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    SUBJECT: Reseller Hosting USE: instruction document AUDIENCE: Small reseller web hosts LENGTH: 5 - 10 pages EXPERTISE: Must be familiar with setting up a hosting business DELIVERABLE: Microsoft word ADDITIONAL INFO: I am looking for someone to write a detailed article on how to set up and run a hosting business using reseller hosting services. Should include detai...

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    I currently have a site that sends newsletters out to members couple times a week but many e-mail companies are blocking our newsletters because they believe they are spam. I would like to change the system and have an Inbox created in the member's area so the newsletters are actually just sent to the their account on our site, not send to their e-mail address anymore. So an inbox area along...

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    ASP.NET Application Завершено left

    | The application will be for Training Institute providing certin courses based on a schedual. The institute deal with another organization which play the roles of paying the fees of the courses to the institute and accept an applicantion request form from the trainee and confirm it on a specific course provided by the institute based on the schedual date. The flow of the application can be...

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    MS Powerpoint How to document Завершено left

    I need a 60-70 page MS Word document that provides step by step training for MS Powerpoint with the sections listed at the end of this description. It must be written in clear, conversational english with screen prints of reasonable size (each print cannot take up more than 1/3rd of a page) I would prefer a reference for your writing skills if you can provide it. If you fake your wa...

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    How to Become ISP Завершено left

    I have never posted a question to RAC and thought I would try it. I have several servers at different co-lo facilities. I want to know what it would take to be my own ISP. I do not want to have an ISP where I would provide internet service to anyone, but I want to be able to host 10 or more of my own servers and manage them completely. I want to be able to receive complaints about my network ...

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    New Organization Website Завершено left

    This is a simple website, to be developed mostly in HTML (with a very small amount of PHP). Nearly all of the Content is provided in the specifications document for each page and additional graphics/content is attached in a .DIR file (from a previously developed Macromedia Director project). I am a Buyer, which between my two accounts on RentACoder, has completed more than 60 projects. I am l...

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    How to insert php script into perl Завершено left

    hi coders, We are facing one problem in php and perl combination don't know whether it is possible or not? We are running a site in php and wants to add a webmail script to it which is in perl . After adding the webmail script we wants to call some php files of our current website in those webmail script perl files . Can anyone tell us whether it is possible or not ? If it is pos...

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    I have a website at <[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]> that I want to add a secure payment page to. Throughout the year, but mostly just before and duriing our February symposium, we take payments for annual membership fees, fees for attending the symposium as a vendor and as a CCME member and for the banquet. I have added a copy of the Word document that they used at the door last year for t...

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    web design budget Завершено left

    " static website with flash intro " . Up to 5 Web pages - homepage - 3 extra pages - form - Domain Registration For One Year · Hosting For One Year · Custom Design · 2-3 Animations ( flash / gif ) · Custom Forms · Search Engine Submission a.. Initial Consultation (includes discussion about servers); b.. Home page plu...

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    Hello Programmers, I send order confirmation e-mails to my customers using an "off the shelf" program. The program generates individual / personalized e-mails and then sends them to my customers. However, the problem is that some of the e-mails are being blocked by ISP's as spam. I want to emphasize here that the e-mails I send are NOT spam. They are simply order confirmation e-mail...

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    ASP.NET Application -Sql Database Завершено left

    The application will be for Training Institute providing certin courses based on a schedual. The institute deal with another organization which play the roles of paying the fees of the courses to the institute and accept an applicantion request form from the trainee and confirm it on a specific course provided by the institute based on the schedual date. The flow of the application can be su...

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    How To Use Outlook Express Завершено left

    Create a Power Point Presentation with slides and ***comments***on using OutLook Express. This will be used as a live presentation tool as well as be placed on the web. The slides should follow the general guideline: 1. Introduction. What a MAPI mail handler is. That there is a difference between Outlook and Outlook Express. The difference between web mail handlers like HotMail and Yahoo and th...

