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    Russian speakers only!!! Hello. I am looking for someone who can advise my partner on the specifics of the ICO. He must understand how the ICO is conducted and know the platforms, and so on. There is no need for super professionalism, especially now there are none. In the future, cooperation is possible, since the project is ambitious and promising. Your interest here is to participate in providing a high-tech section of a large investment project. Or just help in the development of the project. Добрый день. Ищу человека,который сможет проконсультировать моего партнера по специфике ICO. Он должен понимать, как проводятся ICO, знать соответствующие платформы и тп. Сверхпрофессинализма не требуется, тем более сейчас таких и нет. В дальнейшем возможно сотрудничество...

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    Стартапу из Силиконовый долины требуется специалист в области "growth hacking" для работы в англоязычном сегменте Круг обязанностей: ведение рекламных компаний в твиттере и социальных сетях, продвижение блога компании, работа с тематическими форумами (slack communities, productHunter forum etc) и тд От кандидата требуется способность постоянно отыскивать все новые потенциальные "каналы роста" Особенно приветствуется наличие практического опыта продвижения ботов (slack, telegram, facebook) Работа на начальном этапе в режиме parttime

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    Создание веб-сайта Завершено left

    стоимость до 20 уе. срок 1 день. положительный отзыв за успешную работу гарантирую. сделать код, который будет встраиваться в шаблон сайтов сделанных на и и показывать в фрейме сторонний сайт поверх в...обычный сайт. вставляем код и один сайт превращается в другой визуально. <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <title>123</title> <style> html, body, iframe { margin: 0; padding: 0; height : 100%; } iframe { display: block; width: 100%; border: none; } </style> </head> <body> <iframe src=""></iframe> </body>...

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    ...и сохранение растровых данных в формате PSD (photoshop). Среда: MSDN VC++ 2012 win32 console api Имеется готовый код(класс) по загрузке PSD и 80% кода по сохранению (предыдущий исполнитель не доделал проект). Описание PSD-формата есть на офф.сайте Adobe Изначально задача была такая: Формат psd файла (для записи): - стандартные 8 бит на канал - Цветовой режим RGB - цветовой профиль: none В фотошопе это называется "отменить управление цветовым профилем в документе" - Цвет фона: белый - квадратная точка При загрузке нестандартного формата (например 16 бит на канал) - желательно сообщение об ошибке, чтоб пользователь знал, что именно не так Векторные маски, корректирующие слои, дополнительные каналы(вроде alpha chanel) и прочие нерастровые данные - ...

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    Create a form with the following fields (below) on an existing website: (value $1500) // Two story house (value $2000) Step 2 ==== Size of Home Add .15 cents per square feet If house is 1000sqft + $150 Step 3 ==== What type of surface is your home? Siding or mostly siding (+0) // Stucco or mostly stucco (+20%) Step 4 ==== How many trims are around the windows? 0-10 ($50 per window) Step 5 ==== How much repair is needed Little to none ($0) // light to medium (+%10) // heavy (tbd) Step 6 ==== How many colors 1-2 colors ($0) and higher $150 per color Step 7 ==== Do you require the eaves to be a different color? No ($0) Yes (+15%) Step 8 ==== What type of paint do you want on your home? Professional Grade (%0) Premium Gra...

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    Business Essay 2 6 дней(-я) left

    Scenario You are a Senior HR Representative, and your task is to hire a new regional HR manager. You are responsible for conducting the interviews, and you wa...effective they were for their organization. Write a hiring report that includes the following: Summarize your leader for your audience (avoid using the first person). Describe their leadership style and how effective their motivational practices were for their organization. Discuss their leadership strategies used in building and maintaining trust in leader-follower relationships. Review any ethical leadership practices that contributed to overall organizational success. Based on your research and analysis, what would be your recommendation for hiring this candidate? Provide attribution for credible sources used in the hiri...

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    The Rock Star Chronicles: Truths, Confessions and Wisdom from the music legends that set us free. WHERE HAVE ALL THE ROCK STARS GONE? Rock and Roll, the Blues, and Jazz are America's contribution to the arts, so why are we not fighting to preserve our own musical legacy and culture? Rooted from the early blues pioneers, the longevity of rock and roll is second to none. But strangely enough those legendary rock heroes that we were so accustomed to hearing every time we turned on our radios had mysteriously vanished from the mainstream. The music of the 1960's, 70's and even the 80's was an important juncture in all of our lives. So many of us timeline life's precious moments with the music we remember, when the music was so great, when the music mattered. Th...

