essential. i would also preferably need the script to have some crawling mechanism where it could find the guestbook urls or perhaps someone already has a really big list. i'm open...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    Computer Monitoring System Завершено left

    We are in need of a system management tool that continuously monitors servers' availability and performance. In the event of network errors, the system will alert the network administrator (or even correct the problem when possible) before problems get seriously out of hand. The system should run as a windows service. It should also have a configuration application to allow the netwo...

    $478 (Avg Bid)
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    Website with 3000 images Завершено left

    **Images archive website ** We have 3000 images (500x350) and thumbnails for each image. We need a website to display these the thumbnails. When someone clicks on the thumbnail the full size image is opened in: a) pop-up window with a print image and close window link. OR (we have not decided yet) b) Same window with print image link There should be 3 webpages in total - ho...

    $104 (Avg Bid)
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