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    Beautify web pages Завершено left

    I have a private web based system to aid mortgage brokers. I have just added a link on our home page with information to convince brokers to join our organization. A radio campaign will drive traffic to the site starting September 13. Our web address is [[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]][1]The link to the recruiting page is close to the bottom on the left nav bar ‘Branch Opportunities’...

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    XP settings Завершено left

    Greetings everyone, I was wondering is there a way in Windows XP to set any type of setting to specify the window location, and size of the program to be opened. For example, when I open IE sometimes it is small, large, half expanded across the screen, etc. I would like to be able to set IE to open at a certain size, and positioned at an exact location every time. Possibly through the registry? No...

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    I am looking for a complete website designed for an organization which acquires grants for a local school districts science program. The links below are the links which must be graphicaly represented on the index site of the page. The links marked with a * must be easily updated, as they will be regularly updated. 1. Our Community 2. Staff 3. Goals 4. ASCEND Sites 5. Partners 6. Fun...

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    Filtering Found Database Records Завершено left

    Greetings everyone, I have a question on how to filter found records from search query, please see attached. If anyone has any great advice it is greatly appreciated. Languages we are using are html,javascript, and php, database - mysql. Best Regards, Wade Willett Schools Without Limits (a nonprofit organization) P. S. Thank you for looking at our bid request. Please post a bid amount with your re...

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    Website Linking Needed Завершено left

    We are looking for a person(s) to get our site linked on other websites within the automotive industry. We are willing to pay $.50 per link-back. That means if 500 links are obtained, the linker will get $250. It is a pretty simple task, but one that involves organization. The more organized one is, the easier the job will be. This bid request is for $100.00 or 200 new links gained for our websit...

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    Webpage experiment Завершено left

    Greetings everyone, Please see attached files; a quick overview - To create WebPages on the fly by pulling images and PHP code from a database, and also from a file directory while comparing the time difference. Best Regards, Wade Willett Schools Without Limits (a nonprofit organization) P. S. Thank you for looking at our bid request. We make every effort to spread our work among all counties acro...

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    I have several copies of an Excel form coming in by e-mail each day and I have someone printing them out and inputting some of the numerical data from them onto an Access database. I would like to automate this process somehow. I have full access to both the Excel forms and the Access database so what I am after is maybe a module or a standalone program that will pull the data from the forms ...

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    How do I programatically read and write session variables? I'm using the webbrowsser control and VB6 *PS: What I'm thinking of is using the webbrowser object to recover session variables generated in another IE session. There is a cookie which identifies the session that might allow this. The whole project is in my bid at [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]* ## Deliverables 1) Compl...

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    CREATING OF A WEBSITE Завершено left

    I am creating an organization named the Arab American Lawyers Association, which will help young arab americans, and arabs gaining their dreams of becoming lawyers and I would like to create a professional website, which will be maintained and i will work closely with the person to help make my dream a reality. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable fo...

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    I'm looking for someone to create a script that we can use to spider our site, and create an excel spreadsheet of all our products and related codes (template provided). basically, we want to take all our products from this website, [[войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]][1] and have them availalbe for upload to Biz Rate's website according to the following specs: "In order f...

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    We need developed a small auction site that is for auctioning items for a charity fundraiser. No money will be collected via the site. The site will simply provide a means for the users to bid on items posted by the administrators. The following Functionality will need to be implemented. 1. User registration 2. User Login 3. Forgot Password Feature 4. Main Page with description of Chari...

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    Dialup Gaming Community Завершено left

    We are looking for a website with user login capabilities and user forums. The site will be for a multi-gaming organization. We need the ability to update the news pages thru an applet because many of the members are not HTML fluent. For any examples or more information feel free to contact me.

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    Medical software Завершено left

    I'm looking for a team of coder or a coder with a lot of time to help me make a french software wrote in Delphi. I've created a demo of the software in HTML with an English translation so you can understand how it should work. The software will be used by the ambulance company to bill transport of the patient The user enter all the information's for the customer and for his insur...