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    16 заявок(-ки) online form and screenshots from my postage portal. I have collated data from all of our customer complaints about missing orders onto a spreadsheet. I need to hire someone who can work quickly to file 171-200 lost parcel claims (some customers have multiple missing parcels, you will need to apply for lost parcels for ALL of their parcels. For some customers, we have sent 2/3/4 parcels and none arrived). This is the form that you need to fill: I have created a process instruction guide here, please check it: I believe that it takes around 5 mins per form (as you need to save some screenshots in order to complete the form) and there are

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    project number 4 6 дней(-я) left

    ...authenticating the user’s credentials (username and password) at least once. The customer’s account details are as follows: Customer Username Password Account # Member Level Store Credit Address Jane Smith jsmith blue123 123456789 Gold 3000.00 100 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL 32901 Ellen Sue Doe edoe pink234 234567890 Blue 650.00 235 South Street, Bronx, NY, 21110 Michael Black mblack brown124 235765437 None 324.00 56 N Pathway Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 56565 John Carter jcarter green289 987654251 Diamond 9000.00 1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613 Product information is as follows: SKU Name Items in unit Price per unit Quantity on Hand HF-342 ½ in Bolt 50 20.00 200 LK-322 ¼ in Nail 25 5.75 76 KF-231 Hammer 1 15.23 100 The information above is found in the a...

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    AutoCAD GIS import files and georeference them 6 дней(-я) left

    ...Having one AutoCAD dwg which loads all pictures as XREF On top of each picture in the dwg we put a number text (Layer : H14-ORTHOPHOTO2020 NR) so we can leave all xrefs off by default in the dwg and turn on the one with the number we see *** 1st Read the pictures and position them on an autocad dwg properly ? Autocad Template file should be "metric" -dwgunits - meter / scaling none ddunits - meter / scaling none As example of the pictures pls check here and download the "" *** 2nd Convert the images to grayscale and load the greyscaled versions only in a 2nd dwg. You will get google drive access for the project files A designated drive letter has to be used to load

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    In order to reveal the hacking of traffic light system, identify the abnormal traffic light patterns in the collected the dataset and Visualizing the plots to reveal the errors in input data which is difficult to capture with simple plots only. The plots should also visualize abnormal signal patterns and anomalies that indicates any intrusions.

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    ...randomly generated contoured shapes that are: - Between 200 and 600px in diameter - Filled with a solid colour (the colour does not matter, as I will edit this in Photoshop later) - The shapes are random, but roughly circular or elliptical, although they can also be any smooth contour shape - Closely packed, with the density random across the image and between images - Non-overlapping, that is, none of the shapes touch each other - The shapes should expand beyond the frame edge (that is, they do not all need to fit within the frame and can be cropped) I have identified the following resources that may be of assistance: 1) The generation of the random contoured shapes - one method discussed here

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    I need to write 2000 words assignment which compares and contrasts 2 journals (out of 4) ethical and methodological considerations. I need help as I am stuck in understanding the project. please let me know if you could help me out

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    3D Clothing - Womens Formal Wear Skirt and Shirt Outfit 5 дней(-я) left

    - Model and texture the Shirt and Skirt in the reference image, for the Female character provided. - Polygon count cannot exceed 25k for each...character provided. - Polygon count cannot exceed 25k for each model of the Skirt and the Shirt can be maximum of 50k polygons - Drape on the Female model provided(it will be send to the winner) - Textures Required ( Albedo, Everything baked Albedo, Metalness, Specular, Roughness, Normals, AO, UV) Light, shadow, color, shine everything must be baked on to the albedo for game purpose diffuse map) - Make None Overlapping Logical UV map ( Shirt And Skirt on Separate uv maps - Models format will be obj and all quads, Texture maps will be png format at 4096 (4K) pixel size. if you know Marvelous designer and Zbrush software this is a very eas...

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    Need to make some changes to an already developed website and re-host the same on an existing domian. Old website got deleted by the hosting provider due to hacking concerns. Files are still present to be used again. Also have a few other website projects to be done, new and old. Looking for a freelancer or agency to do ongoing work. Must be reliable and have a good portfolio of work.

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    Hello, After hanging of the Virtual machine (MS server 2012 with SQL Express and Database used for 3 attendance software), the hard reset of the Virtual Machine leaded to corruption of the SQL Database in the way that none of 3 Attendance software using that SQL Express could not be started anymore. See screenshots attached. Superadmin login and password are available and working with full access to SQL (see screenshot with green line), without errors, but 3 attendance software using that machine are not working. SQL Logs are available.

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    iOS app visual 5 дней(-я) left

    Hello, I need a custom mobile app. The app must be only visual so nothing must work, I need just but visual look of the app and how it should look because someone has to see it before the functions being implemented. I will tell you privately what to add and how it should look, as I said it's all VISUAL so none of the function I will ask you must work or have a use.

