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    Hello, Freelancers! I'm writing a travel eBook and would like to hire a ghostwriter to work on a section entitled "Top 50 Cheapest Destinations in Europe." I've already written 25 of the destinations and will provide this info upon hiring. I need the writer to research and summarize 25 additional destinations. The section should include the European

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    saya bekas pensyarah. pengalaman 6 thn dlm pengajaran& pembelajaran. pengalaman dalam urusan umrah. projek mahu hasil buku untuk macamana nak dapat umrah secara percuma. saya nak ramai orang tahu cara atau rahsia ini. saya & beberapa rakan dah testimoni sendiri.

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    Looking for a writer to help write a e book for educational purposes of buying a home. I have been in the business for 15 years I believe it is time the consumer learned how the industry real works. These tips will/could save the consumer thousands. From inside secretes of steering by real estate agents to protect their paychecks to mortgage tips

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to write an ebook on the subject matter of 'Choosing A Carehome' (UK). I have a couple of examples I can send you to give you an idea what I'm looking for. I would like this ASAP, but there is not a time limit for the write person.

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    i want to write a book to my 6 month old daughter possibly called dear Allison, love mom. i want it to be about my experiences in life and all the advice i could give to help her through life's obstacles also to help her with the mistakes ive made and how i grew up in the foster care

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    i need ebook writer that can write good content and design the book as well .

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    Im siti . i know our world are now very IT demanding . everyone loves to have things in just one click . just like ebooks , instead of bringing books around to read they can now just download and read it through phones . so , thats why i need help from the pros here to help me to write ebooks . the topic would be about beauty and wellness ? like some kind of home remedies that could help with tak...

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    Write a Non-fiction book about "Zombies" 10,000 words, 12 Days to Complete Pay $120 SGD Must have Experience writing Ebook Require writer Creative thinking and writing Instruction, Tips and Guides will be given once hire

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    I am looking for a ghost writer to research and draft a book about health and fitness based on biblical principles. The book will be sold on the web, and should be formatted as a sell-ready ebook. There are many biblical passages that address health and fitness (i.e., [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL], http://www

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    I am looking for dogs related issue: health, nutrition ,benefits of interaction with human... I am a pet apparel designer + blogger and tireless dogs advocate :-)

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    The project is a 40-day Lenten prayer journal. Very simple: each page would be for a different day. Each day would include the Gospel reading (from the Catholic lectionary) and a few empty lines for the user to write in her own reflection. The first couple of pages would include some instructions on Lectio Divina. The last couple of pages would include a "What's Next?" section. I th...

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    This project is about to write an ebook in relation to how to use a Mortgage broker when applying a home loan through a broker. with copyright rights.

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    I would like an ebook titled 'Money Savings Tips for a Growing Family' written for, and relevant to, an Australian audience, NOT an American or UK audience. I am launching a business to help people spend less money on groceries, so they can spend more on life. I would use the eBook to attract visitors to our site and blog where they can read tips

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    Write self-help books Завершено left

    I am looking for a talented, motivated Native English speaking writer to create an organized, well-researched report on the following topic: Non-Fiction - Self-Help Please bid only if you are interested in this subject. To bid on this job, you must be familiar with writing non-fiction ebooks and have excellent research skills. Please indicate

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    Избранный Соглашение о неразглашении
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    I am a Online Marketer and I want to write an eBook on Online Lead Generation to get more leads for my online business. I need the project completed by 01/15/17.

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    i there, I'm looking for a good writer to write a non-fiction ebook (or potentially several ones ) on a topic related to kids. The book should be well written in native English and be thoroughly edited. You must have personal experience with the subject. The book must offer simple, expert solutions to common problems that people have with that

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    I am looking for an ebook writer who can write in English. I have the content, I just need someone to write it out for me. This will be given as a free ebook so I don't need a novel. It has maybe less than 15 chapters and 3 main points to cover.

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    I would like to have an Ebook on smoothies that everybody can make in his house. It can be Green/healthy, alcoholic, delicious smoothies Pictures are a must. Short Ebook - 10 smoothies = 10 pages To be completed in 2 days (20/12/2016).

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    Hire a Ghostwriter Завершено left

    ...struggling to get it out in a book format.  That is why I am wanting to hire a ghost writer to write this book.  Since it is the book that will help my agency get high value (clients that pay $1,000 a month or more) it is important that the book is very good.  I am looking for a creative writer that can help this book be as good as possible. I ...

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    I want to write an ebook about financial distress and the main tips on how to get out of it. This is what I have worked with over the last number of years and I wish to put it in place for clients who are looking for this advice throughout the world.

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