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    I'm looking for a web designer to write a how-to article about creating a static headline for a web page using an evaluation copy of Xara3D ([войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL]) and then animating it. I need an intro of around 150-200 words and 8-12 steps of between 50-75 words each, accompanied by attractive-looking screenshots and a good example which people can follow along with. I also ...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Product Webpage Завершено left

    We need someone to do a website design, layout, and graphics for our company products page. We have most of the material, but it does need some creative additions. The site is in Swedish, but there is english translation for most of it. You are not responsible for any of the translation, and anything added can be done in english (we will arrange the translation after). And we are looking at h...

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    Manage my web site links Aug-04 Завершено left

    I need someone to manage my web site links. Your job is to get me new reciprocal links (link exchanges) with other web sites. You are required to do the following: **A.** Get my site listed on another web site’s links page. **B.** Put their link on my link page. **You will be paid .50 for every verified link to my site.** This sounds simple (it is) but the problem is other web masters ...

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    I am looking for a Medical Ceter Logo to be designed for a Non for profit Organization located in Chicago, ILLINOIS, USA. If anyone interested, please respond ASAP.

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    osCommerce Customization Завершено left

    Programmer needed to customize the oscommerce e-shop of a Start Up company in Portugal. Software used: OsCommerce MS 2.2, Loaded Version CRE 6, Update Patches 1, 2 and 3 included. Purpose of the e-shop: To sell books: Mainly as downloadable ebooks, but also printed. The customization need to be done only for the language English. However, the text fields must be added to all language f...

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    DB Driven Organization Website Завершено left

    We need a website developed for our club like organization that has the following functionality. 1. An About the club page - to include history etc. 2. A members page which shows all club members by company name in alphabetical order (as driven from a database). Each club member will be provided a userID / password where they can login and adjust their information. They will be allowed t...

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    Website Creation/Clone Завершено left

    Looking for: WebSite Creation/Design Creation of scripts and installation The site will have products/funtionality similar to the ones below: [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL];no=54 We are going to start with 5 products. The user will be able to: Upload their own image to a template Preview, crop, rotate, scale Add type to certain predetermined areas...

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    How to On MSN Instant Messenger Завершено left

    Need to convey to minor computer literate people, How To: 1. Install MSN Messenger. 2. Add a contact. 3. Answer a request. 4. Use txt messaging. 5. Add a headse with mike. 6. Use audio. 7. Add a web cam 8. Use video. You need to use links and pictures (graphics) and a liberal explanantion for the reasoning as to why. This will be used for Email as well as on a web site. Prefer to have done in MS W...

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    PR material and sales content Завершено left

    Alliantpro needs content for its marketing and sales material which will also be displayed on the web. Additionally we would like a newsletter generated based on certain industry news. The skill involves strong PR, communication, marketing, research abilities, organization of thoughts along with graphics.

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    67061 Flash or GIF Animation Завершено left

    I need a small animation but not sure if it would be easier (cheaper) to do it as a GIF or Flash. It needs to show the assembly of picture (frame, picture, religious scripture) and giving it from one person to another. It needs to be cartoonish as apposed to realistic. Attached is a quick draft of the first few "scenes" of the animation that my client did in PowerPoint. We'd only...

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    We require an already built, extremely well-tested spam filtering solution -- preferably one similar to ChoiceMail at [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] ChoiceMail works by sending messages to individuals not on a "white list" and allowing them to register by clicking a link (which invokes a server process, which sends a "coded" message to the actual spam filter software itse...

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    My business partner and I are designers. We were/are currently building a site for a large trade organization and the coder we were working with has become unavailable to work on our project anymore, leaving us in a bit of a tight spot. What we need is a content management system that will allow articles/news/lists etc. to be input into a database from a web-based interface (which we will create w...

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    Seeking programming resource to implement integrations between existing SQL system and external client and vendor systems. May involve exchange of cs text files and/or direct database lookups. The current system is accessed by users with different levels of authority (staff, mgt, client...) and facilitates data gathering and routing within our organization for a variety of job functions. Staff in...