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    I have wordpress plugin put button in last of any post of my site and redirect them to page have a table with info and download link {like image } you can test the plugin: +the plugin work only in this site but in other sites no ""+ the plugin have a 3 problems plugin dont work in all sites and themplates direct download link dont work (the plugin have 2 options javascript or direct link ) i want direct link work if the javascript is empty () timer not in the center () i want the plugin in this 3 days and my budget is 50 dollar in max The plugin was programmed by a person with an average level

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    Mobile App iOS 5 дней(-я) left

    Hello, I need a custom mobile app. The app must be only visual so nothing must work, I need just but visual look of the app and how it should look because someone has to see it before the functions being implemented. I will tell you privately what to add and how it should look, as I said it’s all VISUAL so none of the function I will ask you must work or have a use.

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    ...Number of repeated clients - will show model a detailed history of interactions/payments/calls/call-attempts/with a particular member * Account activity overview * Social Media-like connectivity. Marketing & Promotional Features * SEO-friendly coding structure and URL * Social Sharing Bookmarks * Testimonials * blog * Newsletter 
 Security Features * Email Verification * SQL injection and XSS hacking-proof coding structure and database * CAPTCHA for all forms to avoid spam entries * Database indexing for fast page loading * Verify phone number, credit card and social networking sites * Verify Ownership * Verified status for users and members who have been verified. GSM feature. Geo location feature for users on the site and the app for user’s location. We have m...

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    $250 - $750
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    ...the company has an ethical and/or legal obligation to report the breach to their customers and to recommend a course of action. She also asks Carlos to select an ethical test or framework that all employees can use in the future to help guide their decisions. Directions Report Evaluate whether the company has an ethical and/or legal obligation to report the breach to its customers. Your evaluation should be framed as a report for the owner, Clare, that includes the following sections and information. Cite your sources using APA style. Introduction Include a definition of ethics and explanation of how ethics compares to law. Provide an explanation of corporate social responsibility and how it relates to ethical business practices. Analysis Provide a summary ...

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    Social Media Marketing 7 дней(-я) left

    I need an expert in growth hacking and social media marketing to draw traffic to our website and expand our NFT Discord and Twitter community. If you are interested in my project, please DM me and we can discuss further.

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    Sanitize amd Protect All Social Media and Communication Portals 3 дней(-я) left

    I need someone to disinfect, protect and advise on all of my personal social media and communication portals. This includes: - Getting me off of the dark web - Removing all spyware, ad trackers, viruses and similar - Installing protective software to prevent hacking and blocking all non-G-rated content - Removing and disinfecting all non-G-rated content, if any, from all of my devices and storage areas > cell phone > facebook > dropbox > Google and other storage areas Must have an impeccible reputation.

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    I need ethical hacker from Pakistan for a short term project.

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    Database work for jobboard and google jobs import feed 3 дней(-я) left

    ...setup. 7. All the same would be needed pertaining to google jobs and having the jobs getting picked up and showing in google jobs. 8. Once that is complete, I need rss feeds setup correct for each site and have them feeding to 9. From I will feed jobs into mainly Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter company accounts / pages. 10. All work must be set up perfect and comply or none of this will function proper. 11. Google Search Console has a place that shows real time how many jobs were added and the errors. This must be setup correct and it requires a proper import feed setup. 12. Once this work is complete. The work will be cloned to 10 other jobboards with the exact same work. 13. All has to be work that is automated and doesn't require monthly upgrades and f...

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    Discord and twitter expanding community in NFT (growth hacking) 3 дней(-я) left

    Discord expanding community in NFT I need a specialist in growth hacking or in traffic to expand my community in NFT. We want only real followers.

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    Javascript 2 дней(-я) left

    any ideas on a javascript code to keep page loading until mouse movement is detected, and if none after 5 seconds redirect to

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    Looking for fast scale up of an edtech startup based in India.

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    Write Articles and Film Reviews for Online Film News 2 дней(-я) left

    SCENETALK is Hiring Writers and Reviewers! This is a paid, freelance, remote position--so you can work from anywhere, on your own schedule, if you deliver the articles on time and with consistently high quality. SCENETALK is a new entertainment website based in I...Excellent command of the English language • Can contribute writing free of grammatical errors and typos • Comfortable working with WordPress and Zoom in an entirely virtual environment Responsibilities include: • Write a minimum of 5-10 articles per week -- This will include fact checking, formatting, linking, and image sourcing/very basic editing (sizing, brightness, etc.) • Pitch story ideas when none are readily available • Accept feedback from the Editors • Communicate openly and activ...

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    ...and formulate a research problem in supply chain management 2 select an appropriate method for data collection and data analysis 3 develop a scientific report and present results 4 evaluate an empirical study in terms of ethics 5 evaluate the possibilities and limitation of science/research Part A consists of defining a purpose, elaborating and presenting the research design, and discussing the ethical implications of your qualitative field study. 1. Selects a research topic that corresponds to Supply Chain Management and defines a specific research purpose for the study 2. Develop a research design based on the research purpose Remember there is a part B to this project which consists of conducting your qualitative field study, analyzing the material, presenting findings, and ...

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    CEH Trainer Required 1 день left

    We need a person who can teach CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker) to our client based in US, good communication skill is a must. Preferred language is English.

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    create dots game javascript 1 день left

    I want expert javascript developer to create dots game with following features ( the game is already available here ) 1. add timer, if the timer is up then player loose turn 2. anti hacking, so players cannot cheat or fiddle with source code of the game 3. player vs computer bot (bot must be very intelligent , not loose) 4. player vs player (all online players select a name and join, once they join the pool and click player vs player then computer randomly select two players and create a game) 5. x,y grid for start can be defined 6. cheat mode, if enabled then computer plays bad and allows player to win

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    - Model and texture the Shirt and Skirt in the reference image, for the Female character provided. - Polygon count cannot exceed 25k for each...character provided. - Polygon count cannot exceed 25k for each model of the Skirt and the Shirt can be maximum of 50k polygons - Drape on the Female model provided(it will be send to the winner) - Textures Required ( Albedo, Everything baked Albedo, Metalness, Specular, Roughness, Normals, AO, UV) Light, shadow, color, shine everything must be baked on to the albedo for game purpose diffuse map) - Make None Overlapping Logical UV map ( Shirt And Skirt on Separate uv maps - Models format will be obj and all quads, Texture maps will be png format at 4096 (4K) pixel size. if you know Marvelous designer and Zbrush software this is a very eas...

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    Book cover design and illustration for book pages 23 часов(-а) left

    ...foot of a throne. 9. 3" x 3" - River's face as a circular selection on a futuristic holographic screen, with other female faces as other possible selections but out of focus. 10. 2" x 2" - Caricature of Author giving golden letter to cupid and a bunch of arrows 11. 4" x 4" - River playing a guitar and singing. Golden letter is unopened. Cupid (not necessarily shown) has exhausted his arrows but none have stuck her. 11. 4" x 2.5" - [creative input required] 12. 4" x 2" - Crumpled photo of river with bloody finger prints, next to bloody bandages 13. 4" x 4" - [creative input required] Back Cover - [creative input required] ...

    $250 - $750
    Скрытый Соглашение о неразглашении
    $250 - $750
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    Hello I bought a template from themeforest and the template does not come with none of the images. See attached screenshot. I just need the images that are seen here on this demo to be added back onto the website template that i purchased. I added header images back on but this is what i have so far. You can use the same images from the demo or other construction images as long as it looks professional and it is easy for me to change later on if needed.

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    Looking to rewrite the following code in a proper way, using promises instead of "async: false" The code will retrieve and output data data in this way: Document No - Item Code -- Batch No User can select multiple documents, a document has N number of items, and each item can have N number of Batch No. (or none), like so: Document No - Item Code -- Batch No - Item Code -- Batch No -- Batch No Document No - Item Code - Item Code -- Batch No -- Batch No - Item Code -- Batch No Original working code: ``` $.each(selected, function(key,value){ $("#consign_item_body").append("<tr><td>Document No : "+value+"</td></tr>"); $.ajax({ url: "php/", data: { docno: value}, dataType: "JSON", async: f...

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    Salvage 1 is a forgotten TV movie from the 1970s, where Andy Griffith stars as a junkman who decides to build a rocket to go to the Moon to recover the pieces left behind from Apollo. Isaac Asimov was the scientific consultant for the series. Very few copies of the first movie remain, and none has ever been officially released. The best video copy is not properly synced to the sound, still contains the original commercial breaks from the 1979 airing, and the audio quality is not up to par. There is another copy that has adequate sound and no commercial breaks, but the video quality is subpar, even for a VHS. I would like to have the audio from the second copy synced to the video from the first, with the commercials removed. The timing seems to be slightly different on each copy too...