    $1218 (Avg Bid)
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    Seeking programming resource to augment existing web system. The current system is accessed by users with different levels of authority (staff, mgt, client...) and facilitates data gathering and routing within our organization for a variety of job functions. Staff interacts with live data and managers review live job status reports. Successful candidate will have mastery of cfm and sql environment...

    $977 (Avg Bid)
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    6 ставки
    67175 Gnutella2 iTunes-like System Завершено left

    Morpheus / iTunes hybrid: Strong identity, closed p2p network. deliverables and practices: -code and copyright -heavy code documentation and consistency in conventions used throughout -daily builds -daily FYI email -weekly status report & phone call Total outsource annonymity to the client. Any references to the development project organization are to be to our organization.

    $2000 (Avg Bid)
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    Create WMI Counter Завершено left

    Create WMI Counter Installed server software often creates WMI counters that can be read by PerfMon on NT-based operating systems. I know how to read these counters, but I don't know how to create an application that will "publish" its own counters. Project requirements: Create an application with 4 buttons: Start: Begin publishing the counter Stop: Stop publishing the counter...

    $88 (Avg Bid)
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    HR Documents Завершено left

    The Project is CMS designed specifically to publish HR documents. The system is made of three modules: e-Policymaker, e-Procedure maker and e-Job Describer. Publishing HR documents is done through the use of pre designed templates, which are a standard way for entering HR documents. e-Policymaker is a module in The project that is responsible for publishing HR and other compa...

    $500 - $2500
    $500 - $2500
    20 ставки
    Program Listing OverHaul Завершено left

    I am seeking a team of developers to propose/bid an overhaul for my sites current p2p program listing. We have an existing system in place but need additional functionality to grow with market demands. Site is listed as the top destination for file sharing/p2p. Possible Development Includes: - Ability to Administer/Moderate programs using existing vBulliten permissions. - Ability for v...

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    Challenging File Uploader Завершено left

    Greetings everyone, I wish to have to an application built using JavaScript, php and a mysql database please refer to the attached zip file “RACspecs?? to see complete details, but please notice in the specs that a criteria states each and every line of php code must be commented in the final version. Please incorporate this into your bid amount. Also, I have set the Delivery Required for 9d...

    $59 (Avg Bid)
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    4 ставки
    Database Script Creator Завершено left

    Greetings everyone, We currently have a central database that receive updates regularly just the basic field name, table name, and field type changes nothing very complex. When an update occurs on the database I provide the programmers with a sql script that includes Alt, Create, Drop for them to run on their own private database, it works fine, but since I have to write the scripts by hand on a r...

    $11 (Avg Bid)
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    WebPage - Search Query Завершено left

    Greetings everyone, I wish to have a webpage built that queries a database by specified criteria in html text fields, please see attached for complete details. The language we would like to use is php with mysql. Please note a very important part of this bid is that each line of php must be commented, along with a brief explanation of each sql query. Also, do you know of any open source code for a...

    $18 (Avg Bid)
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    67442 Website Face Lift!! Завершено left

    [войдите, чтобы посмотреть URL] needs: 1-Attractive LOGO. 2- Attractive Header. 3- Complete Face lift for the main page and members area pages. The main page needs to be reorganized but it doesn't need a new template.. I would like it to look the same but with some creative and attractive re-organization of the content to look ATTRACTIVE and EASY to read and comprehend. The pictures m...

    $35 (Avg Bid)
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    CMS style website Завершено left

    Content website to be created : - pre-alpha of website will be sent to coder. - graphics already done - to be created : poll system, forums, user account, admin, news, agenda/calendar - php / mysql All the details are described in the word file appended. notes : - no open CMS will be accepted (Mambo, *nuke*, etc...) . You can leech code of a open-source CMS (ie: for the foru...

    $281 (Avg Bid)
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