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    Implementing Change 15 часов(-а) left

    ...and overall mission and vision of your organisation and intended strategy? Why does it matter? Does this relate to ‘the people’ and achieving employee buy-in? Could this be changed? The Planet (300 words) What is the impact on the planet? Where is the need for sustainable and responsible business approaches, does this form a part of the strategy, mission? Does their competition have CSR/Ethical Strategies? Last Part Kotter 8 Steps Change Model (Appendix) 1. Establish a sense of urgency 2. Form a powerful guiding coalition 3. Develop a compelling vision & strategy 4. Communicate the vision widely 5. Empower employees to act on the vision 6. Generate short-term wins 7. Consolidate gains, create greater change 8. Institutionalise change in the organisa...

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    46 заявок(-ки)
    Converting Windows WPF application to cross platform using UNO 10 часов(-а) left

    We have a large WPF application that we want to make cross-platform(Win7-11 + macOS). We have chosen to use the UNO platform to achieve this. As none of the team is skilled in UNO/winui we want help from an experienced developer that can get us up and running quickly.

    $643 (Avg Bid)
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    15 заявок(-ки)
    Coding a new form of Blockchain -- 2 5 часов(-а) left

    We have developed and created a new form of blockchain, but based on different, mathematical principles. Whilst the principle of "distributed ledger" is still, there our Chain, can be mutable in the event of theft and hacking, and is thousands of times faster and virtually no gas etc As a result, there is a lot of commercial opportunities for our chain, to which we will be seeking patents and trademarks We need a developer to join us, to get the first live modelling and coding of our chain, including our own "smart" contract. As this is 100% our own concept, we are free to create our own rules, but our mathematical principles are rock solid and proven. This isn't an onerous task, but exciting as we will be writing, developing and coding something, that ...

    $41 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $41 / hr Ср. заявка
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    Trophy icon Pillow warrior sprites 13 дней(-я) left

    I am looking for experienced designer familiar with PIXI Sprites and SpriteSheets to create for me first testing spritesheet with pillow warrior similar, but for sure not same - can be more cute as picture 45817_765.jpg. For sure spritesheet must be like this or like this Honey_Badger1.jpg. Siz...interested in further cooperation, please do not apply. If you will create some cloth, weapon or other equipment for the pillow warrior already, make it already in separate layer and do not merge them, we will need lot of equipment layered and fit on the warrior after rendering together...... to make something like this:

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    fast api with celery help Завершено left

    Hi, i want help fast api with celery which is getting as pending state. Below is flask app and running correctly with task id but simple_task_status/task_id service getting as PENDING and simple_task_result/task_id data is getting as None.

    $19 (Avg Bid)
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    1 заявок(-ки)

    Hi Expert Web Infotech, As you have developed the website for us, you should be the right person to fix issues we are having. As discussed over chat, there are two main issues we have which are as follows: 1. None of the contact form/ service request form / newsletter sign up are working. 2. In the main navigation for Build your team, sub menu items are not aligned properly. Please let me know what do you need from me to fix these issues immediately as we have a business show this Wednesday.

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    C# expert - quick help Завершено left

    ...</test1Amt></Document></ns4:testResponse></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope> Please refer the comments in the code and ask me for any details Getting the below output and format is automatically updated by .NET which is undesirable <s:Envelope xmlns:s=""> <s:Header> <Action s:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns="" /> </s:Header> <s:Body> <string xmlns=""><? xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-16'?><SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=''><SOAP-ENV:Header/><SOAP-ENV:Body>< ns4:testResponse xmlns:ns2 = '' xmlns:ns4 ='

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    Website Copywriter/Content Creator Завершено left

    Looking for a talented copywriter, with possibly a background or history of prior projects dealing with food manufacturing and spices to help create content for our new website. My company has a small team of talented web developers but we are struggling with coming up with content for the new website. We are breaking out our current website to...well, we can discuss keeping the project going for the remaining websites. We already have a development website established with basic content but have attached a proposed outline, though we are open to a complete reorganization of the outline and website. We can provide examples of companies/websites that are similar to us and what we like. We have subject matter experts at our business, but none are fluent with good, non-expert te...

    $30 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Fix WordPress Issue On Mobile Site Завершено left

    ...WordPress site and on the mobile menu it is not working properly, some items are not loading and the developer didn't put the right URLs on the items. The menu items are working fine on the desktop but not on mobile. Maybe something is conflicting with that mobile menu. Can you find that issue and make it work again properly on a mobile device. None of the diffuser links is working, they all go to the diffuser homepage. The refill links don’t work. None of the sample links works. Either we’re getting the ‘404 NOT FOUND’ error, or there’s simply no link there at all and nothing happens. If you can fix these issues ASAP please quote "WPMobile" and answer the questions below: 1. Can you fix this in the next 1-2 hours? 2. What ...

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    Ethical Hacker for Personal Use Завершено left

    Ethical Hacker for Personal Use

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